Cookie Thief

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

I admit it! These cookies came out of a box. The box where the cookie dough comes out in perfect pre-cut circles just waiting for you to turn on your oven so you can regret twenty minutes later the chocolatey goodness you just consumed. Yeah---that kind of box. Before you yell at me---I swear I tried! I gave it my all before I resorted to breaking the one and only baker's commandment---Thou shall not bake anything that comes out of a box. But, I couldn't help it okay?! I wanted something sweet! Something that did not involve getting flour all over my face and splattering egg yolks on the wall (Don't judge.). Plus, they came out really pretty and I wanted to show you, guys! Is that such a bad crime? The baking police don't have to know do they?! It can be our little secret---we box cookie bakers got each other's backs, right?   
Well if you don't have my back then guess what?! No cookies for you~ 

Okay, okay all joking aside I just thought the photos came out really pretty. Hey, who's going to say no to double fudge brownie cookies (yeah, I said double fudge.)---even if the so called cookies came out of a box. But, they're cookies none the less! With the holidays fast approaching lots of shops have been releasing limited edition sweets that you can pop in the oven and bake yourself mess free. I just couldn't help myself---especially when those cunning marketing folks pull me in by stating these flavors are limited edition. It's like they're giving me no choice! Although, nothing beats home made sometimes I need a little help here and there to get my sweet fix. The season of sweet treats quickly approaches us~

Do I have any baking babes out there? Do you believe in home made or the highway or are you like me who doesn't mind indulging in the forbidden box once in a while? 

Oh, and if you were wondering---yes, I ate more cookies than I should have. 
Not ashamed. 



  1. omg these look so good! And don't worry, I always eat more cookies than I should but who cares hahah x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

  2. So basically, I'll be going to baker's hell. Because I ONLY bake things out of a box. Oops.

    These look so good though, Sylvia, and cookies forever!

    May | THE MAYDEN

  3. Serious chocolate cravings after reading this! :)

    Viva Epernay ❤

  4. I'm guilty, I'm guilty too! Yes of eating too many cookies and making things out of preprepared ingredients xD But I love those cinnamon roll sets you can get and you only have to cut the slices and pop them in the oven :'D cookies = happiness, whatever form they come in and yours look absolutely gorgeous in the photos! Can't wait for Christmas treat time! xD xx

    elizabeth | ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | bloglovin follow for follow
    Follow for follow on instagram :D

  5. These look so good! I'm so hungry! I want to eat all of them!!

    Be | lovefrombe

  6. Oh, these look delicious! If I could make cookies out of a box, I would, too. Sadly, I'm allergic to almost everything in them. It just makes me make my own, I guess! ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  7. These look incredible! How do they decide what constitutes double fudge? Like how much fudge is single fudge and then they're like---yup, got enough fudge now, we can call them double fudge! Crazy marketing people! We got your back hun, bake as much box goodies as you like ;)

    Chloe x | Snug Corner


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