August Wishlist

Sunday, August 30, 2015

August Wishlist


August began with wanderlust wishes so I thought I would end it the same way~
Fall is slowly falling upon us (pun intended~) and I couldn't be more excited! Seasonal drinks and pumpkin spice. Sweater and cuddle weather. The winds breaths are shallow and everyone's soul feels less hallow. I don't know about you, but I just can't wait! But, before August completely leaves us why not throw a few more wishes in the wind? 

If a passport holder could make a girl cry---this one would do the trick~ Although, I haven't made any official announcements yours truly is studying abroad next summer in bellissimo Italy! This passport holder took the words right out of my mouth---I'm outta here~ 

Can a bag be anymore purrrfect?! This little bag just meowed itself right into my soul---which is probably why it is being express shipped to my house in the next couple of days. 
Sorry I'm not sorry. 

This foundation entered the beauty cult world not too long ago and for good reason too! I've heard nothing but it's flawless satin finish and doll like complexion that you can achieve with this heavenly bottle. 
Yes, yes, and yes. 

For a girl who thoroughly dislikes tea---I oddly have a utter obsession with pretty teacups. Fairy angels could bathe in this little teacup~ 

Other than my pretty teacup obsession---Tsum tsums are just my LIFE. These squishy collectible Disney characters basically define what adorable is. Sweet little Bambi is next on my to buy list~ 

Here's to a month of wishes and many more months to wishes coming true. 

What are your August wishes? 


Five Simple Ways To Change Your Life

Thursday, August 27, 2015

What if I told you that ten years from now your life would be exactly the same? Would you be happy? Would your heart be drowning in happiness or the sorrowfulness of regret? Do you find yourself leaning towards the latter (If you don't---girl tell me your secrets~)? Well I even have a bigger question to ask---why do we allow ourselves to regret when we have the choice to LIVE. Why do we struggle to change when we fear that very same remorse? Why do we let time trickle through our fingers as if it was mere sand when in fact we are letting parts of our soul slip by?

Dear dreamer, if you've asked yourself these questions before I may have the answers. It is quite simple really---we all have fallen into a trap. A trap of contentment, a trap of comfortableness, and last but not least a fear of change. At some point in our lives we stopped moving forward and instead we sit at a standstill with a conflicted peacefulness. Whether you have fallen into one of these traps or all three do not fear dreamer, because it is never too late to change---even if we must tiptoe to get there. In gentle ways you can shake and change the world.

Whah, whoa Sylvia I thought you said simple? Well how does 20 minutes sound? Steve Pavlina may have discovered how to answer a question that usually takes us a life time to find right this very moment---that is if you wish to do so. His secret? Follow these three simple steps and you can be one step closer to making all your dreams come true. Seriously, it works. Don't believe me well then why don't you try it out for yourself.

How To Find Your True Purpose In 20 Minutes

1. Take out a blank piece of paper and write across the top:
"What is my true purpose in life?"

2. Write the very first answer that comes to mind

3. Repeat step two until your answer makes you cry

Whichever answer makes you cry is your true purpose.

Okay, honey let me break this to you as easy as possible---you only have one body, one face, one soul. One beautiful body. One beautiful face. One beautiful soul. You hating what you see staring back at you in the mirror is only filling that body with a dangerous poison. If you ever find yourself despising the temple that is your body I want you to stand in front of a mirror and repeat "I am beautiful" and name one one thing you like about yourself. It can be as small as the freckles speckled across your face or the one cute dimple you have when you smile. The trick is to say something new everyday. It may feel silly and challenging at first, but push past all of that---until you learn how to love yourself there will always be a disconnect between your body and soul.

You know the old saying "What goes around comes around"? Well as worn out as that saying is it's TRUE. If you struggle to think positively challenge your state of mind. Take the time to compliment strangers, show gratitude for the loved ones in your, you can even leave little nice notes in random places for people to find. Pay it forward and you will be surprised how quickly the world will change in front of your eyes.

