Sweets And Studies

Friday, February 28, 2014

Hello, lovely! I recently went to my local bakery in town and there was no way my sweet tooth could pass this up. With midterms so near (2 days! Eeek~) it wouldn't hurt to treat myself, right? Or is too early to start congratulating myself? Well with all these all nighters a girl needs all the sugar she can get. I'm being healthy per usual~
Well if you were wondering how this little tiramisu tasted it was absolutely delicious. It was my first time trying this and I can proudly say that I was not disappointed. I ate every last bite (Oops!). I know this post was short, but I've got to get back to hitting the books. *whispers* Someone save me! Stay tuned though lovelies because I have a few fun posts planned right after these dreaded midterms are over. 

So what do you do to prepare for your exams? What are your sweet tooth cravings? Comment below and share all the sugary goodness~ 

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