Fall Essentials

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

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Hello, my darlings! It is finally officially the best time of the year---faaaaaaaall~ Is it obvious that I actually sang that previous sentence? Because, if it wasn't. . .well then now you know. I'm currently writing to you bundled up in a cozy sweater sipping on some hot chocolate---hold the marshmallows and EXTRA whipped cream of course. Actually, if you saw me you'd call me CRAYZAY, because I live in Florida and if you know anything about Florida it's pretty much a heat sauna all year round. But, no stubborn heat waves can keep me away from my one true love---autumn~ It's the season of pumpkin spice and snuggles. Perhaps you're rolling your eyes right this very moment thinking---"What could she possibly know about fall?". Oh, no, no honey this Floridian babe knows her fall and I've got my fall essentials to prove it~ So wrap your pretty little self in a cozy little cardigan, wear a pair of your best fuzzy socks, and grab yourself a big ol' slice of apple pie because the queen of fall is about to show you a thing or two~

Don't even get me started about pumpkin spiced lattes~ Drizzle that caramel and put a dash of nutmeg---and this girl here is in pumpkin spice heaven~ But, no pumpkin spice latte is complete without cozy socks and a cashmere throw~ Keep them out of your drink and keep your body warm and cozy with a pair of fuzzy socks and snuggle up to a gingham cashmere throw~
Purring like a baby kitten yet?

Lighting up a good candle is basically a necessity during the fall season and I've stumbled across the perfect ones. Parachute's candles have got me feeling all the fall vibes and I've got my eye on their gorgeous fireside candle. Warm amber, vetiver, and musk---this candle captures the essence of a cozy night by the fire. This little baby is definitely on my to buy list~ Speaking of candles---while your room is smelling like a cozy little fireplace why not bundle yourself up in your favorite sweater and get lost in a good book? Nothing says fall like a good ol' scented candle and old books~
*sighs dreamily*

Beds seems so much cozier in the fall don't they? Crisp white sheets are my favorite---it may be minimalist, but I really tend to appreciate the smaller and simple things in life during the fall time~ Parachute, a luxury bedding company has a lovely selection and their bed sets are all drop dead gorgeous. I'm talking lust worthy here. Someone knows what they're putting on their wish list for this season~  Speaking of dead drop gorgeous a box of caramels definitely fits that description. I keep a little box of them by my bed (dangerous---I know.) whenever I need a little pick me up here and there. Oh, yeah speaking of pick me ups kitty cuddles are the best pick me ups which is a fall essential. . .obviously.

What are your fall essentials?

Stay cozy my little fall queens~

This post was sponsered by Parachute Home. All opinions are honest and my own. 

Kitty Knapsacks

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Guys---guys---guys IT'S FINALLY HERE!!! The cutest backpack to ever exist in the history of history finally arrived at my doorstep. Is it normal to be shaking with joy because of a bag? No? Well, honey this darling of a bag will have you shaking like a leaf. Who can resist kitten ears, pink ribbons, and gold embellishments?! No wonder it meowed itself right into my soul---a girl simply can't say no to purrrfection can she? 
Are my kitten jokes getting old yet? 

This sweet sleeping kitty bag is brimming with adorable detail. To its scalloped collar, dainty ribbon, and heart shaped nose---the inside is even lined with an adorable kitschy bear pattern! The cuteness of this bag has reached a whole new level~  Not only is this bag cute, but this is the first bag I've ever purchased with such a high quality faux leather. You'd honestly swear it was real---like Chanel type of real. Every time I wear this darling little bag I feel like a school girl all over again skipping away in her oxfords~ If you're wondering where I snatched this little cutie I bought it from Amazon. It's currently retailing for $39.98, but if you sign up for an Amazon credit card you can buy it for a tenner! Yeah, my heart stopped for a minute too. Well what are you waiting for?! We can be kitten backpack friends~ 

Oh. My. God. You know how secret clubs have little badges or T-shirts? We could all have these kitty backpacks instead! Please join my secret kitty club so I can be forever purring with joy~ 

Oh yeah. . .um before I go I wanted to apologize for the lack of posts. It's been a graveyard in here this past week hasn't it? I HATE sounding lame with the excuses, but school just started and I've been super sick this past week---you babes understand, right? Your comments though have been so lovely. When I was feeling really down I'd read all of your sweet comments and they'd really brighten my  day. Don't you worry though kitten babes I have a whole lot of content coming up soon---I'm just working out all the kinks and tinks in the schedule. By the way haven't you all noticed I've been calling you all babes lately---hey, I just can't help it if each and everyone of you is a killer babe, alright? Save some babe vibes for the rest of us~


Ten Things To Make You Smile

Monday, September 7, 2015

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Hello, beautiful~ 

Have you smiled today? If you haven't---why not?! *pinches your cheeks* Look at you---you're ADORABLE! Someone this pretty deserves to be cheesin' their head off! Don't make me come in there---I will bring reinforcements! Strawberry ice cream and whipped cream will be no match for that mean ol' frown. Okay, miss/mister grumpy pants you leave me no choice---I'll have to bring in the reinforcements. . .

