The Sister Pact

Monday, March 30, 2015

Hello, my darlings~ I'm pretty sure you're wondering why the dramatic title? Well I assure you it is nothing to worry about. I haven't ran off and joined a gang or any of that sort of thing. Unfortunately, my life hasn't reached that peak of excitement just yet. Not that I'm planning to join a gang or anything! Well unless if it involves cuddling kittens and nibbling on free pastries then I might just have to reconsider~ Instead this little post here in fact is indeed about my two darling sweet (and occassionally evil) little sisters! 

I am the oldest of the three of us and am finding myself growing more sentimental with each day that passes. You see I'm moving away from home quite soon as you might all know as I've probably mentioned it a zillion times already. Well if you haven't now you know~ I'm moving around August which is a lot sooner then I'd like, but I suppose you're never really ready for this kind of thing. I already get all misty eyed thinking about not being under the same roof as the little punks. No more lounging around with them munching on sugary cereal and watching Saturday morning cartoons, or Miss Little Scaredy Cat  waking me up in the wee hours of the night to tell me she swears she's heard a ghost, no more jam jam parties (I'll explain later!). . .no more little ducklings to follow me around. I more than ever now want to be here to see them grow up into the beautiful women they will become one day. But, living a few hours away from home instead of the same bedroom is going to make that a little difficult. Hence the sister pact was born~

I suppose you're wondering what these pretty little journals are for. Well they're not just pretty little journals in fact they are a very special kind of notebook--- adventure books. Each of us is a chapter---a never ending chapter in eachother's lives (what can I say I'm a sap, okay?!). We can write whatever we'd like in the journals, but most importantly we will write our adventures and whatever else is inside of our hearts. Adventure is around every corner---even in the most ordinary of days. Each of these very special chapters represent something. That we are always here for one another no matter where we may be through courage, love, and kindness. 

One day we will trade journals and read about eachother's adventures and hopefully one day we will all embark on an adventure together~ 

Have you ever made a pact with anyone? 

Lights, Camera, Lashes

Monday, March 23, 2015

Hello, my loves! I have come forth to you today with a bit of a confession. . .I have a lash obsession. Long, voluminous lashes. Bring on the drama. Bring on the sass. Flutter those dream boat eyes~ You would presume I have a hoard of falsies stashed in my drawers, but sadly I can not for the life of me figure out how to put on the blasted pretty things. Neither have I braved up to the idea to get extensions. I have experienced the horrors of nail salons I do not want to imagine what horrors my lashes would endure if I dared to enter a lash lounge. So finding a perfect mascara to achieve that "falsies" look without wearing falsies was a dream of mine. But, oh my darlings I dream no more and neither should you because I've found that "IT" mascara.

It is none other than tarte's lights, camera, FLASHES statement mascara. And let me tell you I'm in LOVE---scratch that---HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE with this mascara. It might as well be liquid gold. When I first applied this mascara I had no expectations in fact I had picked it up in the store by whim as I was in a desperate need of a new mascara and my old mascara simply wasn't cutting it anymore. I had to actually STOP whatever I was doing and show everyone in my house the miracle that befell upon my dear sweet lashes. I SWEAR---CROSS MY HEART HOPE TO DIE I am NOT over exaggerating! This mascara does everything you want a good mascara to do and then some~

It LENGTHENS like it's nobodies business. If mini people lived on your lashes they would be walking the red black carpet. It VOLUMNIZES. When I apply this my lashes become so FULL as if they ate a six course meal. Lastly the color is a very rich and intense black and compliments the eyes so well! The dual sided brush makes it easy to comb and separate through your lashes while the softer side of the brush makes sure to coat each of your lovely lashes evenly. I swear to you my loves this is no sponsored post I just want to share this miracle product with everyone I know---including YOU! 

PROS: Lengthens, volumnizes, and creates fuller lashes for an intense & dramatic look~ Dual sided brush makes application easy and simple. Long lasting. No flakes. Beautiful packaging~
p.s. No clumps! 

CONS: It is so bloody hard to remove! Make sure to have an oil based make up remover unless you prefer to wake up with panda eyes. But, panda eyes is such a little price to pay for perfect lashes~

RATING: 5/5 

Overall, I hands down believe this little mascara is a miracle worker and would recommend it to anyone who is looking to give their lashes some extra loving~

What's your favorite statement mascara? Or are you a falsies type of gal?

