3 Ingredient Sundae | The Healthy Edition

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Hello, you lovely, lovely lot~ I am so very sorry for my mini disappearance. . .I swear I don't plan these! I've been quite under the weather these past three days. Nothing, but cuddling more like rolling under the covers and pain meds (Darn you mother nature! Darn you!) for this little missy. But, if we're being honest here there's no better medicine than ice cream! 
So what better way to pick up my rhythm and blues than some homemade ice cream! Now I'm pretty sure you've all heard of it---the ol' banana 'ice cream' trick. But, oh how I swear by it---it really tastes like the real stuff! If you haven't boarded the banana boat the time is now~ FROZEN BANANAS = ICE CREAM! Glorious, glorious ice cream. And, how happy your tummy will be when I tell you this little recipe only takes three ingredients~ Yes, my little ice cream loves your ears haven't deceived you. Three ingredients. Did I mention there's peanut butter?   

-3 bananas
-2 Tablespoons of peanut butter
-Toppings (some friendly suggestions: pistachios, drizzle of chocolate syrup, sprinkles, the possibilities are just ENDLESS!) 


1. Slice your bananas and place them on a plate or tray in the freezer over night or for at least thirty minutes if you just can't possibly wait (I don't blame you!) 

2. In a blender place your bananas and peanut butter and blend them together. Stop your blender every couple of minutes so you don't burn out your poor blender. Bananas are thick, man! 

3. Add your toppings and enjoy your guilt free sundae~ 

Can you believe that's it?! Me neither. By the way don't let my photo deceive you! I'm pretty disappointed in it myself, but there's so many snaps you can take before your ice cream becomes a sad puddle. This was captured mid melt and I honestly couldn't wait any longer to get my hands on to this sweet treat. Forgive me! But, I promise you this recipe is fool proof to get you some creamy guilt free ice cream in no time!  

Do you have any guilt free recipes that you know? Because, I'm itching to get back into the kitchen to try them! This sweet tooth knows no mercy~

DIY Summer Scrub | The Pintrest Experiment

Friday, June 26, 2015

Let the Pintrest experiments begin! Grab your weapons, run for cover, and don't forget to fight for your lives my dears~ Last one standing alive WINS! 3. . .2. . .1----Oh, this isn't the Hunger Games? Well, thank God for a second there I thought I had to kill one of you. Quite frankly I'm relieved I mean if I spilled any blood I wouldn't know what to do---blog designs don't grown on trees you know?! Anyways now that we know that our blood is in no jeopardy of spilling (pinky promise!)---- Welcome to the Pintrest experiments~ 

Now, if you are wondering what in the bloody hell is that and why does she say bloody a lot well you've come to the right place. The Pintrest Experiment is a new series that I've decided to start on this little ol' space of mine. We've all been guilty of spending far too many hours endlessly scrolling through the vast universe of Pintrest pinning away fancy DIYs, beauty tips, and mouthwatering recipes that look too good to be real. If you haven't check it out here---you'll thank me later~ But, how many of us have really put these pins to the test? Hence the Pintrest experiments idea was born where I a brave blogger will conduct these treacherous tests for your enjoyment! Oh, and if you were wondering about the question of the latter. I can answer that question in two words. English wannabe. Sadly, I'm American~

Now, that we've got introductions out of the way let's talk about this summer scrub! I know everyone's crazy about taking care of their skin in the winter months, but in my opinion our skin is in need of extra lovin' all year round. So when I stumbled upon this easy DIY scrub I thought why the heck not?! 

-1/4 cup coconut oil
-1 cup sugar
-Few drops of scented essential oil (I used chamomile!) 
- 1-2 drops red food coloring (OR any color you prefer!) 
-Mason Jar

- Ribbon or string to decorate~


1.  Microwave your coconut oil for approximately 30 seconds until melted/warm

2. In a mixing bowl pour both your sugar and coconut oil and mix until you get a 'grainy' consistency

3. Add food coloring and mix until you get desired color (TIP: Add one drop at a time!)

4. Pack your pretty scrub in a cute mason jar

5. Optional: Tie a ribbon around your jar to add a cute touch!

View original recipe here!