We are all guilty of this---getting stuck in a routine. Yes, routines are good sometimes---it means structure and stability. But, every time New Years rolls around the masses of us have prepared a list of things as long as Saint Nicholas's good and naughty list. A list of things we wish to CHANGE. But, does it ever? Do we follow through? Most of us start with good intentions, but before you know it February is here and our New Years resolutions have long gone and put on the shelf to collect dust! So why do so many people fail to complete their resolutions? It's because of one thing---the cycle! They fail to break their precious cycle! That cycle is our security blanket---but if you want change, honey the blanket has to come off and don't wait for New Years to roll around either. Want to read more? Grab a book---any book and read just ONE page every day. Don't go out and buy the Harry Potter series thinking I wonder what the hoobaloo is about these books (which are amazing by the way!) until you can read ONE page a day. Want to start working out? Give me five jumping jacks at every commercial. That hybrid class you were talking about? Every time you have the urge to binge watch Netflix I want you to meditate for five minutes---yeah, that's right get out the zen music. I don't know if you're beginning to see a pattern here---but the trick to breaking your routine is starting off SMALL. I didn't tell you to go out and buy a series of encyclopedias or purchase a gym membership. No, you're just asking yourself to fail---teensy weensy steps first then the BIG stuff comes.

Now don't get crazy ideas I'm not telling you to go in a plane and jump off (although sky diving has always been on my bucket list), because after all this is a list of simple ways to change your life not crazy ways---but if you want a list for crazy I can give that to you too. By crushing your comfort zone I mean I want you to challenge yourself to do something each day that you normally wouldn't, but have always wanted to. Before, you do this I want you to pin point the reason what is stopping you from doing the things you want? Find that reason and crush it! I obviously don't mean physically, but mentally of course---I want you to view that reason with a whole different perspective and try explaining out loud why it is an obstacle in your life. Most of the time you will find it is challenging to explain it aloud to yourself, because it is a fear with strong emotional attachments instead of logic. Ever wanted to show the people in your life more love and gratitude, but found yourself stopping yourself in fear of being misjudged or viewed as being cheesy? Well I dare you today to give your mom a hug at breakfast or tell your best friend she is simply amazing. Scared to talk to new people? Well smile at them instead---you'll be surprised to see that people smile right back! Take tiny mental steps until your "fear" zone is your comfort zone.

Let me ask you this question once more. What if I told you that ten years from now your life would be exactly the same? I hope one day you will be able to answer with a smile and say "Nothing".
Good luck dreamer.

"What if I fall?
"Oh, but my darling what if you fly?" 

Japan Candy Box | Review + GIVEAWAY

Friday, August 21, 2015

For the past few days I've been in my laboratory (a.k.a. my room) on a sugar high. Japan Candy Box  was too kind and sent me an adorable box full of Japanese candy and all of its sugary goodness~ If you're not familiar with Japan Candy Box it is a subscription box full of yup you guessed it---CANDY~ Each month you will receive 8-10 Japanese sweet treats and quirky candy to enjoy to your hearts content. These sweet little boxes start at only $18.90 a month and subscribing is 100% safe and secure---meaning you can cancel anytime!

Um, I don't know about you, but Japanese candy and I are a thing. Scratch that candy and I are a  THING. But, I have always had a special spot in my heart for Japanese candy. With it's flipping adorable packaging and sugary adventures it's no wonder we're soul mates~  And what do you do with your soul mate? You DEVOUR  them---and that's exactly what I did~

Hey, didn't I say this was a laboratory---let the candy experiments commence~

Glico Collon Biscuit Rolls 
Don't let the name fool you these adorable little biscuits have absolutely nothing to do with your lower intestines. In the center the biscuit is filled with creamy green tea matcha flavoring. While I really enjoyed the surprisingly rich and cream texture I found the flavor too subtle for me. What can I say I like my sweets SUPER SWEET. If you're a fan of delicate sweets and something that doesn't overpower your taste buds you will love this snack---me on the other hand---BRING ON THE SUGAR!

Haradekita Popsicle DIY Candy Kit

Have you ever wanted to make your own miniature Popsicle? Well you crazy if you don't because I know I do! This adorable DIY candy kit was so FUN to make. The kawaii sized popsicles were not only cute, but taste super yummy and came in both strawberry + soda flavor! The powdered sugar transforms your candy ice cubes into what looks like real ice except without the brain freeze. What more could you want?!

Bourban Petit Chocolate Chip Cookies
If something has chocolate in it I'm going to eat it. These cookies were no exception. Wait, it even gets better. What if I told you these little cookies tasted exactly like hot chocolate? Yeah, I can guarantee you I finished all those cookies in a day. No regrets~

Meji Watapachi Popping Candy Floss 
Have you ever had cotton candy explode in your mouth? Yeah, neither have I until just now and let me tell you something---it was AWESOME~  The watermelon flavored cotton candy is layered and layered with mini candy pop rocks just waiting to  attack your mouth---in a good way of course! Life supply of watermelon cotton candy for one please~ Never thought I would be saying that did you? But, it's true the stuff is delicious I swear~

Pokemon Pineapple Chewy Candy

Pokemon + Taffy = LIFE
The chewy candy is adorned in the cutest pokemon characters.

