Skin Care Routine

Sunday, August 31, 2014

These past few weeks my skin has been an absolute nightmare. By nightmare I mean all hell has broke loose upon my precious skin. These pesky face demons have seemed to think they have found their new home (Oh, how they've mistaken!). Some people might think I'm over exaggerating for dramatic effect and I will tell you now. . .I wish I was. Maybe you've noticed that my outfit posts have went down hill. . .I would not dare photograph my face in such a state unless I want my self esteem to be sent to the grave to never rise again (Don't you worry though I'm working on getting those up again!). The first week my skin began acting up I was too embarrassed to even leave my own house. I absolutely refused to and this is definitely not behavior I condone, but at the time I was so ashamed of the condition my skin was in that all I wanted to do was curl under a rock and cry. Yes, I do realize how shallow that sounds, but I'd rather be honest with all of you instead of lie through my teeth and say I proudly bared my flaws for the whole world to see. Pass the paper bag, please? ( I kid, I kid!)

Thank God these times are over and my clear skin is beginning to slowly resurface (Hurry up, please!). Acne is something I've struggled with since high school so if you're in the same boat I tip my hat to you and say with great empathy I feel your pain.

I am not just the bearer of bad news, my lovelies. I come with good news as well. Blemished skin is not something you have to live with~

I'm going to share with all of you my daily skin routine and a few tips that I have come along the past few years.

I truly do stick to the basics. Soap+Warm Water. No fancy amazon clay mask over here. It's not any soap though. I share with you one of my holy grail products that I can not fathom how I've lived without all these years. Clinique Acne Solutions Cleansing Bar. I have tried every product under the moon and this is the only product I will stand by and tell the whole world it works! It really does! I wash my face once in the morning and once at night and every morning I wake up I can truly say I have visibly clearer skin.

Now Clinique does have a three step system acne solution which comes with the soap( your choice of a pump or bar), moisturizer, and clarifying liquid to exfoliate your skin. I did try this out and note this was just my personal experience, but I had an allergic reaction to the moisturizer and stopped using it. They both worked lovely and do clear up the face, but every time I used the cream I began to itch until I felt ripping my eyeballs out of their sockets (Too graphic?), but this isn't to say you will have the same experience! Not only does Clinique have different products to treat acne, but they offer a wide array of products for all different skin types. There line is so lovely I really would recommend it to anyone. If you've got skin, they definitely have something for you.

Now this cute little purple bottle you see above you is a sample I received from Clinique when I purchased my soap and I swear to you it is magic in a bottle. This is Clinique's "Take The Day Off" makeup remover and waterproof mascara is no match for this. I personally used to struggle with removing my makeup off my eyebrows. I love drawing a dramatic brow, but it used to be such a pain to wash the waterproof makeup every night. No matter what I did all I was able to do was wake up every morning to my eyebrows imprinted on my pillowcase. Very sexy. But, now I simply dip a Q-tip in this solution and with one swipe my makeup comes off like a breeze. Next time you're at your local Clinique local counter ask for a free sample. I promise you won't regret it!


-HANDS OFF! Keep your hands away from your face I promise you your skin will thank you later. Throughout our day we come in contact with millions of germs. Door knobs, keyboards, your own phone to just name a few has millions of different living bacteria just waiting to be touched. You do not want to transfer that to your face. Trust me. . .

-Wash your face once in the morning and once at night. No more than that. Your face has natural oils and stripping them away of them can cause your skin to become dry.

-Stick to your skin rouitine. Stick. To. It.

-Drink Water! A whole lot of it too! Water is proven to clear up skin and get rid of the toxins in your body.

-Stay confident. This is a tip that I need to take myself and something that I am truly working on everyday. No matter what condition your skin is no one should ever feel ashamed or feel like they are not worthy enough in this society that over idolizes beauty. Getting break outs are normal and doesn't make you any less beautiful. These are things that come and go and that should never stand in your way of becoming the best person you can possibly be. You got dis' girl/boy~

Oh, Lord this post is a lot longer than I thought it would be. Thank you so much for reading, darlings and I hope I was able to help you even if it was just a little bit~

Sending all of you lots of love&hoping you are having an amazing weekend!