When making this scrub I really didn't walk in expecting much,but boy was I wrong! This DIY scrub exfoliates like nobody's business leaving your skin smooth and soft~ I was afraid the sugar was going to leave my skin sticky, but nope none of that sticky business over here! Plus the essential oil really makes it really feel as if it's store bought. I chose chamomile as I'm beginning to feel not too hot lately so the calming and comforting scent of chamomile is just perfect. But, feel free to use any scent you like. I'd imagine grapefruit or strawberry would smell amazing as well as be a perfect addition for the summer! 

The only thing I would be concerned about is using this as a face exfoliator. I have extremely sensitive skin so I'm especially wary of what I put on my face. So face exfoliator---definitely thumbs down from me. Body exfoliator---yesssss! 

I hope all you lovelies enjoyed this little experiment with me and make your own adorable summer scrub~ I also hope you enjoyed this new little series and even more I hope I made you chuckle even if it was just a little bit~

White Out

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Let me start off by saying these sandals are da BOMB. Don't ask why I just said "da" and "bomb" just now, but these are the only words I can think of to describe these shoes. Or maybe I'm just watching too many 70's movies, but that's besides the point! I've been a sucker for white lately and when I spotted these babies in Traffic (don't worry that's the shop's name---I don't think I'd be lucky enough to find a pair of beauts like this while sitting on the interstate during rush hour) well let's just say it was love at first sight~

If I wasn't cool before I'm definitely cool now. 99% of the shoes I own are black so these all white sandals totally caught my eye. The white wash gives these sandals a retro feel that I just couldn't resist. The cut outs give them an edginess. The little gold brass clasps and chunky heel just sealed the deal~

Do you have any shoes that make you feel like a cool cat?

I hope you all don't mind the bite size post today! Don't worry I'll be seeing you lovelies very soon and hopefully with a new series *hint* *hint*

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Shimmer | Milani Eyeshadows

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Pretty not to mention sparkly eyeshadows are many of the many few things I simply can not resist~ Which is why an innocent stroll through the beauty aisle while I in all reality should be grocery shopping is dangerous. But, hey who could say no to these beautiful eyeshadow pots by Milani?! They're just too dang pretty for their own good~ Okay, okay maybe I'm just making excuses for myself---but, hey a little reward here and there never hurt anyone!

So first comes first serve is the packaging. Two words. Bloody gorgeous. Milani's whole makeup line is Italian inspired and for a drugstore brand the packaging feels quite prestigious. The pretty gold eyeshadow pots are not only eyecatching, but can easily be thrown in your handbag if you're in any need of touch ups throughout the day~

Now of course packaging isn't everything. The most important thing is what lies inside the packaging. I chose the two shades Bella Ivory and Bella Rose. Bella Ivory is a very soft neutral ivory. The champagne eyeshadow has a satin matte finish with a subtle shimmer which is perfect when you're trying to create a more natural subtle eyeshadow look. I've used this almost everyday for the past couple weeks and the color pay off is amazing~

I definitely felt a little bit more daring when picking out Bella Rose. But, look at all that sparkle! Bella Rose is a romantic light pink and is absolutely gorgeous if you're trying to glam up your eyeshadow. The shimmer just adds that extra sparkle to your eyes~ 

Now what's really interesting about these eyeshadow pots is they aren't your typical powdery eyeshadow. The formula of these shadows are gel powder. According to the company's website the eyeshadow starts as a gel, but then is pressed into a powder to develop a stunning multidimensional effect. Sound familiar? *coughs* MAC's Extra Dimension Eyeshadows *coughs* I feel a dupe coming on~ 

Overall, these stunning eyeshadows deliver a gorgeous iridescent finish and for $3.99 a pop who am I to say no?! Time to collect all these babies~ 

What's your favorite drugstore eyeshadow? 

