♡Cute Internet Finds♡

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Cute Internet Finds

Cute Internet Finds by sylvia-said featuring cute things


I think all of you know the drill by now---I am OBSESSED  with anything and everything that contains even an ounce of cuteness. Whether it be fashion, beauty, home decor, or even the adorable puppy that moved next door (that actually really happened---he's a little teacup pup!)---it must be MINE! Although I do not condone puppy-napping in anyway or fashion! I do condone one thing though. . .window shopping. Lots and lots of window shopping~ Here are some too adorable for words internet finds that I stumbled upon for your viewing pleasure~ 
You're welcome!
Okay, did you just read the above words?! Pastel and retro may be my favorite word combination ever~ These pretty suitcases are to die for and would add character to any bedroom. If I lived in the UK I would have pressed add to cart a long time ago. . .

This adorable white caged skirt with suspenders has my heart going pitter patter. I've got heart eye emoji all over this~ The best part is it's only a little over a tenner! Go get it so we can all be twins~ 

Don't kill me---but I've yet to own a Yankee Candle. But, it's never too late to jump aboard the train. This pretty little number is supposed to smell exactly like a English garden full of fresh bloomed roses. Bonus: It's PINK! Yup, it's official I need this in my life. 

If this isn't the cutest little teacup you've ever seen---then you need to check yourself! This little teacup needs to teeter totter right into my life right this very instant. Ironically, I don't even like tea! 

I'm always keeping my eye out for bits and bobs for the home and this pretty little sign just hit a home run to my heart~

Okay, you know those times where you swear you won't buy anymore shoes, but then you see one pair of shoes that make you forget all about that promise? These are those shoes. 

Find anything you like? 


☼ My Top Five Summer Essentials☼

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

While everyone is ready to accept school with open arms I'm still grasping on to the last straws of summer. I don't think there will ever exist a long enough holiday away from those tedious term papers. While back to school commercials are slowly creeping on us that doesn't mean we can't enjoy every last bit of those long lazy summer days and sun kissed rays. And, if I'm not mistaken some of you lucky babes are escaping on holiday so I'm definitely not the only one who is running away from those summer blues. Well enough chit chat and on to the essentials~

A super rad pair of sunglasses are a staple during the overwhelmingly hot summer months. Not only do they protect your precious eyeballs, but throw on a pair of these bad boys and you'll look effortlessly chic in no time. I bought these insanely adorable heart sun rays at American Eagle---perfect for festival season~

Summer Fragrance
I don't know about you, but when the seasons change I love my fragrance to match. Currently I'm loving Pure Seduction by Victoria Secret and Daisy by Marc Jacobs. Both are very sweet scents with light floral undertones~

Summer Book
The summer was meant for catching up on your reading. Whether you're taking a dip with Ernest Hemingway for the first time or sinking your teeth in that thriller of the year---there's nothing compared to reading a good book. Currently I'm re-reading one of my favorites---The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories by HitRecord. These tiny stories come from voices around the world and will sing to your heart in a beautiful, but ironic way. I highly recommend it!

While this isn't pictured above it may be the most important! All I can say is if you think you've put on enough sunscreen you probably haven't. Go ahead and put on that second or third coat on---your skin will thank me later. Looking for a new sunscreen? I've heard tons about tarte's new Tartegaurd. Definitely on my wishlist~

Sun Hat
I'm obsessed with sun hats---the floppier the better I like to say~ They are so cute and just scream beach babe. Plus they give your noggin some extra protection. It's a win-win situation.
Beach babes for the win~

I am so not ready to say goodbye to summer yet. I think I've got the case of the summer blues. Well maybe I'm ready to say goodbye to the insane heat wave we've been getting, but I've got my summer essentials to back me up so I think I'll survive.
What about you?
What are your summer essentials?


♡Grateful Heart♡ | Chapter 1

Sunday, July 26, 2015


Many of us today get caught up in this world---but we all seem to forget that our problems, our difficulties, our worries are a mere breath---a mere moment in our lives---but, instead sometimes we let these dark moments consume us---our thoughts, our bodies, our souls. We forget our inner child. We forget our purpose. We forget the melody of our moments---the happier moments, our best moments---our breathless moments. 

I don't want to forget. No matter how small a moment may be I never want to forget that I'm grateful. No matter what I may be through or what you may be going through. No matter how dark, no matter what desperation settles in, no matter the hills of chaos---I refuse to let it poison my melody. 

Your melody is precious---treasure it. 

