Sweets And Studies

Friday, February 28, 2014

Hello, lovely! I recently went to my local bakery in town and there was no way my sweet tooth could pass this up. With midterms so near (2 days! Eeek~) it wouldn't hurt to treat myself, right? Or is too early to start congratulating myself? Well with all these all nighters a girl needs all the sugar she can get. I'm being healthy per usual~
Well if you were wondering how this little tiramisu tasted it was absolutely delicious. It was my first time trying this and I can proudly say that I was not disappointed. I ate every last bite (Oops!). I know this post was short, but I've got to get back to hitting the books. *whispers* Someone save me! Stay tuned though lovelies because I have a few fun posts planned right after these dreaded midterms are over. 

So what do you do to prepare for your exams? What are your sweet tooth cravings? Comment below and share all the sugary goodness~ 

Don't Worry . . .

Saturday, February 22, 2014

(Source: Pinterest)

This might be a tad personal, but I am not afraid to share how I feel because who knows maybe my words will reach one person and show them they are not alone battling the unknown. If my words can do that then I honestly couldn't ask for more. This is a writing piece I've been working on lately which basically sums up how I've felt for these past few months. 

      There are days where I feel like hopping on the back of a motorcycle and fading into the night. To have my hair blow into the wind and turn into feathers as it flutters in the air writing out my desires as they desperately try to catch up with me. I want the crisp breath of cold air to kiss my face, the very life I live to express its love for me. I want to hold on to dear life as the sheer terror runs through me and floats out of my mouth in a shriek of delight melting into laughter leaving me like a wave of relief rolling off my body, like a fresh breath of air suspending into the atmosphere creating what we call the breath of life, the breath of clinging on the very edge. Leaving me completely breathless. I want to be in the palm of God's hands, in the hands of the honest and the righteous. For him to tell me everything will be okay. . .to tell me I'm making the right choice. To show me which way to go. . .because even though my soul is full of all this passion for so many more things I can even count I honestly don't know how to make it all happen. I'm running in countless directions, finding myself not moving at all and moving all too fast at the very same time. I want to turn all my love into a fearless soul, to chase my dreams without looking back, but the very moment I move forward I always find myself right where I started, staring straight into those big fearful and scared eyes in the mirror. 
   I WILL become fearless. I AM FEARLESS. I have had the ground and the skies crumble beneath my very feet. I have flown off the edge and God has caught me and graced me with these wings. I will fall, and fall, and FALL until I catch her, until I catch me. I will go in all the wrong directions until I find the right one. All I ask is just dear God do not abandon me, show me the way, the path that isn't before my eyes. Cast all my doubt because I will become fearless till bravery runs through my heart and veins. I will chase these dreams no matter how impossible they seem to be because all is possible with you. Just as long as you are here with me walking all these different paths along my side. 

I know by far this is no "diary", but I also know how many people fear their future or have an ocean of doubt living inside the depths of their soul. Please I beg of you DO NOT SETTLE! I know how scary the future may seem that it is much more comfortable where the familiar and well known is. To have your soul settle there, but your spirit is capable of so much more then you can even imagine. You may not know what the future holds or what's behind each door, but you will never know if you do not try. You are capable of ANYTHING! All you have to do is simply begin. Tiptoe if you must, but at all costs begin. The future is always beginning now.

Sending you the best wishes,

I'm With Cupid

Friday, February 14, 2014

Thought you heard the last of me for the night did you? Well you are quite obviously wrong missy. . .mister? I just wanted to tie up some loose ends by sharing with you what I wore today. I present you my chocolate eating outfit~ 

What is worn here:
♥I'm With Cupid High-Low tank: Body Central
Faux Leather Leggings: Cotton On
♥Fashion Hat: Narnia
♥Black Knockoff Litas: Charlotte Russe
Lulu Heart+Lock Handbag: JcPenny
By the way let me introduce you to my little assistant of the day. You thought she was free? Oh, no you old folk had it easy. You barked one order and they obeyed your every command. This new generation. . .they're sneaky and smart. Her pay? A trip to the ice cream shop. Haha kids are so cute.

Does this place look magical to you? Well don't be fooled! You can't tell from any of the pictures, but the ground is quite slanted and it was almost impossible to hold my balance with my heels soaring to the sky. My shoe sunk into the ground and I nearly twisted my ankle. I'm quite the graceful type you see? Maybe the earth was trying to eat me so it could give me a hug for Valentines day?! So how did you spend your chocolate eating holiday? Don't hold back any details! Cupid won't judge ;) I spent mine getting hugged by the ground. So romantic~
With Much Love,

Get Ready With Me: Valentines Day

Friday, February 14, 2014

Chocolate~ Chocolate~ Chocolaaaaaaaate~ Oops, sorry wrong post. So I thought it would be good fun to drag you about while I got ready for Valentines day. Get ready for what you say? Oh you know to go out on a hot date with this hunky guy I know. No big deal. We're just going to hit up the fanciest joint in town. . .it's pretty chill. He got me a huge bouquet of roses. . .the one's that are kind of pink and fade to white at the end. . .yeah those one's.  Jealous?  Oh, you know only the best night ever? Stuffing my mouth with chocolates while I stay up dreading about midterms. PARTAAAAY GIRL IN THE HOUSE~  But that's no excuse to not join all the fun. Come, come now my dear. . .my bathroom awaits~ I promised that sounded much more charming in my head. . .

