Halloween Treats

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Its getting near one of my favorite times of the year again and I'm pretty sure you all can guess what I'm talking about. Halloween! Mwahaha~ 

Sorry I'm not sorry the evil laughter was kind of necessary. 

Whenever the seasons or holidays are changing I can't help but want to go all out and find even the smallest things to get in the spirit and these easy to make Frankenstein pudding cups were just the thing I needed to find my inner ghoul. These little Frankenstein babies even passed the taste test. The pudding mustache and innocent smile is evidence! 

My parents were kind of against me turning into a vampire this year, but what can a girl do -shrugs- I suppose being immortal and part of the undead rubs people the wrong way, but eating Frankenstein brains is going to have to do~ 


-Instant Pudding (Vanilla) 
-Green Food Coloring
-Small Plastic Cups
-A Black Marker (for decorating!)


Prep: Before starting draw your Frankenstein faces on your plastic cups. Be creative! 

1. In a mixing bowl put your instant pudding mix and milk as directed on the box. (Note: The instant pudding I bought said 3 cups of milk, but I opted to put 2 1/2 as I found 3 cups too much and didn't make my pudding as 'thick' as I wanted) 

2. Whisk until you have your creamy vanilla pudding 

3. Add your green food coloring until you get the color you desire. Add a few drops at a time though because a little goes a long way

4. Put your Oreos in a ziplock bag and start crushing them leaving a few pieces bigger than others

5. Scoop your pudding into the plastic cups and sprinkles your oreos on top

6. Eat the brains!  Enjoy~