My Melody

1. My cat
A.K.A. My ferocious monster disguised as a bundle of furry joy~ My cat POW POW is literally my heart---this week the little monster got lost until she magically reappeared under a car several hours later. Searching the neighborhood like a mad woman with snot dribbling down my nose are only one of the many things I do for the little beast, but more than ever am I grateful for her kitty cuddles and her little footsteps treading behind mine. She will always be my miracle cat~

2. Walking on the beach with my mama
My mom has been here for me since day one---I honestly have no idea what I'd do without that amazingly strong, kind, and glorious woman in my life. We don't even need a sandy beach we could be walking on garbage for all I care---well she would definitely care. The point is I love her to death~ 

3. Reunited with my Best friend
I shouldn't even say reunited, because he's never left me. God is always reminding me I'm never alone even when there's no one. Always whispering there's still so much to see. His hand never leaving mine. I am beyond grateful for every moment we share dancing on this melody. 

I don't know why, but I felt like I needed to share that with all of you. I mean if there is one thing that I know what I want to do with all of this---my writing, the content I create, my blog, or whatever I decide to do is to aspire to inspire. Even if I just inspire one soul out there I would be happy.

What are you grateful for?

Always carry a tender and grateful heart. 


The Home Diaries 2 | Cute Things

Friday, July 24, 2015


Remember that one time I said I was going to finally decorate my childhood room? If you don't. . .where have you been?! You can enjoy reading part 1 of the Home Diaries over here you cute little sloth you~ Although, I'm staying here a little bit longer than planned the project is still on and running~ With the project still going on and all I was beginning to think why not give you lovelies a little peek~ A little sneak preview never hurt anyone, right?
Let's get this show on the road then~

I've been buying some cute little knick knacks to liven the space up a bit over the past few months---well maybe buying is a bit of an understatement. I suppose the proper term would be collecting here, but it seems like every time I go out there's a little thing here or there that would be a perfect addition to my forever growing collection of cute things. I mean who can say no to an ice cream fan, people?! It's ICE CREAM~

Now, all there's left to do is the hard work---re-painting furniture, keep an eye out for some new bedding, and install some new lighting. You know what before I begin boring you with the details I'm just going to let the pictures do all the talking for now~
I can't wait to show you all the finished product!

Pink Wishes

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Pink Wishes

The cute bug has bit me once again and this time around has given me pink fever. 'Delusional' with my fever I spent my night virtually window shopping and after my venture I have come to a brain shattering conclusion. I want---no scratch that---I NEED everything irresistibly pink/cute/kawaii or anything else that fits in the latter categories to magically enter my life and remain forever. Sadly, this isn't a viable option at the moment so I will have to settle for sighing dreamily at this little wishlist and infect you all with pink fever~ Hey, you didn't think I was going to suffer alone did you?

I totally have a thing for this key chain and for all the right reasons---it's a total mega babe~ Oh, yeah and the color combination of pink and gold is LIFE~

Unicorns. Need I say more? 

This little clutch might have as well stopped my blushing heart. How can a clutch get anymore perfect?! The answer is it can not~

Okay, I love macaroons---especially pink macaroons (proof is in the bio) so it is a no brainer that I kind of need this in my life~ 

Maybe I just have a thing for inanimate objects giving me lovely compliments, but if a pen tells me I'm better than a unicorn who am I not to believe it?

Crazy cat lady coming through this kitten here needs this cup in her life. I repeat I NEED this in my life~

What was your favorite pink wish? 
Well don't fret the holiday season is just around the corner~
Kind of. 

♡One Minute Microwave Chocolate Mug Cake♡

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Feast your eyes on this glorious miracle~ Just take one moment and imagine the most decadent chocolate desert you can muster. Chocolate so good that you swear it's made from sweet chocolate bon bon babies sleeping on cotton candy clouds. Chocolate so silky---so velvety it must have been blessed by the hands of Mr. Willy Wonka himself. Summon your finest chocolate draped fantasies ladies because I'm about to make them all come true.

How could I possibly ever do that you ask? With a classic ol' microwave mug cake recipe of course---well a teacup in my case, but the trivial details don't matter here---it's all about the cake am I right?! Now before you groan and say "Been there, done that" I'm just gonna have to stop you right there, hunny! This isn't any mug cake recipie---it is the EASIEST  mug cake in the history of history. If you thought it was easy before I'm about to make it into a piece of cake. Only THREE ingredients and ONE measly minute stands between you and chocolate heaven~

What You Need 

-1/4 cup Nutella (or more no one's judging here *wink*)
-1/2 tablespoon cocoa powder
-1 egg

-powdered sugar

1. Put your nutella, cocoa powder, and egg in your mug

2. Mix your ingredients until you no longer see the egg and your chocolate becomes a silky consistency

3. Place in microwave for 1 minute and 10 seconds. Your cake should rise and still be moist

4. Gobble that baby up~

Optional: Dust powdered sugar on top if your crazy sweet tooth desires so~

View original recipe here~

Let me just say this stuff tastes so darn GOOD! This is my third one this week---I know I'm bad, but honestly no guilt resides here. Because, there's no flour the nutella serves as the base which leads this dessert to be very rich. I mean super rich---it's a chocolate explosion in your mouth kind of rich! If you have all three ingredients in your cupboards and a handy dandy mug (or a teacup) lying around you better make this bad boy. Now you have no excuse!