School Haul 2.0

Monday, August 25, 2014

Many of you are probably sick of hearing me babbling about school, but I can't help it, okay?! School takes up more than half of my life so if I'm not home blogging away more than likely I'm twiddling my thumbs at my college campus. Coincidentally, today was my first day back attending fall classes. Wait-wait! Don't you dare click that little red 'X' button in a desperate attempt to escape. I see you. . .I see all of you.

I pinky promise this post is fashion related and I hopefully have a few tips to share with you. So it's the first day of school or maybe even the night before and you're standing in front of your closet with terror stricken eyes asking yourself one simple question. What in the world are you going to wear?! Behind you a tornado like scene of clothes, tops, and those new skinny jeans you recently purchased are hanging in distress in places where clothes should never be laying about. Maybe you're thinking am I trying too hard? Or maybe even this damned skirt doesn't go with anything! Shush, shush my darlings because mama has come to the rescue~ 

Below are a few outfits I created to hopefully stir in you some inspiration~ 

lucky love Old Fashioned Tank- H&M
Distressed Denim Jacket- Aeropostale
Royal High Waisted Shorts- Charlotte Russe
Rikimaru change purse- A'gaci

  Harlem Boyfriend Sweater- Garage
School Girl Skirt- Garage
Princess Vera Combat Boots- Kohls 
Mary Jane Heels- A'gaci

Delicate Lace Peplum Top- H&M
Pastel Mint Skater Skirt- Charlotte Russe
White Lush Clutch- Payless 
Ever After Peter Pan Necklace- Kohls 

Minnie Mouse Jumper- Forever 21
Black Tulip Skirt-  Charlotte Russe
Mini Pastel Mint Handbag- Kohls 

Before I wrap this post up I wanted pinch in my two cents for any jitterbugs out there (I'm a little jitterbug myself). I just wanted to say no matter what you wear or what your style is. . .just be you. Whatever clothes you dress in, whatever outfit you choose. . .ROCK IT! Don't worry about what other people will think or say because truth to be told a few years down the road those very people you're afraid of judging you won't even be in your life anymore or low behold the same state! Cast all those bad thoughts away because you want to know something? You are simply amazing~

I hope all of you enjoyed this post as much as I had creating it. I had so much fun creating all the different looks and writing this for all of you. Believe it or not I actually held back while I invented all these looks. . .I wanted to put in so much more detail, but I didn't want to send anyone running for the bushes simply because this was my first time doing something like this. I wanted to share all my ideas behind each outfit or simply what perfume I'd wear with each particular look. I'm quite meticulous when it comes to these things, but I suppose those details will have to wait for another day~

Hope you all had a splendid day, lovelies~
Sending you all the luck in the world on your first days' back to school

ever after

Friday, August 22, 2014

I have absolutely no words for this necklace. It is perfection~ 

These photos honestly don't do it any justice. Once the sunlight hits the cascading beads just right it reflects an array of the softest&prettiest colors. Who needs diamonds when you can have a peter pan collar?! The small ballet pink gem makes it feel so dainty&sweet. I adore the 'innocent' look and this piece of jewelry captures the essence of that faultlessly. 

This necklace reminds me so much of the Victorian era! The women gracefully twirling around the ballroom floor in their large frilly dresses. All the ruffles&ruching. Covered with soft and delicate lace from head to toe. Tell me why did this go out of fashion again? 

I trust instead of owning a Renaissance dress this necklace will have to do for now. Furthermore, I suppose I did have quite a bit to say about this pretty little number, but it was my happily ever after to my shopping day~ 

Back To School Haul

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

So I don't know if I'm the only oddball out there, but I really enjoy school supply shopping. Seeing all the different little notebooks&stationary literally puts a smile on my face. Okay, okay maybe I enjoy school supply shopping a little bit too much. But, hey we're not here to read about what I get a kick out of! So lets get this baby haul started and on the road~

This year around while I shopped around the frenzied parents flinging pencils and bulks of paper in their shopping carts like their very lives depended on it- I slowly backed out the store and ran for my dear sweet life I thought I'd keep to the basics. The first thing I got were these darling pink&blue composition notebooks. Maybe some people find composition notebooks a snore fest, but I  found them absolutely adorable with their fun, bright colors. Additionally these notebooks are mostly made out of recycled bits and bobs! You can't beat ecofriendly~ 