Strawberry Pocky Biscuits
 This girl right here is crazy for pocky. If you're not familiar with the extremely popular sweet Japanese treat it is basically a biscuit coated traditionally in a creamy sweet chocolate. This time around I've got strawberry and guys, guys *holds in tears of happiness* I may have found a new favorite~
Pocky drama.

Meji Petit Bubble Gum 

These cute bubble gum faces just give me all the feels. The fact that it's soda flavored makes it all the better~
Guess which bubble face is mine?

Sakuma LINE Drops
When I opened this cute bunny packaging I was surprised to find what looked like three pink cough drops. It's your standard hard candy which you can find about anywhere---but these were a little different. Yup, you guessed it---watermelon flavored. Who knew I loved watermelon so much. . .

Maruta Soda Fruit Candy
You remember Sweet Tarts from your childhood? You know that really chalky candy? Yeah, this little soda bottle is full of those except in cola flavor. Chalky candy and I do not mix, but at least the bottle is cute.

Chameleon Candy
What's in the chameleon bag you ask? Well I'll tell you what's in the bag! Mini jawbreakers. But, not any jawbreakers---jawbreakers that change color just like a chameleon! Now if only I could do the same thing will my life be complete. . .

*dabs sweat off my forehead* Whew, now that was a long review, but what kind of person would I be if I didn't eat this candy and tell you about it?! Okay, okay I'll stop rubbing all this candy in your face and tell you something more exciting---you all have a chance to win a Japan Candy Box of your own!

It's super easy to enter! There will be a rafflecopter gadget below and all you have to do is enter your e-mail address. It will also give you additional opportunities to gain more entries in the give away such as following me on bloglovin or tweeting about the giveaway. I have no idea why you wouldn't enter I mean hello?! Japanese candyyyyy~

If you're interested in checking out Japan Candy Box you can check them out here.
If you want to follow me on bloglovin' you can find me here.

Before I go I've got an important question to ask you. . .
what's your favorite candy?


Nerd Is The Word

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Cutest. Makeup. Bag. Ever. I couldn't help myself, okay?! With all the sales going on how is a girl supposed to walk away empty handed?! It's impossible I say. IMPOSSIBLE. This cute little bag was on sale for less than a tenner---can you believe it?! Isn't the little catch phrase adorable?! Fits me perfectly---I'm just a nerd in disguise. I basically have my nose buried in books all day and if libraries didn't have closing hours I'd just pack my bags and move in. Besides a makeup bag practically qualifies as school supplies, right? Right?!

By the way guys I think I finally found my "niche" in the blogging world---well kind of. This little virtual place of mine is a whirlwind of life style, cute things, sweet treats, and of course cats. With fashion and beauty of course! Although, I really would love to do fashion way, WAY more for you babes, but not having a handy dandy camera man behind the scenes really puts a dapper on things. Why can't camera men just grow out of the ground?! That really would make things a whole lot easier. Oh, yeah and beauty of course too---you know what this little blog of mine is just a little bit of everything. A little diary into my world for babes and dreamers~ 

This was a bit more of a chattier post than usual wasn't it? I actually love talking to you babes like we're all chilling in my bedroom. Wouldn't that be super rad?! I'd serve you all yummy snacks and we could talk about baby unicorns~ There'd be chocolate of course! You know what I hardly ever write like this---especially not on here. Maybe it's because I'm writing this in the wee hours of the night, but I can't help but ask. . .What do you babes prefer? Miss chatty pants? Or a post that is much more formal and structured? I'd love to hear your thoughts~ 
By the way before I go---
Nerd is the word~
That could be our secret password if we ever had a clubhouse~
Did I just accidentally start a secret club? 
I am totally okay with this idea. . .