Who said you can't make your cake and eat it too?!

You chocolate fiends better thank me~

The Pink Maiden

Thursday, July 16, 2015

The trees whispered of songs that lit up the night sky with fireflies and forbidden lies---she listened.

While makeup has made numerous appearances on this blog---fashion is something I have a fiery passion for and I honestly don't share that side of me enough with you beautiful babes. My style has definitely transformed over the years. I used to be strictly a monochrome babe believe it or not. But, these days I'm all about my pastels~ There's just something so romantic about baby soft colors. I mean what's more romantic than these dusty rose pink shorts?! Okay, well apparently a lot of things---but these baby pink shorties are my one true love this summer. You can read all about them over here if you would like~ 

Just the other day my little sisters, my darling kitty, and I took a little adventure in the woods. Our neighborhood is surrounded by a massive forest and the trees often whisper their sweet and silent invitations. Sadly, Snow White didn't peek out to say hello, but with my fellow sturdy oxfords we continued to trudge on deeper into the woods and further away from the safe lake that we often circle around. 

All of a sudden an eerie "Excuse me?" slowly floats out of the bushes. I quickly recognize it's an elderly woman's voice and give a hesitant and questioning "Yes?" in return. Because, obviously the sensible and right thing to do here is to talk to the mysterious voice in the bushes, right? Right. It gets creepier. The old woman in the most creepiest way possible asks where we live! Yeah, you would think at this point I'd stuff my sisters and cat in my basket and run with all the might my wobbly legs would allow. But, no, no of course not! I do what any smart and responsible citizen would do and tell the woman what subdivision we live in. I might as well have given her my blood type and what arm I'd rather have chopped off! I prefer the left, thank you. I can't lie to save my life, okay?! You could tell me to lie about picking the lint off someone's shirt and I will be a sobbing mess in seconds confessing my life story and vowing the rest of my life to you. I wish I was over exaggerating. . .

Anyways, back to the creepy old lady. I quickly realize my mistake and begin bumbling about other "lovely" subdivisions in the area hoping to confuse her with the other names. Yeah, that's right Sylvia use the art of confusion *eye roll*. While rambling on about nothing I dart my eyes around the woods keeping mental notes of the different paths just in case my sisters and I need to run. Call me paranoid but old ladies hiding in bushes aren't exactly my thing. The old woman curtly tells us to have a nice day and my sisters and I breathe a sigh of relief. My precious cat could care less as she slinks in the long grass looking for lizards and such. Old ladies don't bother that little missy. But, the moment of relief was short lived as I quickly realize one thing---I never heard footsteps walking away. I immediately turn around and there she is. Or maybe I should say a part of her. One eyeball peered through the leaves and branches. Is it necessary that I tell you that we were out of there! I didn't have to wait for any poisoned apple to make a dash for it. I apparently draw the line at eyeballs~
Outfit Info
Blushing Shorts
Pure White Bow

Now, you're probably all thinking I pulled this story out of a unicorn's butt---but I pinky swears I would never make any of this up! Double pinky swears~ Oh, Snow White how did you do it?! Well I think that's enough creepy tales for the day! But, before I go I have two questions for you lovelies! First comes, first serves. . .how do you all like fashion posts? The only thing that 'prevents' me from doing them is my camera is quite rubbish when it comes to taking full on body pictures. It's such a pain, but if you all don't mind too much then I don't mind overlooking a few pixels until I get a new camera! The second question is completely irrelevant from the first. . .

What's the creepiest thing that ever happened to you? I promise I won't get scared~

Watch out for old ladies and bushes.