The Sweats Edition

Friday, March 20, 2015

Recognize this little getup? This post was unfortunately supposed to be posted quite a bit ago, but with the last month being sick and all it never made the cut. But, I'm slowly making my come back in the blogging world so here we are yet again~ Maybe you've realized the nifty title (I'm quite proud of it if you didn't notice when I said the corny word nifty), but we are here to discuss exercise. Don't you dare run away from me yet little missy or mister or maybe in the matter of this case click out of your browser~ That's right I said the wretched word. . .exercise. This semester in school I seemed to find myself in quite a pickle or maybe for some people their worst nightmare. . . I accidentally signed myself up for a fitness course. Raising your eyebrows at the word accidentally? I was under the false impression it was simply a health and wellness lecture. Oh, but to my surprise that was not the case at all. Oh, boy if someone had a camera the first day of class and took of a picture of my face when the professor started rambling about dead lifting and tread mills what a sight that would have been. Lets just say I almost bolted out of the room~ 

But, a few months in and I feel better than ever! I never exactly hated exercise I just never knew too much about it. I loved to go out for walks and I've always been crazy about jumping jacks for some odd reason that I still can't put my finger on. But, that basically was the end of my line on expertise on the subject. Since this class though I have learned so much and I thought it was only fair to share it with all of you!

Did you know exercise is able to reduce stress&anxiety? 
Many studies have shown that exercise is very effective at reducing anxiety levels. When you exercise your brain releases chemicals called endorphins which trigger positve feelings in ones body. Feeling a little stressed about some dead lines or maybe you just want to get away from everything for a little while? Try going out for a walk or maybe even a brisk run if you're feeling up to it! Who doesn't want more happiness in their life?!

Benefits of Exercise
A cup of happiness isn't the only benefit exercise comes along with! Oh, the list can go on and on. A few are a reduced risk of heart disease, reduced risk of diabetes, increased bone mass, increased longevity, and improved psychological well being~ Um, yes please!

"Lifting weights are for men"
Ladies, ladies I promise you that you will NOT become bulky if you begin lifting. Pinky promise! This is coming from someone who has twig arms and never touched a weight till I entered this class. FUN FACT: I can now bench press 45 lbs~ Strength training is so beneficial for the body improving your overall composition and flexibility.  You will build your strength as well as be one step closer to a six pack~ Lift dem' weights, girl!

Do squats! 
Trust me your bum will thank you later ;) Need I say more!

Work Hard, Play Hard
Are you working out? Don't forget that your body needs rest too! Being physically active has amazing benefits, but to reap those benefits you shouldn't forget to catch up on that beauty sleep~ Your recovery periods are just as important as exercise it self! So don't be shy to take it easy sometimes~

I hope you lovelies were able to learn a thing or two! Have any tips you'd like to share with me? Leave your comments below I'd love to hear them~  By the way am I the only one who's obsessed how cute work out gear is? That itself is enough to inspire me to exercise more~

Crop It Up

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The sun is back and so are crop tops! It seems like with each day that passes good old sunny Florida is trying to give me a heat stroke, but I'm definitely prepared this season with these cute light weight tops~ Crop tops are kind of my everything and I always seem to stumble upon one's that I simply can't resist adding to my closet collection. Mr. Kitty crop top I'm looking at you! 

These are simply a few of my favorites that I currently own and can't wait to style for you! Did anyone say future post. . .eeep~ The fabric material is so light weight and flowy which is ideal for Florida weather. They literally feel like a dream to wear. The ruffles definitely add a cuteness factor if I don't say myself~ All three tops have a dantiness and edginess to them which is a look I'm always trying to capture. Best of both worlds ;) What I simply love about these tops and crop tops in general is they always have the most interesting prints on them. These are definitely more fun and flirty, but there are so many versatile styles you can play around with! 

Do you like crop tops? Which one is your favorite? 

Beach Day

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

One day jet skis! One day!
The other day my family and I headed out to the beach to soak some sun! Unfortunately, when we arrived the beach was closed due to high tide, but that definitely didn't stop us from sneaking on the sandy grounds. Shhh don't tell anyone, okay? I know. . .I'm a rebel *sneaky smile*~ Actually to be frank my 'rebel' ways are quite the opposite. To get to the beach we had to jump from a hotel's parking area which was a bit of drop between us and the soft sand. My little sisters gladly took the leap like the warriors they are. One of them even slid down the railing like they do in the movies! Isn't she the little showoff?  Me on the other hand got stuck and clinged to the stairway railing for dear life until my dad rescued my puny chicken legs. Let me tell you I still haven't heard the end of that one. . .

