Lacey Day Dreams

Monday, May 15, 2017

Why hello there flower buds. I'm baaaaaaaack and I have not come empty handed. 
Look at these barrettes! Aren't they just the prettiest little things? The DAINTY straps. The GORGEOUS lace. The BEAUTIFUL scallop detail. My little heart couldn't take it so I just had to grab two while I could. I got one in nude-blush and the other in baby blue. They are just absolutely lovely and if you haven't jumped on the bralette band wagon I can't recommend it enough to all of you. 

Lacey day dreams for days~ 

Did you get my pun? Did you get my pun? 
I think I'm so clever. . .

I hope you flowers had a lovely Sunday and Mother's Day~ Tell your mama's you love them and spoil her rotten you hear me. 

Until we meet again flower. . .

keep on growing. 

p.s. If you were wondering where I picked up these little beauties I got them at a shop called Pacsun. I'd definitely try going in person though as I picked these up for much cheaper than what they are advertising online. Just a heads up! Don't worry mama's looking out for you~ Let your lacey day dreams go wild~ 

2016 Favorites?!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Hello flower blossoms,

Did you miss me? Did you miss me? Did you miss me? That was entirely and shamelessly meant to be a Sherlock reference and if you my friend understood that reference we are soulmates. It's been a long time hasn't it? Long time no see is hardly fitting especially when my last post was titled Why I  Disappeared and then I ran off and disappeared on you lovely lot all over again. Shocker, I know. You flowers deserve better (if there are any of left out there that is), but you know me I can't stay away from you lot and I never stray too far from paper and pencil. 

Instead of bringing an excuse bag and a sack of promises I'll just be absolutely honest with you---I've been going through a bit of a hard time lately and when I say lately I mean for quite some time now and I won't lie to you guys---I've felt so lost lately and it's been absolutely scary and at times very exciting (oh, the ambivalent mind). My hands have went cold while I write this because the back of my head is screaming---Aren't you grateful? Aren't you grateful? Aren't you grateful? Once again that was entirely meant to be read in Moriarty's voice. Don't you just love me? I have a family that loves me. Parents that I absolutely adore and I believe are the most wonderful people. I have a body that is working---living. I have so much potential at my fingertips. I am BREATHING---but despite all this I feel this way.   Don't you absolutely love how I don't tell you how I'm feeling and remain completely ambiguous. I love that too. I really, really hope you read the last two previous sentences laced in sarcasm. I just do not understand how one soul can feel so grateful and cloaked in complete---I don't know what to call it! Perplexity? Anxiety? 

I know I wasn't incredibly open today, but I really wanted to talk to you lovely lot again so you must excuse my musings. Don't you worry about this cool cat she's got God and a head full of ideas. She's going to make it through this. We are all going to make it through this---I'm talking about you, lovely.  We cannot tame the waves of the ocean, but we can steer our ship. 

Alas, here are a few (and by a few I mean a lot) things that have kept me sane in the year of 2016 and a part of 2017. Hopefully these little suggestions bring a little joy on your journey. If you are thinking---honey this is long past due. Well, honey---I don't care. Oh, the sass. The sass. Okay, I'll put the salt shaker down and get on with it. Before I forget don't forget to click on my face to watch my awkward, but charming bumblings.



Harry James Potter hasn't left my side since I was ten years old and I can't say I have any regrets~ Harry, Ron, Hermonie, and I go way back. Reading the oh too familiar tale eases this wary soul. Give me a cup of hot chocolate and the Sorcerer's Stone and you've got one happy camper. Give this happy  camper the illustrated version of Potter's adventures---you'll have one happy camper squealing like a five year old. Each page of this edition is absolutely GORGEOUS. Bless J.K. Rowling and Jim Kay's adorable magical souls because boy oh boy do I believe I am a wizard~ The muggle facade is getting kinda tiring. . .


If magical wardrobes and talking lions are your thing---C.S. Lewis is your man. C.S. Lewis has been one of my favorite writers for ages and guess what Lewis doesn't stop at talking lions and the biggest walk in closet you've ever set your eyes upon. The Chronicles of Narnia is actually 8 separate stories that are absolute pure magic. Don't forget to check out Lewis's apologetic work for a little life guidance. I swear Lewis does it all. Oh, and above all else do not forget about Mr. Tumnus because he's the absolute cutest. 