Speaking of fun, bright colors check out these awesome highlighters. I've never seen so many different highlighters in my life. Also if you didn't notice. . .they're miniature! How cute is that?! The best things come in small packages~ 

One of the unfortunate things about school starting up again is. . .flu season. I don't exactly have the strongest immune system so I always tend to catch a cold or two, but hopefully this year around I won't be using these cute little panda tissues. But, you never know when a classmate will be in desperate need of a tissue. Don't worry your little runny noses. . .I've got your back~ 

Now maybe this doesn't exactly fit into the category of "school supplies", but hey I wasn't aware we were keeping track of those type of things. If you take your notes in gummy bears I wouldn't judge you. No discrimination here! But, you might want to make an extra copy, because your notes are definitely not safe anywhere near me. If you haven't noticed yet, the red ones are my favorite~ 

If you've kept up with my blog, you've probably noticed I have an extremely soft spot for cute things. So how could I ever say no to this adorable hedgehog stationary?! It's a hedgehog for Pete's sake! We all have our weaknesses, you know. . .and he was mine. I have not the slightest clue what I would use this insanely endearing stationary for. . .I just knew I had to have it. I mean look into his little eyes! Maybe I'll just start passing notes in class like I did in the good old days~ 

Are you guys looking forward to the school year? More importantly, do you like hedgehogs? 


Monday, August 18, 2014

Personally, one of my favorite things about school rolling back into season is bag shopping. There are so many different cute designs that I hardly ever know which one to choose. Nevertheless, this time around that's exactly what happened. I just could not resist picking up these two little beauties. I know- I know. You're probably yelling at your computer screen right this very moment. "What in the world are you going to do with two backpacks, Sylvia?!". Well to justify the matter of things I've had the same bag for three years now. I think the time has come to put the poor thing to rest. It's had a long run. . .*sniffles* Ah, how I'll miss you, bb (backpack buddy)~ 

What I love about knapsacks these days is they really pack a punch to any outfit. Sometimes I even prefer them over a handbag. Especially the days when I'm frolicking around my college campus.

These two little bags might as well be night and day. I love how chic the black&gold contrast against each other. Even though the style may be simple I feel that it has a luxurious note to it. May I even dare say it looks lush~ The other bag on the other hand is much more low key. It's texture, the pattern, the little buckle&snaps are very old school. But, that's the very reason why I absolutely adore it~

I'm actually looking forward to swing these two bad boys out through out the school year. Watch out college I've got a new backpack fully equipped with pencils&over priced books. Don't try me. . .

Which one is your favorite?

Black&Gold Knapsack - Super Target 
Oh My Roses Knapsack - JcPenny


Saturday, August 16, 2014

These past couple weeks have been quite a roller coaster for me. Tears have been shed. A classic mind war erupted. More tears. Shuffling around the house pathetically in pajamas. More waterworks. The whole sniffling shebang. But, I'm finally back (and for good this time! Cross my heart&hope to die~)! And what better pick me up than to pose in the middle of the street like a complete idiot~

So I'm not exactly a simple type of girl. I've always had an eye for fine detail and I'm attracted to things that aren't exactly 'in the box'. Be it bold or delicate. But, sometimes you just can't beat the basic look.

I love the feel of this baggy striped tee and the contrast of the polkadot tights. I kept my accessories very minimal to achieve this look of simplicity. And, hey who needs accessories when you can stomp around in combat boots like a complete boss~ Does anybody else feel me?

So I know this post is super short, but I hope you'll find it in your hearts to forgive me. Before I go though I just wanted to leave on this note. If anyone is going through a rough time right now I wanted to let you know that it does get better. I promise! I pinky promise & everyone knows no one breaks that important ish up unless they're a heartless puppy killer. Maybe it's not today or even tomorrow, but it does get better. It will! You just have to be patient for the sun to shine through your stormy clouds. What feels like the end is often the beginning.