Our sneaky efforts were at a loss though. It was so horrendously windy I could barely stand up straight to snap a photo. And let me tell you windswept hair does not look like anything like it does in the movies. Why the false hopes Hollywood?! Why?! Not to mention there were jellyfish everywhere and I was definitely not prepared to get stung by those pretty little buggers. So much of our time was spent sitting down admiring the ocean waters and chucking sand at each other. So maybe having the beach to ourselves wasn't exactly what we imagined, but hey family quality time is still family quality time even if your sister decides to kick sand in your eye, right? 

Do you like the beach? What kind of funny adventures do you and your family get into? 

p.s. By the way I would like to thank any of you lovelies who commented on my last post! It means so much that anyone would take the time out of their day to read my thoughts. I know this blog sometimes may be all over the place with beauty, fashion, lifestyle, or whatever else may be in my mind, but it means the world to me to share it with all of you and I hope you stick around for a while~


Saturday, March 14, 2015

Dear whomever may be reading this or merely glancing at these very words,

I can not tell you how many times I've rewritten this. Not simply the physical act of writing, but in my head---my thoughts rewriting their general composition. But, I finally decided if I want to put my everything into this little space I created I'm not going to run away from being open because that simply means I'm running away from myself. I have a dream---well that is a tad understatement. I have a dream made of dreams. There is a valley of wild daises in my mind and a dream of hearts that takes me out to the very sea. Weather that journey is to the very bottom or to the very tippy top is something I don't dare to think about. These dreams are oh so strange and oh so beautiful. I've never wanted something so bad in my whole entire life---craved it as if it were the air I breathe. . .

My dream is to tell a story. Weather it be my story or others. I want to tell a story with written words, in shy whispers and courageous shouts, tell a story with my body---with my very own soul. My dream is to create something with my very own hands---to breathe something to life. My dream is to transform ideas into a living reality. My dream is to take the breath of others---to aspire to inspire. To show the world the light---a light hidden beneath the darkness. My dream is to plant love everywhere I go---every step or tip-toe I take. My dream is to tread the deepest waters and come out with nothing, but a smile. To show you or anybody for the matter what I'm really made of. My dream is to use every ounce of whatever I've been blessed with from my heavenly father above until there's nothing left but earth and dust. My dream is to breathe in this life until there is nothing left to see, but heaven above. My dream is to surpass these dreams and enter the realm of the unimaginable. 

What's that even mean you ask? I'll tell you. It means I want to become a writer, an actor, a model, a fashion designer, a world traveler, God's warrior, a girl who runs in this life with everything she has until she has no breath, someone who stops to wipe the tears of others---who loves until she has nothing else to give. . .a creator. 

Where am I currently? I've found myself lost along the journey. These are words I thought I would never say, but as of late I've been saying them oh too much and it's driving me a tad insane. I am currently twenty years old. An elementary education major (yes, you do not need to tell me that is on an entire planet on it's own compared to what I previously stated above. I pinky promise I can read). Previously a pre-med major a mere few months ago with an acceptance letter to a nursing university. Top of my class mind you with ambitions to become a pediatrics practitioner. I walked away from this to simply find myself in the opposite field---teaching. As I type this I can't even find the words to explain why I'm here, but not where my heart is begging me to be. 

Anxiety is something I'm oh too familiar with. The reason why I walked away from nursing school because I couldn't get it under control to keep pursuing a field that caused me to get worst instead of better. I get sick often and it didn't make things any easier as I found myself constantly worrying how I was going to ever live life if I spent every single minute I had feeling well studying and attending lecture. More importantly I found myself constantly dreading how my dreams would simply stay dreams if I continued down this path. 

Currently as an education major I'm beginning to find myself at the same dead end and I hesitate to even say those words, because I know with all my heart that is not the case at all even if it feels that way. Maybe you're asking yourself why don't I simply major in the arts? I suppose the simple answer is that I don't want to give up my academics and there are so many days I regret jumping ship on my medical career and there are times I feel like I will swim back. . .

I refuse to give up though! I will keep writing until my hands fall off. I will practice monologues until I go mad. I will read about all my passions until I fill my brain to the very brim. I will continue to dream until it becomes a reality. I will work until wishes become completed ambitions. I have no clue on earth how it will happen and how I will get there, but I have to believe with all my heart, because that is the only way my dreams will come true and one day on this very blog I will be able to tell you all about the unimaginable.

I will not settle for any less.