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Friday, October 30, 2015

Hello, you lovely lot~

Well, well, well---what do we have here? A beauty post?  Beauty posts haven't seen the light of day around this part of the internet in a loooooooong time, but hey lets all roll with the punches and ignore that bit, okay? Okay. Glad we could reach to an agreement, because I have a huge announcement to make. *dramatic pause* Guys, I'm a NARS covert---okay, maybe it wasn't the hugest announcement, but it was an announcement none the less!

Every little part of me that used to roll my eyes at you beauty bloggers waving your pretty little jars of NARS foundation all about like it was the greatest thing invented since sliced bread---I now frantically wave back and say "I surrender, I surrender"! Yes, my darlings this little jar of foundation (a $60 lethal wound to your wallet if I might properly add!) is as amazingly wonderful as they say! A double pinky promise with a cherry on top to ensure you my sincerity.

Not too long ago I used to be the one who thought---"Could that foundation really be all that?" The pretty little bottle with NARS enscripted on it's surface sounded like a foundation of miracle workers. It must be too good to be true, right? I mean I had every right to be critical---a whooping $60 was a hefty price to pay, but I'm here to say three months later it's worth every cent!

Maybe, if you've been here for a while you'll remember over the summer I was going through a skin nightmare (you can read the post here) due to the formula of the foundation I was using at the time. This skin catastrophe had me running in circles looking for a replacement to hide the disaster my face had become. Little ol' me strut straight into Sephora with my face demons and all---grabbed a bottle of NARS ALL DAY LUMINOUS WEIGHTLESS FOUNDATION---approached the nearest makeup artist and asked for a match. I patiently waited as I felt the makeup brushes dab and fuss at my skin---feeling extremely exposed to have someone so near my face without makeup, but what I saw in the mirror next stole every flush of embarrassment and underlying hesitance my body was cloaked in. My skin looked absolutely flawless. I was never too keen on my peaches-and-cream skin tone, but for once I felt like my pale skin possessed a beauty that I hadn't seen before---this foundation made my skin radiant and force me to see past the blemishes---but see me instead. It didn't take much longer for me to run over to the counter and fork over the contents of my wallet.

Three months later and my skin is still thanking me. I can not tell you, babes enough how beautiful this foundation is. The application is literally effortless---it slides on like silk and melts straight into you skin. Don't even get me started on the coverage---pump this baby 1-2 times tops and you'll have a flawless finish in minutes. When they said luminous they weren't joking---this foundation has such a pearlescent properties it leaves your skin looking like it's glowing within. Don't believe me? Watch some first impressions on this foundation in action you'll be running to the nearest NARS counter in no time---trust me. If my wallet could afford it all you babes would be NARS converts~


What foundation converts are you?

Pretty Things | A Mood Board

Saturday, October 24, 2015

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Hello, my pastel goddesses~ 

I know mood boards don't have the best reputation in the blogging community and are often seen as cop out posts (a.k.a. lazy posts), but I don't think that's the case at all! In fact I really like mood boards~ I think they allow you a little glimpse into a blogger's mind. You know what I just realized how rude of myself---I haven't even properly invited you!
*opens a creaky door* Welcome to my mind~

Sprinkle donuts, cozy beds, frilly pajamas, over-sized cardigans, a dozen macaroons, and peter pan collars adorn this girl's mind~ As silly as it sounds images like this make me feel all cozy inside---inspired even! Although it may be impossible to quite literally peer into someone's mind---I'd like to think this is a fair representation of my current mood. . .a pastel fairyland with lots and lots of sweets~ 

What's been inspiring you, babes? 

Baby Blue Dreams & Instax Cameras

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

This my babies is a camera crafted by the gods. Cue the music---hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujaaaaahhh~ I mean have any of you ever seen a camera this stinkin' cute?! This adorable pastel blue dream was a gift from my little brother---isn't he the sweetest?! He apparently owned it for a while, but thought buying the film was too much of a hassle so bippity boppity boo and this precious little camera got a new home. I was waiting till the holidays approached so I could purchase the little guy myself, but instead of coming to the camera the camera has come to me. That must mean it's destiny! 
It's new owner couldn't be anymore happier---till death do us part~

Although, the film may cost an arm and a leg every photo you snap makes it that much more special. I can't wait to capture all the sweet memories with this little camera. There's just something so endearing and heart warming being able to hold your own photos. While the digital age continues to spread like wild fire---I hope that we never forget about the simple things in life like tamogotchis and peanut butter cookies---oh yeah, and photos of course! Capture your memories and hold them close to your heart~ 

Don't you just love how while I'm giving heart felt advice I somehow mention tamogotchis and cookies. . .there must be something seriously wrong with me. Not really just a little odd I suppose. . .

I'm so happy that I finally own a little instax camera that I can call mine~ 
Do any of you babes own a instax camera? 
What memories do you capture? 