Haruki Murakami---man oh man does this man know how to write a twisted sick story. I'm not going to spoil this experience for you my friend. Just go read it. 


This would not be a Sylvia's favorites if I did not mention manga and this my friends is my favorite series of all time---I don't even know where to begin, guys---but, here we go anyways. Hold on babes~ Even the summary of this story is wild. Monster follows Kenzo Tenma---a successful surgeon who has life really going for him. Extremely passionate about saving lives the young doctor's career and life is at an all time high---about to be promoted to chief neurosurgeon, engaged to the hospital's director's beautiful daughter, and carried with high reverence and esteem by the hospital's staff and patients Dr. Tenma is soaring on cloud nine until he is framed for murder and is the police's primary suspect. Middle aged and childless couples continue to be murdered across Germany and the once deeply respected doctor is seen as nothing, but a deranged serial killer on the loose. If you thought the summary of this story was CRAZY---wait till you read it. This is easily one of my absolute favorites of all time~ 



I've had this little guy for about two years now and she comes everywhere with me (you can check out my review here if you'd like)---and I've got no complaints. With spring upon up this little bag is a great addition to any outfit and for Pete's sake guys it's a backpack. . .in the shape of a cat. What more do you want from life? WHAT. MORE. DO. YOU. WANT? 


My friends if I haven't happened to tell you just yet---writing is the epiphany to this wary soul. While a poet at heart I write just about anything and everything. Journaling keeps your home girl sane. 


I got these little beauties about this time last year during my study abroad trip to Italy and I found these GORGEOUS bracelets in a little Pa and Ma shop in Venice. Not only are these beautiful, but these bracelets hold a very special meaning to my heart---I gifted my mom and sisters a matching pair and ever since then I've called these bracelets my dream bracelets. Each speck of gold represents a dream---my mom, sisters, and I wearing these bracelets represents our support for one another and our beliefs that our dreams will come true one day. Pure magic, eh? Pure magic I tell you~ 
Did I mention they're gorgeous? 


Hey, listen~ Let's ignore that this game wasn't released in 2016 and neither was it mentioned in my video, but this game has your girl Sylvia shook. I am shook, guys. Sylvia is shook. Not only is this game beautiful, but it's beautifully addicting. Playing as the adorable resurrected warrior boy otherwise known as Link makes doing the most mundane of tasks fascinating. Who knew cooking could be so much fun? Forage ingredients from forests and create your own Hyrulian cuisine. I make a mean virtual mushroom pilaf~ Now if only cooking were as easy as throwing ingredients into a pot *dreamy sigh* If cooking isn't your thing---don't worry there's thousands of other adventures to embark on---and when I say thousands I mean thousands. Scale a mountain, go fairy hunting, go play hide and seek with the village children---the possibilities are endless. Don't forget to say hello to Paya (a.k.a. the cutest cinnamon roll to ever exist) just don't go around asking where her birthmark is. Everyone deserves a Paya in their life.



This foundation here is a little miracle in a bottle. Your girl here has tried a lot of foundations---MAC, Too Faced, Nars, Urban Decay, Benefit---and nothing has came close to comparing to Giorgio Armani. It creates a flawless base like nothing I've seen before and while definitely on the pricey side it's absolutely worth every penny. If you're looking for a foundation that gives you a flawless finish, but leaves your skin soft and dewy I'd definitely ask for a sample next time you're in Sephora to see how you feel about it. Definitely one of my all time favorite foundations.


If this isn't the cutest thing you've ever laid your eyes on then you are lying to yourself. This packaging. This lip balm. It doesn't get much berry than this.



My fellow friends there is no conundrum of choice when it comes to if one loves Sherlock---one just loves Sherlock. Elementary my dear Watson~ But, one may not understand how much I love the cinnamon roll that is Sherlock. The ego maniac is just too lovable. 

FUN FACT: Did you know Arthur Conan Doyle NEVER once wrote the famous Sherlock to say the famous phrase "Elementary my dear, Watson" in all 60 stories.  

