♡My First YouTube Video♡

Friday, November 27, 2015

You'll never guess who's just decided to join the YouTube community? Well you probably have, but I'm going to pretend for a moment that you haven't. As the title has implied yours truly has decided to swim over to the vast realm know as YouTube. I know this all seems out of the blue, but it's something I've been wanting to do for quite a while---in fact I've filmed this video months ago! What stopped me from showing you beauties sooner? Well if I'm speaking honestly---nothing other than my pesky perfectionism. If you aren't too familiar with YouTube it's a fast growing and competitive industry where people all around the world are posting videos for others entertainment. Mind you these videos are of brilliant quality whether they be from the sea of famous vloggers or new Youtubers hoping to start a channel of their own---it's no wonder I'm a tad bit intimidated by it all. But, it's about time I begrudgingly push my perfectionist ways to the side and allow myself to once create something without any strings attached.

So babes I abide it's time I welcome you to my little video about a silly girl who chases daydreams and fishes for stars. I hope you don't mind the blurriness I have no idea how to get rid of them---they appeared once I uploaded the video to YouTube. The best fix is to watch the video in 1080!
Do you babes have any tips and tricks for me? I'll love you forever if you can tell me how to get rid of blurriness and subscribe to me.
Don't worry if you can't I still love you~ 

Oh, and about blogging don't you worry your pretty little head I'm not going anywhere~


Marshmallow Pops

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Why hello my fluffy little marshmallows~ 

Oh. . .you're not a cute little puffball full of sugary confectionery?! Well way to disappoint someone. Are you sure? You sure look like one---well at least you've got the cuteness part down pat! How can someone not mistake you for a marshmallow when you're stealing all that cuteness?! Well you know what my deceiving marshmallow look alike babes I'm not about to disappoint you anytime soon, because I'm about to share with all of you a impossible to resist sugar coated recipe~ Today's cutie special on the menu is *gingerbread drum roll please* marshmallow pops~ 
Not like you couldn't tell from the title and photos or anything. . .

I've seen my good share of marshmallow pops prettily lined up in bakery shops and floating around the pintrest neighborhood for some time now so it was about time I tried my hand at them. I mean how could I resist just look at how cute they are! Not only are these chocolate coated sweets pretty to look at they're super yummy too and mind you this is coming from a marshmallow hater! The melted chocolate compliment the gooey insides of the white spun sugar brilliantly. I'm talking melt in your mouth type of good! Oh, and the toppings are just an added bonus. If that hasn't got your mouth watering I don't know what will! To the one's who've created a drool puddle at their desk don't worry your marshmallow tushy one easy recipe coming right up~ 

What You Need
♡Lollipop sticks

♡ Milk Chocolate Chips 
♡White Chocolate Chips 
♡Jumbo Marshmallows 

♡Rainbow Sprinkles
♡Coconut Shavings
♡Crushed Nuts
♡Chocolate Chips 
♡Cookies (crushed)

1. Before melting your chocolate prepare your toppings in bowls and insert your lollipop sticks into the marshmallows. 

2. Melt your chocolate in a heat safe glass bowl over boiling water or microwave your chocolate in a microwave safe bowl over 20-30 second intervals depending on your microwave settings.
Never melted chocolate before? Don't worry it's easy~ Just watch this video and you'll be a chocolate melting pro in no time! 

3. Once your chocolate has melted and is a silky consistency carefully coat the marshmallows in chocolate by rolling the marshmallows into the chocolate in a circular motion. 

4. Coat your chocolate covered marshmallow in yummy toppings! 
Don't be afraid to be creative and think outside the box with your toppings! 

5. Nom nom nom

What do you babes think? Cutest and easiest recipe in the world, right? I can't take all the credit of course I just followed the beautiful Nancy's gem of a recipe which you can find here~ These marshmallow pops are guaranteed to convert any marshmallow hater into a marshmallow lover. Well now you must excuse me while I stuff my face with more fluffy goodness! Hey, don't judge the calories don't count if it's the holidays~ 

Wait, wait before I go look at the little devil herself trying to snag a marshmallow or two~ I swear this isn't staged---this is just what happens when a sweet addict raises a cat. 
Pow Pow is officially a marshmallow lover~ 

Any marshmallow lovers out there? 

Meet Pow Pow

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Before you say it---I swear I haven't been cat napping on the job! Double pinky swears---cross my heart and hope to die~ Term papers have stolen yours truly, but I seem to have broken free for a day or two and what better way to spend my day than hang out with my blogging babes! Although, I'll admit a little cat nap sounds really appealing right about now. Speaking of cat naps I realized I've never properly introduced you to my darling little kitty---Pow Pow---a.k.a. the cutest and most cunning little fluff ball you'll ever meet~ 

Pow Pow these are my cuties---a.k.a. the raddest babes around the interwebz block~ And babes meet Pow Pow---the brains of this blogging operation. 