Five Writing Tips For Aspiring Writers/Bloggers

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Hey, you there. Can we speak? Writer to writer---just for a moment. Writing is one of the most fragile forms of  art---a talent to create a universe with a scribble of ink, tell the stories of the stars, or share the tale of your soul---but more often than not us writers tend to get lost whether it be lack of inspiration or direction---but the path you wish to find may be right under your nose, dear writer. Here are some of my tips whether you are a beginner or J.K. Rowling herself these little tips will be sure to help~

To write---you must LIVE! Embrace it---in fact grab life by the throat and steal its breath away. Gaze up at the falling stars, look into a stranger's soul, state at a blank page and dare to see something different! A writer doesn't live one life---but thousands and honey I can promise none of those lives were luke warm. Find that passion and let it BURN! Don't fall into the trap of the ordinary---there is an adventure in everything and I mean EVERYTHING! You just have to look a little harder to find it.
Whether this be a cluttered desk, a bustling cafe, or maybe just you sprawled on top of your bed. Every writer has one. It can be dead silent, it can be loud, but most of all it's YOU. Mine in fact changes all the time. Sometimes it's just me, my room, and the universe of my thoughts. Sometimes just taking a little step outside makes me feel like I've breathed in the cloud's daydreams. Everyone is different! If you're having trouble finding a happy medium between having it too quiet and background music is just too distracting---try Coffitivity. It will transport you straight to Starbucks or a cozy library full of scholars!
Okay, let me repeat myself just in case you didn't hear me. DON'T. BEAT. YOURSELF. UP. Your writing won't improve with all that negative thinking and neither will you! We all drive into an occasional dry patch---but guess what?! The worst of droughts when over bloom the most beautiful flowers. In the mean time watch a movie that makes you grip on to the nearest object in anticipation, read a book that transports you to another world, maybe even start a new adventure! So stop with all the negative thinking missy/mister---choose to dream instead.
Each and every writer has a unique and individual style. You don't need to know a writer's name---just read their words and you hear their VOICE! Stop trying to copy your favorite artist---you're doing yourself a real disservice. FIND YOUR VOICE--you might just be surprised of what you hear.
This may sound like the easiest tip, but in fact it is the most difficult. So you have the dream to wirte? The universe of thoughts in your head feels so ALIVE you swear it's real? You have something in your heart you want to share with the world? Pick up your pen and WRITE---write until your soul is bleeding on that very page---until you swear you can hear it screaming. I don't care how bad you want to crumble that paper into the trash or that you just feel like the right words won't come to you. For the love of God write anyway---whatever you do don't let that idea die!

Good luck~

Easiest Ice Cream Sandwiches. . .EVER

Friday, August 14, 2015

Okay, I'm guilty. I probably share the unhealthiest recipes with you guys---but, don't blame me! Blame the SWEET TOOTH. Hey, give a girl a break I eat vegetables all day long a little sweet won't kill me---especially not these adorable ice cream sandwiches. Did I mention they're mini? Which instantly makes them 1000x healthier in my book so really this is a win-win situation. I mean let's be honest here---who can resist ice cream sandwiches?! 
That's right---NO ONE~

 ♡ Your favorite ice cream
 ♡ Nilla Biscuits ( OR ANY BISCUIT YOU LIKE!)
 ♡ Toppings
-Chocolate Chips
-Rainbow Sprinkles
(These are just the one's I chose! Choose any toppings you prefer~)

1. Scoop some ice cream and place it in the middle of your biscuit.

2. Take another biscuit and SANDWICH them together! 

3, Roll your new ice cream sandwiches into the toppings of your choice.

4. NOM NOM~ 

That's it! I swear it's really that easy and they taste super yummy especially with the hot whether we've been having. By the way did you know ice cream sandwiches are unicorn food? 
Just kidding---no, but really what else would unicorns eat?! I hope you all enjoyed this little recipe and will be nom noming on some unicorn food adorable ice cream sandwiches super soon~ 
If you want to share your ice cream with me just tag me on instagram @ohshewillbe. 
I'd love to see what toppings you come up with and I pinky swear I won't eat them. But if I could I probably would. . .just saaayin'~ 

Pastel Hitlist

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Pastel Hitlist


By now you lovelies know how I'm about pastels. They are my MUSE---and honestly if it were up to me I would probably see in pastels, eat pastels, and even breathe in pastels if it were possible. Before I sound like some drug addict trying to hit up some pastels in the black market I'll leave my wee obsession for another conversation. So what do you exactly do with an obsession that you exactly can't talk about? You go to H&M that's what you do! While scouring H&M's website these pretty little numbers had my heart before I could say I do. Not that I'm marrying a pillow anytime soon or anything. But, come on people I can't say no to whimsical and dreamy---and if bunnies and dainty princess pillows don't scream whimsical and dreamy to you well then I've got a thing or two to teach you~

Pink Rabbit Pillowcase
This pillowcase just makes my heart happy. It may or may not have anything to do with the adorable bunny on it. HINT: It absolutely has EVERYTHING to do with that adorable bunny~

White Hooded Bunny Blanket
Who doesn't want to wrap themselves in a super soft blanket adorned with bunny ears?!
Netflix + Bunny Blanket = 

Pink Home Shelves
These pastel pink shelves are the perfect little home for your knick knacks~

This darling little teapot is perfect for any tea party. Maybe even Alice may stop by for a drop of tea~

Blushing Bunny Plush
Maybe you're seeing a wee bit of a pattern with all these bunnies---but I swear it was an accident! I just couldn't say no to his little blushing cheeks~

Pink Porcelain Bowl
A bowl fit for a princess~

Dainty Pillowcase
I just couldn't say no to those ruffles~

If I now encouraged your new obsession to cute bunny related items I apologize.