50 Things To Do In The Fall

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Hello, pumpkins. Hello, October. Hello, the best season of the year. 
By, this point of the year I might as well be made out of autumn leaves and pumpkin waffles. I don't know what they sprinkle in the fall air, but when autumn rolls around everything seems that much more magical. What can I say? I'm high on fall magic~ 
So, in the spirit of fall I thought I'd spread the magic by making my babes a fun little to-do list. Ya'll better print this list out and finish it before winter replaces our pumpkins with peppermints! I'm dead serious too---especially the getting accepted into Hogwarts bit. 
Especially that one. 

♡Watch scary movies
♡Snuggle up in soft blankets
♡Drink pumpkin spice lattes 
♡Tell ghost stories
♡Cuddle with a kitty
♡Go to a bonfire
♡Make s'mores
♡Wear cozy cardigans
♡Take long walks
♡Jump in a pile of leaves
♡Carve a pumpkin
♡Go apple picking
♡Make apple cinnamon pancakes 
♡Go to a fall festival
♡Fly a kite
♡Light a candle 
♡Eat Salted Caramels 
♡Bake snikerdoodle cookies
♡Make caramel apples
♡Go to a outdoor concert
♡Go moonlight walking
♡Create an autumn makeup look
♡Curl up on the sofa with a good book
♡Go fall shopping
♡Sit in a coffee shop 
♡Write letters to old friends
♡Wear flower crowns
♡Go on a fall picnic 
♡Write poetry 
♡Become an alien princess
♡Make a fort with blankets+pillows 
♡Drink salted caramel hot chocolate
♡Have a Harry Potter Movie Marathon 
♡Sit in front of a fire place
♡Receive your Hogwarts Acceptance letter
♡Watch all the Studio Ghibli Movies
♡Decorate for the fall
♡Make a fall garland
♡Adopt a hedgehog
♡Knit a scarf
♡Eat candy corn 
♡Wear fuzzy socks
♡Add honey to warm milk
♡Go horseback riding
♡Make caramel popcorn
♡Ride a train
♡Bake Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls
♡Go to a haunted house
♡Eat halloween candy
♡Decorate your room with twinkling lights
♡Take a cat nap
♡Be creative
♡Wander in the woods
♡Be grateful
♡Fall in love with the moments

So it's agreed then---we'll all meet up at Hogwarts with our pet hedgehogs. Agreed? Agreed. 
All joking aside, (It wasn't a joke)  I hope you pumpkins enjoyed reading through my little fall list. Tell me what do you pumpkin babes do during the fall? Mix up my fall routine with your suggestions~

I'll see you cinnamon sticks in my next post!
Stay cozy~ 

♡I Miss You♡

Thursday, October 15, 2015

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Hello, my darlings~ 

*sighs drearily* I'll be up front and honest with you (like always!). . .it's been a no man's land around here lately hasn't it?! It absolutely kills me to say that. . .but I miss all of you bunches! I swear, I swear I do. I already see all of you rolling your pretty eyes. . ."Didn't she say this shmuck in her last post?". Uh, yeah I did, but I mean it from the bottom of my heart (watch the sass, Sylvia!). I MISS blogging! I love talking to each and everyone of you, babes---especially the handful of you that keep up with this crazy blog of mine~

I just miss writing for you beautiful, babes~ I can't believe I went from posting every other day to rarely posting at all. To my defense I've been going through quite a bit and for the LONGEST time I've been thinking of opening up to you all about these troubles, but I more than anything want to keep this place a happy place and I fear if I do open up I'd ruin that. Despite, whatever I'm going through I've arrived at an important decision. Like many of you already know I currently go to school pursuing my bachelors degree as a full time student. After I graduate instead of getting a job like my other classmates---I've decided to continue my education and get my Masters in Creative Writing. I know it might sound risky to some of you, but it's one step closer to my dream of becoming a writer~ That's really more than I could ever ask for. 
You'll wish me luck won't you?

I still haven't addressed what's to happen to this little place have I? Well don't worry your pretty little self one bit---you hear me?! Big mama ain't going nowhere~ Is referring to myself as mama strange---don't worry I know it is.  Well you can blame yourself---I mean who wouldn't want to be the proud mama to beautiful babes like you. Maybe I should add that to my bio---proud mama to all the beautiful babes of the world. It's got a nice ring to it doesn't it? 

I think we're getting side tracked here aren't we---mama's aside although I don't think I can currently go back to my original posting schedule (I WISH!) just yet I promise that I will try my very, very BEST to post as much as I can! You can expect some more fall content very soon *wink* *wink* Oh, yeah did you beauties know we're almost to 100 followers---we're so close I can taste it! Not that I taste my followers or anything. I mean wouldn't that be horrific to read about in the news papers---blogger eats followers for breakfast. But, just so you know if you are the 100th follower you should be well aware that you've made a girl in Florida super happy~ You can just add that to your list of accomplishments. Well that concludes this bloggers ramble. 
See you beautiful babes very soon~

DISCLAIMER: During the writing of this post three ants were killed. 
The fellow blogger deeply regrets what has occurred and blames this sad even on her reflexes. 
The blogger wishes to express her condolences. . .please forgive me little ants~