I'm With Cupid

Friday, February 14, 2014

Thought you heard the last of me for the night did you? Well you are quite obviously wrong missy. . .mister? I just wanted to tie up some loose ends by sharing with you what I wore today. I present you my chocolate eating outfit~ 

What is worn here:
♥I'm With Cupid High-Low tank: Body Central
Faux Leather Leggings: Cotton On
♥Fashion Hat: Narnia
♥Black Knockoff Litas: Charlotte Russe
Lulu Heart+Lock Handbag: JcPenny
By the way let me introduce you to my little assistant of the day. You thought she was free? Oh, no you old folk had it easy. You barked one order and they obeyed your every command. This new generation. . .they're sneaky and smart. Her pay? A trip to the ice cream shop. Haha kids are so cute.

Does this place look magical to you? Well don't be fooled! You can't tell from any of the pictures, but the ground is quite slanted and it was almost impossible to hold my balance with my heels soaring to the sky. My shoe sunk into the ground and I nearly twisted my ankle. I'm quite the graceful type you see? Maybe the earth was trying to eat me so it could give me a hug for Valentines day?! So how did you spend your chocolate eating holiday? Don't hold back any details! Cupid won't judge ;) I spent mine getting hugged by the ground. So romantic~
With Much Love,


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  3. Nice post - I love the last pic...you look great!
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