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Miss Manga | Mascara Review

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Experimenting with different mascara never gets old. If a little black tube is going to promise longer, thicker, and luscious lashes that will flutter me to the moon and back there's no doubt that baby is going in my shopping basket. Although I have already found my it mascara---Tarte's lights, camera, flashes (a.k.a. the ultimate mascara of all time---read my review here)---it definitely is not in the budget to fork over 20 bucks every time I was in desperate need for a new tube. So it was back to the drawing board drug store for this little missy where things are conveniently more affordable~

After seeing the Miss Manga mascara by L'Oreal on commercials non-stop since the break started I knew I definitely wanted to give this mascara a go. The Miss Manga mascara is Japanese inspired and promises to give your eyes that doll like look which is often seen in Japanese manga as the girls are always drawn with a luscious and full set of lashes that help them appear very doll like, innocent, and very feminine. Hence the name Miss Manga.

"Hello, Miss Manga step into the world of oversized, over the top lash volume" 

I don't know about you, but all of that sounds good to me~
Color/Formula: This mascara comes in three shades: Brown, Black, and Blackest Black. I always tend to gravitate towards Blackest Black as I like to make my lashes as dark as possible as I feel like it creates an eye-opening effect and makes your eyes appear bigger than they really are. The formula of this mascara is very creamy and glides on the lashes with ease. I accidentally purchased the water proof formula (oops), but the good thing is no smudges here. My mascara stays in place all day without a smudge in sight~

Application: The brush of this mascara is quite unique as it is cone shaped. The brush is also designed to have 360 degrees flexibility to make application more easier as well as achieve that volumnized look. But, if I'm being honest here I found the brush to feel more flimsy instead of flexible so I could do without that part. I found myself re-applying various coats (I lost count) of mascara until I achieved the look I wanted. This is definitely something I was not a fan of.

The Look: This mascara does not lie and delivers on its word. My lashes did appear fuller and the volume this mascara gave me really blew me away. My eyes appeared bigger and lets be honest here who doesn't want perfect doll like lashes?

PROS: Fuller lashes, volumnizes, creates a cute and doll like look, long lasting, and very affordable ($5.99 at certain drug stores and retails for $7.99)!

CONS: Flimsy brush


Overall, while the application may be annoying at times due to the brush I really like this mascara. If you are patient this mascara really pays off with doll eye look~

Have you ever tried the Miss Manga mascara out? What are your thoughts?

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The Picnic

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Summer is literally right around the corner. Five days to be exact! Although, in Florida its felt like summer months ago with the sun beating us Floridians down without an ounce of mercy and has me flocking to the AC like there's no tomorrow. But, it's nice to finally make it official and what better way to celebrate than having a summer picnic~

Surprisingly, this is actually my first ever picnic and let me tell you picnics are tricky business~ You know what I'll tell you what I've learning during this picnic adventure of mine. Grab a strawberry and help yourself to a cup of pink lemonade while you're at it. Actually stay away from the strawberries they were super sour! How could they look so good and be so bad?! Deceiving little strawberries! Anyways back to Sylvia's picnic tips~ Yes, I just referred to myself in third person. Yes, you may roll your eyes. 

1. Beware of the FIRE ANTS! They are everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE~ 
Mr. Ant last time I checked you did not receive an invitation to this picnic

2. You see that nice lake and lush green grass? Yeah, there's probably ants there too. . .RUN! 

3. Bring napkins and LOTS of them~

4. Fresh fruit is the absolute BEST at picnics. Especially blackberries! 

5. Don't wear a dress on a windy day. . .you will regret it immensely. Trust me. 
(This tip applies to life in general~ Gotta help my ladies out!)

Although my sisters and I ended up relocating (several times) we ended up having a lovely time preparing this picnic and being together~ I hope you all enjoyed this light hearted post and that all of you are enjoying the summer~

Have you ever had a picnic adventure? 