Anyone need some cheering up? Check out a couple out takes from this post on my instagram. Feel free to follow me @ ohshewillbe. Wishing you lots of love towards your way~

Liebster Award

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Hello, my sweet peas~
I recently have been nominated for the Liebster award by the lovely Natalie. The creator of the blog-Petal Poppet Blogs. You can check out her blog here. Oh, yes by "recently" I mean several weeks ago. I know, I know I'm quite horrid at these type of things, but better late than never, right?
1. I have a borderline obsession with cute stationary.
2. I am an aspiring model/actress.
3. As well as a nursing major. . .yes, I do realize I've picked two career paths that might as well be on two diffrent planets. But don't get your panties in a knot I'm just going to be one bad ass nurse~
4. I believe cats are the cutest creatures on earth and they are the cure to everything.
5. I love to daydream as well as being a hopeless romantic at heart. This can not be a good combonation for a college student. . .
6. I have a portrait of a unicorn hanging on my wall, therefore I pretty much own one. . .
7. Speaking of unicorns I entered the spelling bee when I was in 2nd grade and my first word was unicorn. I spelled it WRONG. . .that is still my biggest failure in life.
8. I make lists about absolutely everything.
9. I own a pretty darn cute piggy bank.
10. I have not cut, straightened, or curled my hair in 2 years.
11. I lift 5 lb. weights. So to answer your question. . .Yes, I do lift bro.
12. I break the rules.

Well currently it is summer. It's a season full of lazy days and warm weather~ I probably only cherish it so much because I'm college student who hasn't had a proper summer vacation since she's started her college days, but yeah I love it <3
It's ending too soon! *sobs*
I actually hate questions like this. I am a very undecisive person so questions like this make my head spin. Unlimited wishes, of course! -sigh- But if I really have to choose then I'd have to say. . .to have my darling little kitty cat live forever, be able to give my mom tickets to a one way flight to Italy, and to have all my dreams come true. There are always loopholes. Tee hee~

 Well it kind of started off by watching Youtube videos. After watching my favorite youtubers like an obsessed fan girl for quite a while now I found out they also had blogs which inspired me to start my own. There's just something amazing that comes with creating something with your own hands, ideas, and words.

Zoella- Although I know many of you know her I couldn't help but mention her. Zoey is honestly so sweet, genuine, and silly all wrapped up in one lovely package~ I will never get enough of her posts. I absolutely love her to pieces.

Frilly&Fancy- One word. Bloody amazing. Oops, that was two. Well if you never heard of Kalel's blog she documents about the cutest trinkets and bobs. As well as posting an occasional outfit of the day and the occurrences of her every day life as she goes on a journey of breathing her dreams into life. Sometimes I swear that I've found my lost twin sister~

Salt&Chic- I can not get over how adorable Amy is~ Her blog consists of a variety of outfit posts as well as the quick adventure to cafe's she might stumble into. I can always count on Amy to give me inspiration to spice up my wardrobe. Definitely check her out!

Did I mention I own a cute piggy bank?

My little kitty cat is my life~ I can not imagine life without him.
I want to travel the whole world. Every single crack and crevice. Except butt cracks. . .because that would be very unpleasant. . . 
Well I enjoy watching movies very much, but I wouldn't particularly say I have a favorite.
Not to bore you with another one of these answers, but I think it is impossible to have one favorite, but lately I've been obsessed with the song Break Free by Ariana Grande. Listen to it!
When my brother and I were much younger we used to play these make believe games and I remember them being so fun. We used to run around the living room like little maniacs and go on these crazy adventures. It was the best~

1. What is your dream?
2. What's your favorite quote?
3. What song do you listen to when you're feeling down?
4. Cats or dogs?  CATS~
5. Early bird or night owl?
6. Bookworm or tech savvy?
7. What makes you smile?
8. What's the last book you read?
9. What does a normal day in your life look like?
10. Favorite beauty product?
11. Do you believe in taking risks?  

Niamhs Dream
Flora Dora Rose
Tea Poljak
Kim Kimi Pie

I hope you all enjoyed this post and I look forward to reading your future posts.

While I'm still chatting away I thought this would be a good post to mention this. I am currently studying for my nursing entrance exam and I will not be able to post as much as I'd like *insert sad face here*

I'll try my best to sneak in a post or two, but I promise after this study business is out of the way I'll be right back on schedule! Wish me luck~