Light It Up

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I've always wanted to jump on the candle bandwagon ever since I've watched pretty youtubers stick their noses into pretty jars and describe what heaven smells like. The only thing standing between me and those heavenly candles was my complete irrational fear that my home would reside to ash & dust the second my eyes would leave the beautiful flame. Is it really as unrealistic as it sounds? Connect the dots, people! Unattended burning flame=RIP home. Or maybe it's just me but, I finally had to bite the bullet when I saw these candles. I mean how could I resist?

Cotton Candy- This adorable candle smells like a sugary cotton candy cloud. This sweet fairyland carnival scent is not empowering, but instead transports you to candy land paradise~

Marshmallow Pop- Just as the name suggests it is sugar, spice, and everything nice. I swear this dream in a cute sized jar smells exactly like a vanilla latte. Did someone say heaven? 

Sleep Haven- Looking to get in your zen mode? Well this candle is it, baby. With a calm scent of lavender and lemon grass you might be pulling off some yoga moves you never thought you were capable of~

These candles are mini blessings in my life. I truly cannot get enough of them. It really is the little things in life that matter. Crossing my fingers that my house won't be burning down anytime soon. Or even worst that I'll become a candle hoarder. . .

Beauty Blender | The Dupe

Thursday, January 22, 2015

So I'm late to jump on the band wagon to about well. . .everything. The best fashion trends, new raved about makeup products, popular box office movies. You name it I'm late to it. This does not exclude the very raved about and famous beauty blender sponge. I suppose you could call me a turtle (a very cute turtle mind you!) as this little beauty product seems light years old by now, but hear me out. Give this little lady a little slack, alright?

I couldn't justify forking over 20 bucks for a little ol' sponge so the hunt began. Um sorry I can't do that if you didn't realize money doesn't grow on trees. When I spotted this little dupe over here for only measly $3 I almost keeled over and greedily put it in my shopping basket. But, after the happiness and shock of finding such a steal slowly faded away it quickly dawned on me. . .there has to be a catch. Did this due really stand a chance at competing against the one and only beauty blender? 

Today I tested that little theory out. I ran the little pink fluff ball under some warm water and started the 'grueling' task of applying my foundation to find the answer. I found the point of the sponge made it easy to blend my liquid foundation and made the task a little bit easier. But, there were times I felt like I had to go over the foundation and reapply as I wasn't getting the full matte coverage I desired. It applied my foundation, but it was no different than using any old makeup brush. Was this the catch? A cute sponge that applied makeup? Was that really what the big hooplah was about? I was definitely not impressed. The promises of having flawless skin and dreams of having the perfect foundation applicator went down the drain. So it made me wonder could the beauty blender really be any different. A sponge is a sponge, right? What kind of exclusive material could the all raved about beauty blender possess that this doesn't? Is it made out of angel wings? 
So now you tell me. Does the beauty blender really live up to all the big talk? Is it really worth the money? Will it make my foundation look luxe and make me look like a greek goddess? Okay, so maybe greek goddess is going too far, but I kind of really need that in my life. Just saying. . .

Makeup Magic | The Makeup Wand

Sunday, January 18, 2015

(indoor lighting)
(window lighting)
Can you imagine waving a magic wand and POOF your makeup miraculously and flawlessly appears on your face. No more stabbing your lovely eyeballs with those blasted mascara wands or blending your eye shadow for 542784402 hours until it's perfectly right. I am sorry to say I have not discovered such magic, but when I do I surely will tell you and have one delivered right to your doorstep. Sadly, I am not Harry Potter, but maybe even the magic world will be impressed with this little gem of a product. 

Magic she says? What is this bumbling buffoon talking about? Well I'll tell you what! While this makeup wand may not contain any real magic it does contain six mini beauty products. Two lipsticks, two eye shadows, a blush, and a highlighter. You throw this wizardry of a product in your bag and you can do your makeup anywhere and anytime~ 

This product was released by a beauty brand called sugar and I'll be quite frank before this I had never heard of it and quite hesitant on buying this as I was afraid it would be absolute rubbish. But, my dear sweet mother saw me eyeing up this little baby and bought it for me (Mom you're going to spoil me rotten!) and as I've been really into experimenting with my makeup lately I was really excited to try this out for you guys. 

