Stocking Stuffers | A Guide For Him

Thursday, December 24, 2015

stocking stuffers | A Guide For Him


With Christmas a mere day away many of us are already wrapping our gifts for our dear loved ones in pretty gift wrap and adding sparkly bows---but there may be a few stray babes wandering the shops still looking for that perfect gift for that special someone in their life. Well, worry no more because this gift guide is for YOU!

First, and foremost missy or mister don't get bummed out! There's a perfect gift for everyone and you're going to find it so you can let go of that unnecessary stress and breathe now! Men are typically pretty hard to sop for and it's not their fault either! There's a pretty limited selection to begin with especially if you're following marketing trends. You've got countless commercials screaming at you that every man wants a new video game or another bow tie that he probably won't wear until next year. And while video games and bow ties are great you may be looking around for something a little bit more special which is why yours truly has scoured the internet land for the sweetest stocking stuffers I could find to give you a little helping hand~

Let your special mister rock out to his favorite jams on this gorgeous vintage Marshall speakers. Not only do they sound nice , but they'll make a lovely addition to his room.

Do you have a Potter fan on your hands? The beautiful illustrated pages might swoop him away in nostalgia in the good ol' wizarding world of Harry Potter.

You can never go wrong with chocolates---especially this GIANT Ferrero Rocher~ He'll be in chocolate bliss for days~

Not only is this watch elegant, but the unique wood finish is stunning and one of a kind. Don't be surprised if he never takes it off.

This camera may be small, but boy does it pack a punch. This little guy will capture all his precious memories in a flash. Water & weather proof. No wonder they say good things come in small packages~

See, babes I totally have your backs~ I hope you snow angels get your last minute Christmas shopping done and don't you sweat it for a minute! I'm sure whatever you got your mister is perfect! Heck showering him with kisses is the perfect gift! This girl over here is still taking her sweet ol' time in single town so I may not be the most credible source, but I sure do want to help my babes out! Stay tuned a girl's guide is coming your way shortly~

Until then stay cozy and merry~

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