                                                                                                                           art by gorrybear
91 DAYS 

Anime. My one dear sweet love---how I will never forsake you. Now if for one reason or another you have not yet discovered the amazing world that is anime---please step in my office for a moment I just want to talk. Joking aside the next two shows that I am about to share with you will change your life. The first show that I bring forth to you is 91 Days and honey---and I mean honey drop whatever you are doing and watch this show because this show has shooketh the heavens~ If you are wondering what the hooplah is about I'll tell you what the hooplah is about! 91 Days follows a young man---Angelo Lagusa. As a young boy he witnesses his entire family murdered by the mafia. Miraculously, Angelo escapes death's clutches, but Angelo cannot escape losing parts of his humanity alongside the death of his parents and his little brother. Angelo goes in hiding---hiding away from the  cruel reality that stole everything he loved living under the pen name Avillo until seven years later Angelo receives an anonymous and mysterious letter telling him the killers' names and the revenge he has lusted over the past seven years can finally become a reality. The storytelling---the art style---everything about this show is absolutely brilliant. I will leave it at that my friends and now it is up to you if you watch the greatest anime of all time or make a very bad unwarranted decision and ignore my well heeded advice. 

p.s. Angelo is the cutest boy you will ever lay your eyes on~ 


Guys, this show is life and I mean LIFE. This show has watered my crops, stocked my fridge, and have given my life meaning again. You think I'm kidding. . .but I'm not. Yuri On Ice as the title clearly suggests is about Yuri (a.k.a. the cutest cinnamon roll to ever walk the planet and bless the ice), a 23 year old Japanese professional figure skater who lacks confidence in his abilities and overall how he perceives himself as a living human being. Each time Yuri performs his anxieties and self doubt cause him to mess up his routines and he eventually finds himself in last place at the Grand Prix Final. Completely crushed and devastated about his defeat he goes back home to live with his parents and ponder about what is to happen to him, his future, and the dream he has desperately chased all these years. Wallowing in self pity Yuri decides to visit his childhood rink and skates a routine that is done by one of his idols---a world Russian champion Victor Nikiforov. Unbeknownst to Yuri his perfect performance is secretly recorded and posted online for the world to see. Not only has Yuri caught the world's attention, but he's caught the unsuspecting attention of Victor who decides to travel to Japan to become Yuri's coach. 

While many people have watched this show for the apple slices of romance, (don't get a girl wrong the love between Victor and Yuri has got this girl shook. The love is real, people. The love is REAL.) but the absolute rawness---the human nature that is captured in this show is absolutely moving and awe inspiring. I'm already looking into ice skating classes, guys. This is how inspired I've become. I have a new dream of becoming a sexy pork cutlet bowl on the ice. I'm not even kidding, guys. I'm not even talking about wanting to learn a few tricks I'm talking about wanting to learn how to become crazy good and I don't even know how to skate so we'll see how good this goes. I foresee some iceskating diaries in your near future. HINT. HINT. 

                                                                                                                   art by miyabau

"Sometimes it is the people no one can imagine anything of who do the things no one can imagine" 
Flowers if I could share one thing with you at all and for you walk away with something at all from this post it would be this quote by Alan Turing. This is my favorite quote of all all time---the first time I heard it there were tears streaming down my face and anytime I dare say it aloud my face will become a human waterfall and guess what---I'm okay with that! That's why I'm sharing this beautiful and powerful message with you folks, because I want you to know if you have a scary, beautiful dream believe in it---believe in yourself like your very life depends on it. If Alan Turing can save 21 million lives during World War II with the power of math you sure as heck can find the guts to follow your dreams. BELIEVE. IN. YOURSELF. 

p.s. If you are looking for some serious inspiration watch The Imitation Game and read Alan Turing's biography! Inspiration my friends are at our fingertips you don't have to know where to look you must simply change your perspective. Perspective is EVERYTHING. 


Is there any need for me to explain?

Well my babes this sums up what I have for you today. I hope I was able to help you discover something new and bring a little happiness to your day~

Until next time. . .

Keep growing flower.


Another Human | Why I Disappeared

Monday, September 5, 2016

Alas I am back and stating the obvious as always. I won't be surprised if I'm greeted back with swift who-the-hell-are-you-agains as I've been gone for about 1. . .2. . 3. . .oh yeah 6 months. Yup, six long months. Heck if you don't remember me I wouldn't blame you. . .but I remember all of you. I'm always disappearing on you aren't I? I kind of took an unannounced blogging break as I didn't feel all was well with me. You see I'm naturally an introspective being and once the stars misalign in my soul I find myself backing away from this place as I only want to create content that turn frowns into crowns that belong on their rightful owner's heads---that's you just so you know. Not only do I back away from here, but I find myself backing away from life entirely on this blind chase for answers that my mind cannot give me, but only a revelation that can grant a sigh of relief. I suppose my stars have been misaligned for quite some time now---something I didn't want to admit for ages. . .