To my surprise I was blatantly wrong and each of the products are beautifully pigmented. The lipsticks either come in a deep berry punch or a brown nude lip. The eye shadows come in a neutral golden champagne and a dark chocolaty brown. The only way I can think to describe the blush is that it is very. . .pink. It adds a school girl flush to your cheeks, but I personally like that look as I'm always applying too much blush for my own good. The last little bit is a highlighter that comes in a iridescent white. When applied to the face it is quite sheer and has a subtle shimmer. Come on, who doesn't love a little shimmer?

What I really love about this product is how it is packaged in such an interesting way. It really was an experience to use, because it truly feels like you are drawing on your face with a giant crayon. A giant crayon wand that grants you your make up wishes~  

The only sole thing I found frustrating was how difficult it was to blend the eye shadows. All the products have a creamy consistency and I've always had problems blending cream based shadows as I find them impossible to blend! But, after a few Q tips and my handy dandy eye shadow brush I got the situation under control so I personally didn't find that as a deal breaker for me, because the colors are gorgeous and really brighten up the eyes.

Eeep! I think I've yapped your ears off enough for one day, but before I go I wanted to share with you the day time I look created using this product. I think anyone can rock this natural, but dewy look. Overall I was pleasantly surprised by this little magic makeup wand and I think its a pretty rad to have in your bag. You never know when you need to touch up or need to do your make up on the go~

I hope you all are having a lovely Sunday!

Fuzzy Jumper

Thursday, January 15, 2015

As much as we all would love to stay snuggled up in our beds till winter has packed it's bags and left that isn't exactly the most realistic thing or the healthiest (though in the morning I would beg to differ!). But, there are definitely perks to the chilly weather and one of those perks being the very cute winter fashion. One of these cute fashion trends are these adorable fuzzy jumpers. There is nothing like wearing an over-sized jumper which is probably the next best thing to staying in bed if I don't say myself~

These jumpers are so SOFT and COMFY. Did you notice the capped letters? I could fall asleep in these pastel dreams. Speaking of pastel I'm kind of obsessed which is probably why I bought two of these jumpers. I couldn't decide which color I liked better! Can you really blame me? Can you decide?

What do you lovely people think? Blue or Pink? 

By the way before I go I wanted to let you know I'm going to begin to do more outfit posts on the little ol' blog here. I've always wanted to share more fashion/style posts with all of you and I'm pretty excited to start and I hope you all will join me~ 
(I'm actually super duper excited...eeee!)

You're all super rad and if I could I'd give you all a box of pastel macaroons~

Mint | EOS Lip Balms

Monday, January 12, 2015

So with the holiday season departing from us (*silently sobs*) the temperature seems to have dropped along with our holiday blues. Even sunny Florida has began to get the first taste of winter weather and I would much rather spend the day in bed than face the slightest bit of cold breezes that have been replacing the warm sun kissed days goodbye. I know, I know I sound like such a wimp, but who could blame me for wanting to cuddle up in a warm comfy bed all day. Did I mention I have a cat who cuddles too? Just so we all know what I'm up against. . .cold nasty weather v.s. kitty cuddles. Oh the temptation. . .

Unfortunately, with cold weather brings the inevitable. . .chapped lips. I know what you're thinking. . .Oh, the horror! But, I swear your lips will never have to suffer again if you use these little eos babies. Chapped lips have finally met their demise and you can kiss them goodbye with your new sweet baby soft lips~

I always ignored these little lip balm babies for the longest time because I simply didn't want to buy something for the cute packaging (which by the way I am guilty of committing this on too many occasions. . .darn those clever marketing strategies), but not only are these adorable to throw in your bag, but they truly do work! They moisturize your lips and leave them visibly softer plus they taste kind of amazing. I say kind of only because I am fully aware you should not be eating beauty products. . .

I'm currently loving the flavor sweet mint as it reminds me of the Christmas chocolates peppermint bark (why must that only be a limited edition chocolate? WHY?!), but there are so many other flavors to choose from. My other favorite is coconut milk (also pictured above) which is also very sweet. What can I say I guess I have a sweet tooth for beauty products too.

Have you ever tried eos lip balms before? What did you think? 

By the way did you know eos stands for evolution of smooth? You learn something new everyday! I'm all about that eos. . .do I sound like a cool kid yet?