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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Has this blog gotten entirely girly lately? Sorry I'm not sorry. It just can't be helped. Speaking of girly this bloody gorgeous pair of dusty rose shorts is as girly as it gets. Can you believe I found these beauts abandoned on the sale rack for less than a tenner. Honestly these type of things need to happen more often, because it gives us girls all types of feels when the sale rack has a gem like this~

I know pink isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I honestly think you just need to find your right shade of pink that suits you. Yeah, that's right you heard me. Your ears have not deceived you. There's a shade of pink out there somewhere looking for YOU. Speaking of shades of pink I think these shorts are the most beautiful dusty pink rose I've ever laid my eyes on. Its not only the color I like---its well just about everything~ The material of these shorts are lightweight, but somehow still maintain this luxurious feel to them. Oh, and don't get me started on the on the adorable pleats which make these shorts 100 times cuter than they already were. I suppose you can say I'm in pink heaven. 

FUN FACT: I actually used to detest the color pink and was strictly a monochrome gal. But, when pastels entered my life there was no turning back~

What do you think of the color pink? Do you have any pink pieces in your wardrobe? 
Well I think I have said the word pink enough for today! Until next time my, loves~

Pure Vanity

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Pure Vanity


Anything that contains lace, frills, or even remotely holds a sprinkle of elegance has already won my heart and will soon be living in my closet for all eternity. What can I say I'm a sucker for the romantic look? But, alas I am sad to say not many shops carry such clothing. So above you is just a sneak peak of my absolute dream closet.

Our Majesty Blouse: Can we all just take a moment to marvel at this high neckline. I mean look at the intricate flower detail. The breathtaking lace. The scalloped finish. Everything about this is bloody GORGEOUS~  All there is left to say is I NEED this in my life as soon as possible. Pretty please with a cherry on top~

Baby Doll Skirt: This skirt is simply made of dreams~ I especially love the sheer trim at the bottom and the fullness of this skirt. It screams "sophisticated princess". Well if skirts actually did scream such things it would be rather alarming, but you get what I mean.

Lacy Dreams High Knee Socks: Look at those frills! Need I say more?

Love Spell Oxfords: These pastel pink oxfords seem fit for a princess~ Aren't they just an absolute dream to look at?

*All above names for the clothing are completely fictional and made up by the wannabe future fashion designer (*ahem* me) and the author of this post (*ahem* also me~). Unfortunately no links were found for these breathtakingly gorgeous pieces of clothing. A moment of silence please. 

Do you all have a dream closet? I'd be interested to hear about it, because sometimes I feel like I will never achieve my dream closet unless I walk the streets of France or some other unknown city with beautiful clothing. Well until then I suppose pintrest will do for now~

Speaking of Pintrest check mine out if you have time! You especially need to check out my food board because. . .Oh. My. God. Those are the only words I have for it~ Well until next time my, loves~

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Blippo | The Kawaii Review + Giveaway

Monday, June 8, 2015

Cute things. My one sole weakness and sworn enemy to my wallet. So you can only imagine when Blippo too kindly sent me a few of their items I was over the moon. I mean who can say no to such kawaiiness?! Okay, okay enough with the jibber jabber and off to the review we go~

Rilakkuma Rice Crackers: Let me start off by saying I have never had rice crackers before and it is safe to say I am ADDICTED~ Crunchy. Salty. Cute. What more could I ask for in a snack?! I'm munching on these adorable rice crackers as we speak and the only thing that saddens me is that I'm on my last pack *sobs* Time to order some more of these little babies~

Oh, yeah and look at the adorable Rilakkuma and his friends~ I don't think I can bear to throw the packaging away!