♡My First MAC Lipstick♡

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

I have always faithfully bought my holy grail foundation from my local MAC counter, but the instant my eyes caught the glint of the lipstick jewels that were preciously and silently singing songs of makeup mermaids and pretty maidens I fantasized about getting my grubby little hands on them. The only thing stopping me---the hefty price tag attached so innocently to the lipstick gem. How could I ever justify buying a tiny cosmetic tube that I could only apply to my unfortunate thin lips for nearly 20 bucks?! But, they are so beautiful the other part of me argues (the part of me that would justify buying about anything no matter the price tag). Maybe you're wondering how I solved this "grueling" dilemma. After a year and a half of eyeing those perfectly packaged lipsticks like a child at a candy store I finally caved in. What happened to my self control you ask? I'll tell you what happened---it went straight out the window and I couldn't be happier~
   Now with this dilemma settled you're probably pondering the most important ordeal---what lipstick did I get?! I'm glad you asked, dear! After lots of careful deliberation I finally settled with the sweet little classic---Creme Cup~ It's the sweetest pink nude lipstick you'll ever see! The lipstick slides on like velvet and I swear it smells like cupcakes~ CUPCAKES! This pink is SO----innocent! It's pretty, girly, and everything nice! I swear it's magic in a tube and fit for any princess. I'd like to shoutout a bear hug thank you to Catherine from Pretty Little Beauty Blog for recommending it. I'm in love~

Are you a MAC newbie OR an avid collector?


Friday, July 10, 2015

By no means am I a makeup expert---but I sure do love to play with the stuff! Lately I've been gathering inspiration from fairy tales. You remember those old things? Mermaids swimming in vast oceans, strong princesses and kind princes, happily ever afters and wondering what happens after the afters---or maybe even the mean ol' monster living under your bed. There's just something so mystical and powerful about old stories~ Don't you think so?

When doing my makeup today I summoned my inner child (which quite frankly didn't need any summoning at all!) and played around with vibrant shades and glitter. What's more magical than glitter?! It's fairy dust in a bottle~

I still kept the shadows soft and let the metallic pigments do all the talking. We usually always go to our staple and good dependable neutrals, but sometimes it's fun to experiment a little. Let your inner child free and don't be afraid to try something new! Sprinkling a little fairy dust in your makeup routine never hurt anyone~

Tony Moly Holy Moly | A TonyMoly Wishlist

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Makeup Dreams | A TonyMoly Wishlist

Oh, how I wish this was a haul instead of yet another wishlist. If you're not too familiar with TonyMoly---well let me enlighten you, because your life may never be the same again. TonyMoly is a Korean beauty brand and global cosmetic company, who strive to make cosmetics that gives their consumers youthful and radiant skin. Not only is this company known for their strides they take in inventing the latest beauty trends, but for their oh too adorable packaging. Yes, everything you see above you is a beauty product. That deviously cute and cleverly packed cherry is indeed a lip balm! That banana? The cutest banana custard hand cream you've ever lied your eyes on! Are you saying Holy Moly my little heart just can't take the cuteness? So am I~

Pocket Bunny Moist Mist
I dare you to tell me this isn't the CUTEST hydrating face mist you've ever seen?! Not only does this face mist hydrate, but it also sets your makeup and supports skin elasticity. Honestly, forget about skin elasticity look at his little bow tie~

My Little Pet Eyepatch
Uh, I've never wanted a pet eyepatch, but I do now~ The green tea extract in this mini eye mask brightens your eyes and supposedly reduces the appearance of dark circles. I think this tiny hamster has won my heart~

Cats Wink Powder Pact
I have a unhealthy  cat obsession and this kitten powder pact is my LIFE---and I don't even own it yet! This powder is not only cute, but provides a natural coverage + oil free skin. Did I mention the powder has an imprinted cat paw print. Just purrrfect~

Hello Sheep Mask
This little darling sheep mask deeply moisturizes your skin before you catch the Zzz's. I just want to cuddle with this packaging~

Magic Food Banana Hand Milk
This hand cream supposedly smells like banana custard, and that my friends is magic~

Mini Bling Pocket Hair Pack
I have no idea why this intrigues me so much, but putting my hair in a pocket for 30 minutes and taking it out to reveal silky locks is something that I must try! While the chances are slim that this actually works the little girl on this packaging makes me smile so. . .irresistibly cute packaging wins~

Cherry lip balm in the cute packaging of a cherry. . .yes please~

I've never used a lip scrub, but this packaging has convinced me that I need to begin~

Okay, this isn't from TonyMoly, but from Etude House instead. But, this milky body wash had to make the list~

I know, I know what you're thinking. "But, Sylvia what about the other face mist?" Oh, no honey I need ALL the bunnies~

I hope I don't appear shallow through this post---I swear I don't spend my days admiring beauty products. In fact I spend most of my days thinking way too much about the future and wishing I had a bundle of kittens to make me forget it all, so it's nice to make cute wishlists to get away from everything. It's the little things that make us smile~

What's your favorite TonyMoly products?