Who doesn't want to join the Disney secret club?! Even die hard Disney fans don't know this stuff so keep it on the down low, okay? 

A little late on turning in an assignment? Give your professor this excuse and never worry about a deadline again~ 

These cute stickers will have even the coldest of hearts melting. Stick em' everywhere to sprinkle a little extra happiness and magic. 

You thought baby deers were cute? What about a baby deer snuggling up with a baby bobcat?! 

Ever wanted the recipes to the 21 BEST ice cream sundaes to ever exist? 
Wish granted. 

Am I the only girl here who day dreams about extravagant honeymoons? Um, it doesn't even have to be my honeymoon---I don't mind being a third wheel just take me with you! Here are the most romantic cities in the world. Let the daydreams COMMENCE~

Just click on this. CLICK ON THIS!

Ever wanted to live like a Disney princess? Well pack your bags, girl! 

Ever had a heart attack caused by too much CUTENESS?! Well this website will do that to you. 

Feeling a little gloomy? This little list will shimmer a little light on your day~ 

I hope you mermaid babes enjoyed this little list as much as I enjoyed making it! If I made one of you beauties smile I'll be walking on clouds and rainbow sprinkles. I'm thinking of making this into a series. What do you babes think? 

Which link made you smile? 

Three Ingredient Chocolate Banana Smoothie

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Babes, I know what you're thinking. Does this  girl eat nothing but chocolate? Yes, probably---but I swear this chocolate drink may be the healthiest thing you have all morning~ This creamy chocolatey smoothie will have you swearing you're sipping on a triple fudge milkshake---but take my word for it this smoothie is 100% guilt free. Those chocolate chip pancake cravings are no match for this smoothie and the best part is it only takes THREE ingredients!
Someone pinch me I must be dreaming~

Dark Chocolate Almond Milk (1 cup)
1 Banana
Crushed Ice 

What You Need
A Blender

1. Place all your ingredients in a blender (chopped banana, dark chocolate almond milk, and crushed ice)

2. Blend until happy with the consistency.
Want a thicker smoothie? Add more banana~

3. Pour in a jar or cup and enjoy your guilt free chocolate heaven~

I think all of need more easy guilt free recipes in our lives don't you think? This is so super easy to make in the mornings and a great breakfast on the go if you're in a rush. Tell me below if you try it---I'd love to hear what you lovelies have to say. I mean who can say no to chocolate?!
My heart might as well be made out of the stuff. . .

What is your favorite healthy smoothie?

Five Cute Apps You Need On Your Phone

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Okay, I'll admit it---I'm an app fiend. My phone is a living and breathing app zoo. You think I'm kidding---no I'm being dead serious. If appetizers were in fact apps you might as well skip the main course after seeing my phone. Whether it has to do with traveling, food, or a healthy obsession with Subway Surf---I've nearly tried them all. But, today I'm not here to talk about just any apps---I'm here to talk cute apps. The cutest of the cutest. Because, let's be real here we all need an extra dose of sprinkles and unicorn magic in our lives~

Tsum Tsum
Guys, guys this app is a real OBSESSION. Collect, connect, and pop your favorite little Tsum Tsums. Collecting your favorite Disney characters is a real thing, people. This little app is a must for any Disney fan.

Now I know you've heard of this app and if you haven't don't feel too bad because I just jumped on the band wagon about a month ago. You babes have the cutest lives and I love catching little glimpses of it whether it be a video of you rolling your eyes at traffic or everyone's guilty pleasure of taking a peek at what Kylie Jenner is up to at 3 pm---hey I don't judge! Whatever it is I just love it one way or another. I'm not going to sit here and lie I refresh my feed just to see the little ghost dance. The things I do to avoid doing homework. Wanna see what I'm up to? Add me at ohshewillbe.

This may just be the cutest game you ever download to your phone. I'm not going to even bother explaining it, because you just won't under stand until you download it. DOWNLOAD IT. DOWNLOAD IT. DOWNLOAD IT. 

Ever wanted money to fall from the sky? Well you can make your dreams come true---well at least you can virtually. Play as a giant face and grab as much money as you can. The trick? You can't drop ANY. Sound weird? Oh, it is but it's oh so adorable at the same time. Get dat money, girl~

Disney World
I started with Disney so I'm going to end with Disney. This amazing little app lets you explore all what Disney has to offer. Explore Magic Kingdom. Look at food menus (I do this a lot---no shame). Plan your dream trip to Disney~ I can spend hours looking at all the different things Disney has to offer and feel exactly like a kid on Christmas morning. Well what are you waiting for?! It's Disney, people. D-I-S-N-E-Y.

What's your favorite app? 

p.s. Yes, I'm wearing pants.