Gold Bar

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sometimes simple is just. . .better. Actually sometimes simplicity just can't be beat. It really doesn't have to take a whole lot to bring your outfit to a whole other level and personally I'm all about simple accessories . Now don't get me wrong I'm not hating on statement jewelry, but sometimes popping on that statement necklace or those brand new dangly earrings you've been dying to bring out can actually clutter your look instead of being the 'talk of the party'. Statement jewelry is supposed to bring a WOW factor to the table, but can accidentally become overwhelming if you're not careful. Sometimes you just need to let your outfit do all the talking and a few pieces of jewelry to make you sparkle. When it comes to accessories. . .less is more~ 

The necklace that I'm wearing above is a piece that I was able to snag from Forever 21 (for about less than $3! Forever 21=My one and true love~). It is simple, elegant, and most of all EYECATCHING. Simplicity does not equate to a wall flower. . .in fact it is quite the opposite! Simple accessories adds a level of sophistication and elegance to anyone's style. There is also a sense of delicateness and sweetness in these pieces of jewelry that I find irresistibly adorable. What do you think? 

Are you into simple jewelry or do you fancy something much more elaborate?

Dainty Daydream

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

"She often wondered how the world and her dreams tasted like"
Bad hairdays and daydreams simply don't go together, but I'm going to overlook that fact simply because of how much love I have for this dress. When I saw this pretty little number hanging all by its lonesome on the clearance rack (yes, you heard me right. . .CLEARANCE!) it was already a done deal. It stole my heart and it proudly hangs in my closet waiting to be worn. This might be horribly off topic, but I have this horrid habit of not wearing my favorite pieces of clothing. Hello, Sylvia?! Clothes are meant to be worn not collect dust in your closet! But, I'm always afraid that I'll get them dirty. . .I mean I would absolutely die if I stained this dress. *sobs* First world problems. Buys fancy clothes. . .wears the same sweatshirt for a thousand years. Am I the only one who does this? Probably. . .

Back to this stunner of a dress. I've never owned anything so romantic. To its pastel peachy color to the way it flows so elegantly. Even the fabric feels luxurious. The crochet detailing that was put into this dress is nothing less than breathtaking and reminds me very much of the Victorian Era. My photos don't nearly do it any justice. Now all I'm missing is a date. Just kidding who needs a date when you've got cats~

Here's the details:
Dainty Dress- Dillards
School Girl Tights- ebay
Classic Lita Dupe- Charlotte Russe
Gold Bar Necklace- Forever 21

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Pure Heart

Sunday, January 4, 2015

I may or may not be a earring fanatic. By that I mean I own too many pairs to count. . .but that didn't stop me from buying these little darlings and adding them to my forever growing collection. These little adorable earrings are designed by Lauren Conrad. I'm pretty sure you've all heard of her (if you haven't look her up STAT. . .you'll thank me later!) She has the cutest line of accessories and rarely have I ever been able to resist buying the beautiful girly gems she's created. I swear she will be the death of my wallet. I might be penniless, but at least I have some pretty darn cute earrings~

I'm hoping all of you are having a lovely Sunday~
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Too Faced | Sweetheart The Perfect Blush

Friday, January 2, 2015

Please stop whatever you are doing because I have the solution to all your problems. I my sweet friends have discovered the perfect blush among all blushers. The perfect dreamy pink, the perfect amount of shimmer, the perfect packaging (I don't think I'm alone here when I say angels are singing about how irresistibly adorable this packaging is). The absolute perfect blush you will ever douse on those cute chubby bunny cheeks of yours. So maybeee I haven't found the solution to all your problems, but the search for that perfect soft pink glow is over, ladies. Yes, Too Faced has done it and no this isn't sponsored I just really adore this blush to a bazillion pieces. 

I don't think I've ever used the word perfect so many times in one sitting and I really should stop now, because I'm beginning to sound like a teenage girl with a very limited vocabulary. I won't lie this product is on the pricey side ($30 a pop), but oh it is so very worth it. I swear I wouldn't steer you wrong! I personally got my blush in the shade Candy Glow which can either give you a dreamy pink glow or a romantic rosy flush depending on how much you build up the product. What really knocks this pretty blusher out of the ball park is that it comes in a trio of shades instead of a single pigment. Candy Glow divides into a baby pink, peachy pink, and a beautiful romantic rose tone. You can either use the shades separately or do what I love to do and blend all three. Either way you get more bang out of your buck. Three blushers in one! 

I created a quick makeup look inspired by the blush trying to keep it subtle and romantic. I know it didn't transfer so well in the photo (the little demon in the back kept moving the curtains!), but it is absolutely gorgeous on the skin giving you that dazzling pink glow~

Before I go though can I please rave once more on how stunning the packaging is. How darling is this little heart??? I oddly find myself admiring it throughout the day. . .should I have admitted that out loud? Oops. . .