For this make-up look I mostly used my Benefit: Easiest Nudes Ever palate (comment below if you'd like me to do a review. I'd be more than happy to). I went through so many different color combinations using my whole make-up collection until I settled down for doing something much more natural with a more of a romantic and soft feeling instead of something dramatic. 

Listed from right to left: 
RSVP Benefit cream shadow
Thanks a latte Benefit eye shadow
Seafoam eyeshadow
Bronze Clinique Lip Stain 

Wa-lah~ This is the finished look. I'm so sorry for the rubbish photo quality :( The camera totally bleached out everything (-sob- All my hard work down the drain). Next time I do this type of thing I'll keep the sun in mind so I'm not running all over the place trying to catch precious sunlight in a bottle. 

Sally Hansen Nail Polish Shade In "Plume"

Fragrances used:
Calvin Klein's Secret Obsession
Victoria Secret's Body Lotion Rapture
I hope all of you had a Valentine's day as sweet as this little monkey~ 


Valentine Cupcakes

Thursday, February 13, 2014

I am sad to report that these are not homemade. Cue depressing violin music~ These beautiful babies came in a prepackaged box with detailed instructions on what to mix and pour in. . .but who says the inexperienced and unskilled with a blender and other kitchen related items can't make cute little goodies and sweets for their loved ones too. Yeah, that's right Betty Crocker hand over your apron . .I'm in the kitchen now!

So needless to say these were made at home and I miraculously found a way to splatter egg and cake batter all over the walls and into my hair so to address any further questions. . .Yes these are homemade. Shhh it will be our little secret. They were made with love, alright?! Isn't that what matters?! 

Anyways I totally made up for it with the toppings. Shaved coconut, chocolate, marshmallows, and extra frosting~ You want one now don't you? Well too bad you judged my ways and now you've got to pay the price. Mwahaha. . .just kidding! Here you go~ 

Are you guys being sweet this year? What are you doing this Valentines day? Don't be shy comment below. I'm all ears :) Or should I say I'm all yours? Spread the love people!
Spread the love~ 


Backyard Encounters

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Look at this little guy! Isn't he adorable~  
I was just walking past my window and to my surprise my eyes laid on this majestic creature. Or should I say creatures? There was a whole little deer family frolicking in my yard and I couldn't help, but grab my camera and sneak a few shots for you guys :) You're Welcome. . .heh heh~ 

I unfortunately couldn't keep my little deer friend :( Neither do I think his mama was too thrilled about that idea either, but now I always double check my window just in case he'd like to pop in and pay me a visit. You never know what's around the next corner! What's in your backyard?

Now look at this beast! He was growling and hollering the whole time at these poor things. Guess what naughty kitty isn't getting treats for the next week? Nope. . .not this guy. I can't punish him! He's too cute for words. I mean look at those eyes. Well you can't see them. . .but I promise they're cute~ Sigh. . .I'm such a bad mommy. . .


I Think I've Got A Problem. . .

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


     So not too long ago my mom and I went to the mall and we stumbled upon Victoria Secret's semi annual sale. . . and I might or might not have went a teensy weensy crazy. How could you blame me though. . .I mean did you not read the above statement?! Let me spell it out for you. *whispers in a slow annoying, but dramatic voice* Victoria Secrets~ Yes, it is possible to say "sale" and VS in the same sentence.
    It is the place where goddesses and overpriced lingerie is born. So when Victoria Secret's has a sale you'll be darned right that I will shove everything off the shelf into my open VS wannabe arms and dream about smelling like an angel that fell out of the sky who quite possibly is enjoying a cupcake while she's at it (Who say's heaven doesn't have food?! That's right?! Nooooone~ *glares out into the crowd*)

If you're wondering what I got. . .don't wait a minute longer! Feast your eyes below and you'll know all my "secrets". Pun intended~

-Victoria Secret Angel Dream Lotion
-Fabulous In Paradise Body Lotion
-Love Is Heavenly Body Lotion 
-BombShell In Paradise Perfume

All of them smell just heavenly and they were all a huge bargain. Each of the scents I purchased have a soft and musky tone to them, which I really love because they can still be worn casually during the daytime or even the night if you'd like. They're all spring and summer scents, but spring is right around the corner so I think they're just perfect. Spring! Hurry up and get your butt over here~ 

If you think I went crazy though, you should have seen my mom. . .

Haha love you mom