The Theory of Everything

Friday, December 19, 2014

  Tonight I had the honor of watching The Theory of Everything at the cinema with a dear friend of mine. If you haven't yet seen the endearing and heartbreaking film it is a remarkable recreation of Stephen Hawking's incredible life and the hardships he had to struggle and endure when being told at age 21 that he had a motor neuron disease---ALS and no less than two years to live. A disease that leaves your body in a shock of paralysis and hopelessness. . .as it takes your will away to walk, talk, eat, and even breathe. Stephen and Jane Hawking battle the impossible as they fight to keep their love and selves alive while they try to search for the answer to one of the most difficult questions. . .the theory of everything. 

My summary of this film nowhere near does it any justice! I personally had very little knowledge about the amazing Professor Stephen Hawking when I walked in, but this movie moved me to tears and it was so endearing to watch and learn about this incredible man. If you're planning to go to the cinema anytime soon please keep this movie in mind I promise you will not be disappointed watching this heart warming and sometimes wrenching love story. 

Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones deserve to win an Oscar. . .or five. Just sayin'. 

Watch the trailer here NOW

"While there is life, there is hope"
                         -Stephen Hawking

I apologize that this isn't my usual posting style, but I'll be back with my usual posts before you know it. Specifically more Christmas theme posts (Are you excited??? Because I am.)! By the way have you guys noticed my new blog layout? I think I'm in love~ A big shout out to the designers to MLEKOSHIPLAYGROUND! 

Well until then lovelies~ Sending you lots of love

Oxford | Shoe Unboxing

Thursday, December 18, 2014

When I saw these beauties in the shop I knew there was no way I was walking without them. Even though I had originally made a pact with myself that I wasn't under any circumstance going to buy anything. . .oops. These little booties come in a rich wine color and adorned with a gold brass buckle which I personally find so fitting for the holidays. Don't you think? 

I typically don't go for such a short chunky heel because 5'10 obviously isn't tall enough as I always found them a tad bit silly looking. But, in this case I find them completely adorable and I find that it adds so much more character to them. Oh yeah, and more importantly you don't have to worry about wobbling around because these bad boys are super easy to walk in. No more "Ooops I dropped my hot chocolate on your designer gown" incidents. I on the other hand am still waiting for that incident to happen to me as I've never been invited to a Christmas party before. *glares out into the crowd* Any offers? 

Every time I wear these boots I feel like I belong at Oxford University. Walking on the cobblestones of England and sipping butterbeer. Rushing to class and running clumsily in the corridors searching for the Sorcerers Stone. Studying in the library researching Basilisks. Why I haven't received my acceptance letter is beyond me. . .

If you got my Harry Potter references. . .I love you

p.s. If you haven't seen my Christmas Wishlist see it down below


Dear Santa | Christmas Wishlist

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dear Santa

Dearest Santa, 

        I've been a extra good girl this year so if you wouldn't very much mind getting all the gifts listed above by Christmas morning it would be very much appreciated.

                                                                                                                                Sylvia xxx  

p.s. I might eat a cookie of yours---one or two tops I swear! Sharing is caring~ *innocently flutters eyelashes* 

Hey, a girl can wish right?  It has always been a Christmas tradition of my sisters and I to write up these overdone wishlists to jolly old Saint Nick himself. The three of us sprawl on the rug in our cozy pajamas right under the lit up Christmas tree and write our pretty little hearts out. I have the joy of seeing their little faces light up as currently they are jumping jellybeans waiting for Christmas morning to arrive. Now don't get me wrong Christmas isn't all about the gifts. I honestly can't explain the feels (yes, I just said feels) that the holiday season gives me. It's simply so magical~

 The decorations, all the different sweet treats and chocolates, the lights. Even the air smells different! Honestly, I know this is so cheesy and so over said, but my ultimate favorite thing to do is giving others gifts. I seriously make it into this mission to find the perfect gift for everyone. . .and it has to be absolutely PERFECT. I'm such a huge planner and I'm starting to get all my lists ready and I'm even getting excited telling you about it! 

I hope this list was able to help anyone who was stumped on what to get their loved ones. I do realize my list is quite. . .pink and girly. But, I think it's got a little something for everyone. Boys I heard this year you needed some extra help on what to get your bae so you can thank me ahead of time.

Here's my Top 5 picks:
(*wink wink* To my mom if she is reading this xxx) 

Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera
What girl doesn't want this darling cute camera?! This pretty little number will take the most keep sake photos and is the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys snapping their camera away. They come in an assortment of pastel colors which for some reason or another makes this camera even more desirable than it already was. I assure you that they will love you forever including me.

Lush Bath Bombs 
Pamper your girl or boy with these luxurious and lush bath bombs. These are pretty to look at and look good enough to eat, (Okay, maybe I'm the only one who thinks the second part. . .) but they do make for one amazing bath. 

Okay, you can never go wrong with chocolates. Especially the Ferrero Rocher chocolates. This sweet hazelnut chocolate is absolutely divine and to die for. I would die for these chocolates and that's saying a lot about me isn't it. . .

Cute Sleepwear 
Some people might think its disappointing to rip away the wrapping paper to find another pair of granny pajamas. . .but nobody is going to complain if they are the cutest jammies around. Every time they are lounging around they'll be thinking of you. 

When in doubt buy perfume! There are some great deals around the holidays for perfume sets which also comes in the cutest limited addition packaging. I think this is a win-win situation for everyone. They get perfume and every time you see them they smell good. My personal pick was the Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet. . .just saying.

I'm wishing all of you a very merry Christmas~ 

Ho ho ho. . .

Did I mention I was one of Santa's helpers?