Who Am I?


A 21 year old girl who wishes upon broken stars and secretly lives the life of a moonlight princess~
Current Habitat: Florida

Zodiac: Taurus 

Likes: dream chasing, pink macaroons, flower crowns, doodles, sarcasm, fancy chocolates, horror movies, old fashioned letters, picnics, rice pudding, extraordinary humans, adventure, and a sprinkle of cat paws on my windshield~  

(Note: I only like cat paw PRINTS on my windshield. . .the other stuff would be rather awkward to find. )

Dislikes: Tea.

Random Fact: I'm an awkward sausage.

Eavesdropping on: Branch | Keith Kenniff

Hobbies: Forever searching for adventure, Neverland, and my cat's affection

Thoughts: I'm fishing for stars in the sea

Hope anchors this soul.
Luke 1:45

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