What's your favorite item from this little wishlist here? I think I'm about make a whole lot of purchases from H&M very, very soon!  Those little bunnies are just calling my name~


MAC Studio Fix Foundation | Cult Product Gone Wrong

Monday, August 10, 2015

Let me start off by saying I used to swear by this foundation. It was my day and night. It used to be absolute perfection in a bottle and give a flawless finish like it was nobodies business. My face and this foundation used to be a THING. . .but now we might as well be a really bad summer fling. 

Currently MAC Studio Fix and I are sworn enemies because it has wreaked havoc on my face. It was the nightmare of breakouts---I wish I was over exaggerating. For the past two months every morning I would wake up, look in the mirror, and CRY. Call me shallow, call me superficial, call me facile---I don't care! When you look in the mirror and feel absolutely awful---when you're not happy with what you see staring back at you---when you lose all your confidence---when you don't feel beautiful---when you start feeling like a STRANGER in your own body it begins to EFFECT your whole life. Not only physically, but mentally too and there is nothing superficial about that that!

In the beginning I didn't suspect my foundation at all. . .I mean why would I? I've been purchasing the same foundation devotedly for the past three years---it was like clock work when it came to me and MAC Studio Fix. So I thought what everyone else things when they go through a sudden breakout---it must be something in my diet. I relatively eat pretty healthy, but over the summer I let my sweet tooth go a little crazy. I basically began giving myself no slack. No fast food. No restaurants. Little to no sugar. Guess what happened it's gonna be a shocker---NOTHING. So I thought maybe it just wasn't a big enough change. More exercise? Nada---no change. New skin care products? That just made things way worst. Way worst.

But, then it dawned on me---what do I do nearly everyday? Put on foundation. What did I do two months ago? Buy a new bottle of my holy grail Studio Fix. I've been off the stuff for a good three weeks now and I've already seen massive improvements in my skin. Now in hindsight I remember how much worst my skin looked after I took off Studio Fix---my pores would be so clogged, my skin would look irritated, and worst yet there would be new break outs! It's been hard not wearing foundation especially when you so badly want to cover up---but what's a girl go to do. The health of my skin is more important!

Now don't get me wrong I still love MAC and their products (Hello, their lipsticks anyone?!)---but I feel like the formula for their foundations have changed. It used to deliver such a flawless and effortless finish---but now if I dare to even wear it I can tell I'm wearing foundation! Their already thick foundation is now difficult to blend when it used to just melt in my skin. Something is just not the same or who knows maybe it's just my skin. Either way I'm on the hunt for a new foundation. 

Got any recommendations for me? 

Dolce | My Signature Scent

Saturday, August 8, 2015

The fragrance for those who stumble upon love when picking out a bouquet of dreams.

This pretty little bottle here is an absolute dream and I simply had to share it with you, lovelies. Dolce is a very elegant and innocent scent---I've never encountered anything like it before. The elegant fragrance embraces your skin like a delicate floral bouquet---white water lilies and the white amaryllis flowers kiss your skin like secret admirers. The pure scent rings true with its earthy tones and leaves an irresistible trail of flower petals on your body. The rich notes envelope in a soft musk that is sensual, but unwarily sweet. 

You'd swear that I was reading this out of some fairy tale or that this post here was sponsored. . .but trust me Dolce & Gabbana don't need any of my help to promote their multi-millionaire brand. I've just fallen in love with this little perfume here---pinky swears! Dolce & Gabbana have put so much thought behind this little fragrance it has literally blew me away and lead me researching their brand for a good hour or so. What a way to spend an afternoon let me tell you. Their dedication to their work is awfully inspiring so I thought I would share with you their work as well. You can check it out here if you're interested~ 

Once again I swear this isn't sponsored---I'm just a crazy girl who's fallen in love with a perfume bottle. Hey, don't judge the girl before you smell the perfume, capish? Capish~