I believe we're all introspective in one way or another, but I've been sitting upon this pile of broken stars for too long. You see I have these dreams just like all of you, but I can't help but wonder if the closest I'll ever get to them is the mere taste and glimpses I steal from my wild mind or. . .or if one day soon I'll have the guts to chase them in the fields of crazy daisies where dreams lie. Just thinking of the two inevitable outcomes drives me mad---but I finally found the messy words to the contents of my mind. While I was away don't think I gave up on this place---heck if I did that I wouldn't be here right now would I? My mama didn't raise no quitter. I just did some star gazing and some out there thinking and now I guess I'm just bringing it all to you. As long as you'd like to listen. I suppose the answers lies within the little piece I've written for all of you little humans out there who also feel their stars aren't as aligned as they should be. I hope this piece of writing and little ol' video of me finds you well. Although, your stars may feel scattered right now I swear that there's a field of daises just waiting for you nearby. Dreams can only begin on the ground and only then can they begin to reach for the sky~ 

Dear Me,

     It’s almost mid-January. . .February, March, April May, June, July and you’ve been trying to write this ever since December. Ever since your dainty daydreams became daring dreams that you are too afraid of. It’s mid January. . .February, March, April, May, June, July and everyone’s already long past written and maybe even abandoned their New Years Resolutions trying to fix or find a solution to this life---their life---weather it be shedding a few pounds to appear as if they have smaller bones or wearing the right lenses to see the roses a little better. Little wishes or big aspirations whispered to the sky’s ocean of stars all for one reason. . .to fill in the emptiness inside. It’s mid-January. . .February, March, April, May, June, July and you’re busying yourself thinking about all the time and hot water you’ve wasted on trying to find the right words and night baths. As if baby luke warm bath water webbed around your finger tips can wash away the universe and give you back time. But, miracles do not rest in the tick tock of the clock. . .but scared girls do. Because, you’re just a girl who’s afraid of the blade of her own mind when rather being afraid you should find the bravery to wield that very blade that makes the insides of you tremble to touch the universe in unforgettable ways.
     It’s mid-January. . .February, March, April, May, June, July and you’re still too busy looking for pretty words to explain the contents of your mind. Stop. Stop it right this instant! Your life cannot be found in a pool of ink on a poets pen and if the entirety of your life could be then it would be quite sad---because life shouldn’t be explained in words---life should leave you breathless and speechless as you desperately search for the loss of words to explain the beautiful unexplainable experiences we call life. And that will never happen if you are too busy using your heart as a star lit lantern looking for dreamy words instead of dreams to explain the attic stair cases of your extraordinary mind that make up the constellations scattered across the night skies.

     While we’re being over critical of ourselves and with justified reasons of course---it’s mid-January. . .February, March, April, May, June, July and you are too afraid to make a decision any decision for that fact---in fact you’re just a fraidy’ cat. You have so many dreams---so many beautiful dreams and I know you can’t see how we’re going to get there---how you’re going to get there---and I know that scares you senseless, but you are going to get there one day I swear. I don’t know how, when, or where, but I know it will happen as long as you believe. Believe like your very life depends on it, because for constellations sake your very dreams depends on every breath of belief. Believe like you only speak in the tongues of dreams mixed with strawberries and cream. Believe like you’re not lost no more. Believe like you’ve just arrived at the finish line for the unlost and the found. I can’t promise you won’t be afraid, but I can promise you will get there and that should be good enough for now.


With all the love

In the world,

Another Human

I'll see you soon
hopefully in the stars~ 

Kawaii Box | Review + GIVEAWAY

Sunday, February 7, 2016

*teleports back into the blogosphere*

Hi, worst blogger to ever exist reporting back. Yes, yes I know I owe you babes a lot of explaining. A. WHOLE. LOT. I pinky swears I'll tell you guys everything later~  Roger that. Please hold the tomato throwing and name calling to the end of the post and no flash photography, please---because it's about to get kawaii up in here~

The Kawaii Box folks have been so ever so kind with me to send me yet another Kawaii Box stuffed with the cutest goodies to share with you, babes~ If you're not familiar with Kawaii Box they are a monthly subscription box that delivers a little slice of kawaii straight to your doorstep. From adorable stationary to irresistible Japanese sweet treats there's literally a little something for everyone to enjoy. For just $17.30 a month it's a little hard to say no don't you think?