Hello Kitty Beauty Scissors: These Hello Kitty scissors are your nails best friends. The curved blade helps with precision and the bow---well that's just there to make these scissors EXTRA adorable~
Puccho Chewy Gummy Candy: I am a candy fanatic---by that I mean I might or might not have the biggest sweet tooth in the whole world. When I popped one of these in my mouth I was really surprised at how different Japanese candy is from American candy. This candy was very chewy and milky (if that makes any sense) while American candy tends to be more soft and packed with SUGAR. I really did love the contrast and the grapefruit chews were surprisingly very refreshing. I can't wait to try out more flavors~
I also think the little green man on the packaging is so cute and I just want to keep him in my pocket~ Do you think you can spot him in the picture?
BK Glow In The Dark Nail Polish: Have you ever heard of glow in the dark nail polish? Well neither have I until this little baby arrived in my life~ I feel like my nails are ready and spaced out~ Another thing that really surprised me about this product is that I've been wearing this nail polish for almost a week now and not a single chip! Um yes please I'll have a hundred~
Oh and if there's a power outage my nails will be ready. Nails lead the way~
If you are interested in checking out this kawaii fest you can check out the Blippo shop here~

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Included in this kawaii giveaway are the following prizes:
Hello Kitty Beauty Scissors
Pocky Chocolate Biscuts
Heart Shaped Macaroon Phone Charm

Thank you so much for reading, cuties! See you soon~

The Disappearing Act

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Hello my lovelies~
I've pulled quite the disappearing act haven't I? I've felt like quite the hermit crab these past two months without all of you. Two months. Geese Louise. Where did all the time go? Loves, I wish I could say I took a long vacation on paradise island sipping on tropical smoothies topped with those cute little umbrellas. I swear I've said this very same sentence before and now I'm feeling like quite the slacker, but I swear its far from that actually. Between drowning in school work, 21 credits (21 credits= 7 classes) to be approximate and seeing yet another one of my dreams drift away from  my forever outstretched fingertips it has been quite the rough ride for this little sailor. As many of you know---that is if you remember my name---I have rambled quite a bit on here about me moving away to university. That is no longer the case.

While the university accepted me with "open arms" (Please note those quotation marks were not put there by mistake!) they requested me to do an additional two years worth of classes. They hardly accepted any of my transfer credits claiming that "my institution was not up to par to their academic rigor". It was an absolute joke especially when the classes were the exact same courses give or take the course title may have been worded a bit more eloquently, but if we're solely discussing academic rigor and content here my classes not only are an equal match, but I would beg to differ they surpass what I have seen after making several visits to this university. Not to mention my current professor graduated from their institution and was now teaching me. Maybe this fact is laugh worthy now after being told my professors didn't have the "credentials" to teach. . .well now then if you say so yourself that says quite a bit about their university doesn't it?

I'm top of my class. Never scored less than an A in any course. Highly ambitious. I pour nothing, but my best in everything I do. . .so to be told by a university official maybe through it all I was not the best candidate, that it may not be in my best interest to pursue their university any longer, that the education I have received was a joke---it is an understatement to say it was a mere slap to the face. Please note that I say none of this to brag, but to make my case. It took my everything not to cy in front of this man, but to look him in the eye and tell him I and I alone know what is in my best interest. To be told everything I've worked for---the endless hours I've spent---the very blood and sweat I put in what I do---was nothing---not even that, but something that wouldn't even be acknowledged was nothing short of devastating.

I won't lie I cried the second I felt no careful eyes were watching me---in a vast building. The ceiling towering upwards. The words welcome written in grand letters at the universities entrance now mocking me. I cried once again when the dean of the school called as I made a great big fuss about fighting my case---oh I wasn't going down without a fight. But, after waiting endless weeks I found myself crying once again when I received an e-mail with the universities final decision. I suppose an e-mail made it feel less real, but it didn't take long for the reality of their distant words to sink into my reality.