That's right, this fluff ball is all about the blogging world. In fact she's got a full schedule on her kitty platter running this place. Let me give you a little run down~ 

4:30 a.m. 
Wake up mommy (a.k.a. Sylvia) for creative brain storming 
TRANSLATION: Wake up mommy for no apparent reason other than for a random pet session. 
Don't forget behind the ears, mommy~ 

8:00 a.m.
Breakfast with clients 
TRANSLATION: Stop checking your e-mails and feed me mommy! Feed me! 
Feed meeeeeeeeeee~ 

9:00 a.m. 
TRANSLATION: Curl up in mommy's lap while she's talking to all you babes. 

12:00 p.m. 
Create creative and imaginative content 
TRANSLATION: Mommy, you better feed me right this instant or I'll bite your pinky off. 
Don't test me woman!  

3:00 p.m. 
Schedule posts 

5:00 p.m.
Plan future brilliant content to amaze the masses 
TRANSLATION: Meow meow meow~ 

As you can see without this little fluff ball no work would get done around here. I'm being serious no work would get done. All joking aside Queen Pow Pow who is currently running around the house like she's misplaced her tail means the absolute world to me and I don't know what I'd do without her kitty cuddles and random, but intense staring contests~ 

Do you babes have any fluff balls in your life? 

The Too Faced Wishlist

Saturday, November 7, 2015

A Too Faced Wishlist


With the holidays quickly approaching us spending bans are quickly becoming history as all the different makeup brands begin lining the shelves with their pretty holiday collections. I've particularly got my eyes set on no other than---Too Faced~ From their heart strikingly adorable packaging to their die for buttery eye shadows it's no shocker that they've caught my eye and heart. Spending ban or no spending ban this girl over here is already stocking up on her wish lists for poor ol' Mr. Claus~  

After falling in love with Too Faced Sweet Heart Blush it's only time before I get my grubby little hands on this beauty~ Justify My Love is such a pretty fairy tale pink that the apple of my cheeks are screaming the injustice that I'd commit if I don't put this blusher in my shopping basket. 

And did you see those bunnies?! I can't resist! 
I just can't~ 

This too pretty for words eye shadow pallet literally smells like chocolate. Chocolate. How can you expect someone like me to turn something like that down. I mean who am I to say no to an eye shadow pallet crafted by the heavens? 

Um, okay I'll admit the name of this mascara is a tad dicey if I'm stating it lightly and let's be real---it's hella awkward asking a sales associate, but after seeing a lot of you babes rave about this mascara I'm convinced. I'm ready to up my eye lash game~ 

The shades in this collection are flawless---from day time makeup to a sexy night out in town this eye shadow palette can do it all. Oh and the packaging---just darling! 
I just can't wait to call it mine~  

If a bronzer could take my breath away this one definitely did. While this snow bunny lives in Florida glowing skin never goes out of style~ Pale ghost to winter goddess coming right up.

Are you babes a Too Faced lover too? 

Wow. . . I swear I'm not trying to instigate a lover's quarrel. 
This make up brand can get a girl in a lot of trouble. . .

Cookie Thief

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

I admit it! These cookies came out of a box. The box where the cookie dough comes out in perfect pre-cut circles just waiting for you to turn on your oven so you can regret twenty minutes later the chocolatey goodness you just consumed. Yeah---that kind of box. Before you yell at me---I swear I tried! I gave it my all before I resorted to breaking the one and only baker's commandment---Thou shall not bake anything that comes out of a box. But, I couldn't help it okay?! I wanted something sweet! Something that did not involve getting flour all over my face and splattering egg yolks on the wall (Don't judge.). Plus, they came out really pretty and I wanted to show you, guys! Is that such a bad crime? The baking police don't have to know do they?! It can be our little secret---we box cookie bakers got each other's backs, right?   
Well if you don't have my back then guess what?! No cookies for you~ 

Okay, okay all joking aside I just thought the photos came out really pretty. Hey, who's going to say no to double fudge brownie cookies (yeah, I said double fudge.)---even if the so called cookies came out of a box. But, they're cookies none the less! With the holidays fast approaching lots of shops have been releasing limited edition sweets that you can pop in the oven and bake yourself mess free. I just couldn't help myself---especially when those cunning marketing folks pull me in by stating these flavors are limited edition. It's like they're giving me no choice! Although, nothing beats home made sometimes I need a little help here and there to get my sweet fix. The season of sweet treats quickly approaches us~

Do I have any baking babes out there? Do you believe in home made or the highway or are you like me who doesn't mind indulging in the forbidden box once in a while? 

Oh, and if you were wondering---yes, I ate more cookies than I should have. 
Not ashamed.