Well you may just change your mind after you see the adorable things that came in my own Kawaii Box. So off to the review we go~

2016 Desktop Calendar
This adorable calendar is sure to keep my procrastinating butt in line this semester. How can one not stay organize when they have adorable stationary and cute critters on their side~

Cute X-Mas Card Set
 Um is it really February already, because I swear it feels like December was just a breath away yesterday. Well no worries here this little snow man is wishing you babes a Merry Early Christmas from me to you. You can never be too early, right?

 X-Mas Puffy Stickers
Christmas and the holiday cheer might have already been swept under the rug, but these puffy stickers sure still look so darn cute~

Ice Skating Pen
This you guys may be the cutest pen I've ever owned. Writing is so much easier when your pen nis wearing cute shoes~

Nora Band Highlighters Set
Who knew highlighters look so much better with cute animals playing instruments. Little calico cats playing trumpets? I'll have a 100 please~

Squishy Charm
Stressed out? Squeeze this squishy and feel the stress melt away~

Strawberry Pocky
Two words. Strawberry. Pocky. Must I say anything else?

Fruity Hair Clips
While I feel like these hair clips would suit a little girl much better, but I'm not gonna lie I can't wait to wear the watermelon clip in my hair during the summer. Watermelon fever~

Bunny Pouch
Current this little bunny is perfect for holding all my bathroom essentials. You babes know how I am about bunnies---the more bunnies in my life the better~

Harijaku Bag Charm
If your bag needs a little spicing up this pastel charm will sure do the thing.

Peas In A Pod Plush
Unzip that little pod and you'll find the cutest little trio of peas smiling back at you~

I hope the cuteness of this post didn't kill you just yet, because you babes can probably guess what I'm going to say next. I'll give you a hint it starts with a 'G'. If you guessed giveaway you babe are absolutely correct and I'm so excited to announce that Kawaii Box offered to give one of you lovelies a Kawaii Box of your own~

Entering the contest is super easy! All what you cuties have to do is enter your e-mail address in the rafflecopter gadget below then BAM before you know it you've entered to win some kawaii goodness of your own. There's also additional ways to gain more entries if you'd like to increase your chance at winning, but those are completely optional so don't feel pressured to do them if you don't want to! You could always follow your girl here to help a sister out though *wink* *wink* But, I'll love you babes regardless whatever you do~

If you're interested in checking out Kawaii Box for yourself you can always check them out here.

Good luck babes~

p.s. I promise I'll explain my "mini" disappearance in the next upcoming post, but until then babes---stay lovely and do well today.

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Stocking Stuffers | A Guide For Her

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Stocking Stuffers | A Guide For Her


Just as promised a gift guide for any babe in your life. You didn't think I'd abandon you did you? Whether it's a gift for the sweetest of best friends or even your darling little mama there's a perfect gift for any of the gals you know. Need a little help? Well look no further---Sylvia to the rescue! These sweet stocking stuffers are sure to wow any babe~

♡Ted Baker Hand Bag
This precious hand bag is sure to take any babe's breath away. The delicate rose gold details is just the icing on the cake---or should I say bow? 

♡Faux Fur Throw Pillow
This darling pillow would make a lovely addition to anyone's room. I mean look at how lush it is! 

♡Pocket Mirror
The gold detailing on this little pocket mirror makes it so precious~ And, let's be serious what girl doesn't find these things useful? These little babies are great when it comes to touch ups through out the day and they're just cute, okay? 

♡Sonia Kashuk Eyeshadow Quad
Two words. Sparkly eyeshadow. 

♡Bunny Phone Holder
This sweet little bunny just wants to give your phone a little cozy place to sleep. Hey, if I was tiny enough I wouldn't mind snuggling up in this sweet little plush bunny either~ 

Well, babes that sums up this little gift guide. I hope you babes have the merriest Christmas~ 

Stay cozy. 