I had two choices. Go to the university I've dreamed of entering since my highschool days. The catch 22 here was that I was wasting two years re-taking courses I've already taken, but not only that during this time I wouldn't truly be studying what I've always wanted, but yet again pouring my heart into something that I never wanted to begin with. Of course there was another choice. There's always an or isn't there? This or of course was to stay where I am---to continue you my education at home and complete my degree in a year. While this may not sound like the end of the world to many of you it truly hurt me in a way I can't begin to explain. You see I had finally gotten the guts to leave home. Before it really was never an option. I had struggled with anxiety for reasons that I'm not ready to mention and often it feels like I never will, but it truly was my cage. And to finally break free from its cage---or at the very least be brave enough to flutter out---and be thrown right back in for reasons that are out of my control was absolutely heart wrenching. . .

At that time I felt a lot like Sisyphus which I feel like all of us have felt like him at one point of our lives or another. If you are not familiar with the tale of Sisyphus he is a well known figure in Greek mythology and often discussed in philosophy. If you have never heard the tale let me enlighten you as it is an interesting one to say the least. Sisyphus as legend states was a man that defied the gods. He never wanted man to suffer death so instead of following his fate he captured Death and put him in chains. I assure you this is not the part I relate to and if it were I would have quite a bit of questions to answer wouldn't I? Now the next part may seem a bit more relatable. The gods were angered by Sisyphus and they set to punish him so he could pay for his unforbidden defiance. But, instead of killing him, they sentenced him to something much worst than death. Sisyphus for all eternity would be deemed to push a boulder up a steep hill for all eternity. Each night that Sisyphus finally reached the top of the hill the boulder would fall down to the very bottom where he had started. Each day he would push that very boulder to find it fall back down. No matter how hard he pushed. No matter how much strength. No matter his endurance this absurd task ended all the same.

Now you are probably wondering why I've told you such a bitter tale. I promise you by no means will I leave you with such a sour taste in your mouth. I promise you Mr. Sisyphus does have a place in all of this. Allow me to shed some light. I really haven't allowed myself to truly think about any of this until just now and I pray that none of you read this thinking I am bitter because I am far, far, from that actually. I truly am a believer that everything happens for a reason. I as I stated before can only be the one who can decide what is in my best interest. This statement rings true. I have the choice to wallow about this or keep my head held up high and I have chosen the latter. I really have been selling myself short this whole time. There are so many opportunities all around me and to be blind to this would be such a shame. I am still young. There are so many other universities---greater and grander ones and I am now laughing at myself thinking I was going to settle for such a university. A dream may have drifted away, but in its place a more beautiful one was born and I can not be anymore grateful for this. My heart may be filled with uncertainty, but I know God guides me.
It is not about Sisyphus's absurd task of pushing the boulder up the hill---it is not about the absurd task at hand---but instead it is about the thoughts he had while he went down the hill. Maybe the things that happened to him were completely out of his control, but he in deed had control under one thing and that one thing alone changes everything. That very thing is how he thought. We choose our happiness or our sadness. I have chosen and I hope everyone realizes they have this very same power inside of them as well. To choose. I have not given up.
While this post has certainly is long enough and I by no means am not trying to write a novel here, but I have discovered yet another thing while I was away and that is how much I truly have missed all of you. It feels silly saying this, but I open up here more than I have ever opened up to anyone in person. Most of you don't even know my name or have an entire earth's idea who the heck I am, but that don't matter mama just loves you all the same~

Oh my did I just say mama? Oh well it couldn't be helped it just felt like the right thing to say~ I can't wait to get back on the blogging boat and for real this time. There's nothing going to get in my way I swear this time! Triple pinky promises~ Cross my heart and hope to die! Now enough with all this deep philosophy talk---I've definitely got some plans up these sleeves (or should I say straps because holy mama if I wore sleeves up in here I would be a puddle before you could sneeze!) which may or may not involve girly cutesy things that want to make you gouge your eyes out. I also may or may not have a super kawaii review coming up super soon. *wink wink*
Okay, I swear I'll shutup now! Love you lots and see you super soon~
p.s. Okay I know I'm not shutting the up yet, but let me just tell you one thing about those flowers in my hair. Lets just say wearing flowers on your head is no easy task and it took a million zillion shots until the monster on my head a.k.a. my hair decided to listen to me.
Only in a blogger's life~