Stocking Stuffers | A Guide For Him

Thursday, December 24, 2015

stocking stuffers | A Guide For Him


With Christmas a mere day away many of us are already wrapping our gifts for our dear loved ones in pretty gift wrap and adding sparkly bows---but there may be a few stray babes wandering the shops still looking for that perfect gift for that special someone in their life. Well, worry no more because this gift guide is for YOU!

First, and foremost missy or mister don't get bummed out! There's a perfect gift for everyone and you're going to find it so you can let go of that unnecessary stress and breathe now! Men are typically pretty hard to sop for and it's not their fault either! There's a pretty limited selection to begin with especially if you're following marketing trends. You've got countless commercials screaming at you that every man wants a new video game or another bow tie that he probably won't wear until next year. And while video games and bow ties are great you may be looking around for something a little bit more special which is why yours truly has scoured the internet land for the sweetest stocking stuffers I could find to give you a little helping hand~

Let your special mister rock out to his favorite jams on this gorgeous vintage Marshall speakers. Not only do they sound nice , but they'll make a lovely addition to his room.

Do you have a Potter fan on your hands? The beautiful illustrated pages might swoop him away in nostalgia in the good ol' wizarding world of Harry Potter.

You can never go wrong with chocolates---especially this GIANT Ferrero Rocher~ He'll be in chocolate bliss for days~

Not only is this watch elegant, but the unique wood finish is stunning and one of a kind. Don't be surprised if he never takes it off.

This camera may be small, but boy does it pack a punch. This little guy will capture all his precious memories in a flash. Water & weather proof. No wonder they say good things come in small packages~

See, babes I totally have your backs~ I hope you snow angels get your last minute Christmas shopping done and don't you sweat it for a minute! I'm sure whatever you got your mister is perfect! Heck showering him with kisses is the perfect gift! This girl over here is still taking her sweet ol' time in single town so I may not be the most credible source, but I sure do want to help my babes out! Stay tuned a girl's guide is coming your way shortly~

Until then stay cozy and merry~

25 Things To Do Before Christmas | A Procrastinator's Guide

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

I swear that I've blinked December away. December 1st---blink---December 25th. What? When? Where---and how did this happen?! Before I know it I'll blink and be 25 raising 9.5 cat babies~ But, that's another story for another time! This is a little Christmas guide for any procrastinators like myself out there. Oh, you procrastinators---my people let's be real here are we really procrastinators? I think time just has a little thing against us. Is it really our fault that the internet and cats were invented---I mean there should be some liability warning you should sign, because once those two things enter your life kiss your work and responsibility goodbye~

I kid, kid~ We might be procrastinators, but we definitely have the Christmas spirit---cozy cardigans, hot chocolate, last minute Christmas shopping, and stealing a gingerbread man or two on the way. Bring forth the Christmas cheer and merriment! 

25 Things To Do This Christmas 

♡ Do Last Minute Christmas Shopping 
 With Christmas a few mere days away it can only mean one thing---last minute Christmas shopping. Stay away from online shopping and slip into your comfiest boots to hit up some of the local shops for the day. You'd be surprised, but here are still some hidden gems just waiting to be picked up for your loved ones. Well what are you waiting for? Hurry and get to it~ 

♡Drink Hot Chocolate  
Whether you make it at home or you have your barista whip up your favorite concoction---hot chocolate is simply a must have during this time of the year. Don't forget the whipped cream and cute marshmallows. 

♡Decorate A Gingerbread House 
With all the cute gingerbread house kits around you literally have no excuse. My family and I are making our first gingerbread house ever on Christmas Eve---I'm equipped with an icing bag and gum drops. No one can stop me now~ 

♡Be A Secret Christmas Elf 
There's no better feeling than helping your loved ones or even a stranger in need. Spruce up your roommates room, bake some sweets for a friend, or pay for someone's coffee. There's a whole lot of little things we can do that spread a whole LOT of Christmas cheer. It's the little things, right? 

♡Cuddle Up In Cozy Blankets + Christmas Pajamas 
After all that shopping and spreading the Christmas cheer you deserve to take it easy. Netflix and hot cocoa anyone? 

♡Visit Your Local Church 
It's easy to get swept up in the holiday chaos, but we shouldn't forget what Christmas is all about---JESUS~ 

♡Make A Gingerbread Scrub 
Still looking for a few last minute gifts? This cute holiday themed sugar scrub would make an adorable gift or a great little treat to yourself~ 

♡Host A Christmas Movie Party 
Nothing says Christmas more than a Christmas movie marathon cuddled up in your favorite pajamas with your closest friends~ Bring out the hot chocolate and holiday sweets and make a party out of it! I pinky promise it will be a hit~ Having trouble thinking of a theme? Check out this sweet get up and this movie list for some ideas. 

♡Christmas Coloring 
Call me childish or a kid at heart, but if you're having trouble getting in the Christmas spirit why not grab some art supplies and color that stress away. With this adult coloring craze there's limitless options to choose from. This Harry Potter coloring book is my favorite~ Don't have any extra money to spare? Check out these free coloring sheets

♡Wrap Up Presents
Tearing away at gift wrap may just be the best part about opening presents. There's so many cute gift wrap options at the store, but if gift wrap isn't your cup of tea there's so many different tutorials on how to make your own which are just as special! 

♡Get A Christmas Manicure 
Perk up, butter cup with a little Christmas manicure! You can treat yourself to the salon or get your home girls together and make a night out of it. Chat the night away about holiday plans and give each other the perfect manicure. Need some nail art ideas? Here are a few just to get you started. Whatever you decide to do your nail beds will be singing with the Christmas spirit! 

♡Make Reindeer Chow 
Whether it's for the reindeers outside or for your own tummy---this reindeer chow will make any tummy happy. 

 ♡Decorate For The Holidays 
A little late on decorating this year? Like way, way late? Well it's better late than never---here's some quick home decor ideas to make your home feel a little more festive. 

♡Make Homemade Ornaments 
Speaking of decorating---is your Christmas tree missing a little something? Why not have a go at making some special homemade ornaments. These cookie cutter ornaments are adorable and super easy to make! 

♡Eat Rudolph Pancakes
These pancakes are just too adorable to resist! I'll have 20 please~ 

♡Write A Letter To Santa
No one is too old to write a letter to Santa. Maybe leave it out to give some loved ones a few hints. . .no list ever hurt no one! Well maybe the hit list. . .

♡Look At Christmas Lights 
Take a drive around your neighborhood with family and friends to ooo and ahhh at the pretty Christmas lights. If your neighborhood hasn't embraced the Christmas spirit take a stroll around downtown to gaze at the lights and decorations. Don't forget to snap a photo or two to keep for memory lane! 

♡Watch The Polar Express 
I don't care if you've watched this movie a million times you're going to watch it again and again and again

♡Go To The Nutcracker 
Seeing a live performance of the Nutcracker is supposed to be magical or at least I hear! Take your Christmas sweetheart or even whisk your best friend away to create a magical memory. 

♡Write Christmas Letters
One of my favorite parts of Christmas is making Christmas cards---writing sweet heart warming messages for your loved ones will most definitely give you the warm fuzzies. Accompanied with the perfect and thoughtful gift you'll definitely be giving yourself a pat on the back this season.
Write away I say~

♡Read A Christmas Story By The Fire Place
Have any kiddos around? Siblings? Nieces or nephews? Or maybe kids of your own? Reading them a little Christmas story by the fire place or cuddled up on the couch might be one of the most magical things you do this whole year. Seeing their eyes light up in wonderment is priceless. I recommend the good ol' classic Twas The Night Before Christmas

♡Give Those In Need
One of the best ways to spread Christmas cheer is donating to those in need. There are so many food and toy drives going around this time of year. You could be the reason someone smiles this holiday season. 

♡Listen To Christmas Music 
Fill your house with Christmas cheers with some good ol' Christmas carols. Rock out to jingle bells and Rudolph the red nosed reindeer and before you know it you'll be as excited as a kid on Christmas Eve. Here's a list of some good ol' classics to get your Christmas groove on~

♡Bake Christmas Cookies For Santa
Don't forget about jolly Saint Nick and bake him your best cookies. Don't worry---no one will judge you if you steal one or two for yourself~ 

♡Have A Mery Jolly Christmas
Must I explain? 

I hope you snow babes enjoyed this post and I was able to inspire you to get some last minute Christmas things checked off your list~ And, don't worry I checked you're on the good list. Santa said he'll let that one thing go so you don't have to sweat it no more, okay. Sending you babes so much love and peppermint bark your way this Christmas~