25 Things To Do Before Christmas | A Procrastinator's Guide

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

I swear that I've blinked December away. December 1st---blink---December 25th. What? When? Where---and how did this happen?! Before I know it I'll blink and be 25 raising 9.5 cat babies~ But, that's another story for another time! This is a little Christmas guide for any procrastinators like myself out there. Oh, you procrastinators---my people let's be real here are we really procrastinators? I think time just has a little thing against us. Is it really our fault that the internet and cats were invented---I mean there should be some liability warning you should sign, because once those two things enter your life kiss your work and responsibility goodbye~

I kid, kid~ We might be procrastinators, but we definitely have the Christmas spirit---cozy cardigans, hot chocolate, last minute Christmas shopping, and stealing a gingerbread man or two on the way. Bring forth the Christmas cheer and merriment! 

25 Things To Do This Christmas 

♡ Do Last Minute Christmas Shopping 
 With Christmas a few mere days away it can only mean one thing---last minute Christmas shopping. Stay away from online shopping and slip into your comfiest boots to hit up some of the local shops for the day. You'd be surprised, but here are still some hidden gems just waiting to be picked up for your loved ones. Well what are you waiting for? Hurry and get to it~ 

♡Drink Hot Chocolate  
Whether you make it at home or you have your barista whip up your favorite concoction---hot chocolate is simply a must have during this time of the year. Don't forget the whipped cream and cute marshmallows. 

♡Decorate A Gingerbread House 
With all the cute gingerbread house kits around you literally have no excuse. My family and I are making our first gingerbread house ever on Christmas Eve---I'm equipped with an icing bag and gum drops. No one can stop me now~ 

♡Be A Secret Christmas Elf 
There's no better feeling than helping your loved ones or even a stranger in need. Spruce up your roommates room, bake some sweets for a friend, or pay for someone's coffee. There's a whole lot of little things we can do that spread a whole LOT of Christmas cheer. It's the little things, right? 

♡Cuddle Up In Cozy Blankets + Christmas Pajamas 
After all that shopping and spreading the Christmas cheer you deserve to take it easy. Netflix and hot cocoa anyone? 

♡Visit Your Local Church 
It's easy to get swept up in the holiday chaos, but we shouldn't forget what Christmas is all about---JESUS~ 

♡Make A Gingerbread Scrub 
Still looking for a few last minute gifts? This cute holiday themed sugar scrub would make an adorable gift or a great little treat to yourself~ 

♡Host A Christmas Movie Party 
Nothing says Christmas more than a Christmas movie marathon cuddled up in your favorite pajamas with your closest friends~ Bring out the hot chocolate and holiday sweets and make a party out of it! I pinky promise it will be a hit~ Having trouble thinking of a theme? Check out this sweet get up and this movie list for some ideas. 

♡Christmas Coloring 
Call me childish or a kid at heart, but if you're having trouble getting in the Christmas spirit why not grab some art supplies and color that stress away. With this adult coloring craze there's limitless options to choose from. This Harry Potter coloring book is my favorite~ Don't have any extra money to spare? Check out these free coloring sheets

♡Wrap Up Presents
Tearing away at gift wrap may just be the best part about opening presents. There's so many cute gift wrap options at the store, but if gift wrap isn't your cup of tea there's so many different tutorials on how to make your own which are just as special! 

♡Get A Christmas Manicure 
Perk up, butter cup with a little Christmas manicure! You can treat yourself to the salon or get your home girls together and make a night out of it. Chat the night away about holiday plans and give each other the perfect manicure. Need some nail art ideas? Here are a few just to get you started. Whatever you decide to do your nail beds will be singing with the Christmas spirit! 

♡Make Reindeer Chow 
Whether it's for the reindeers outside or for your own tummy---this reindeer chow will make any tummy happy. 

 ♡Decorate For The Holidays 
A little late on decorating this year? Like way, way late? Well it's better late than never---here's some quick home decor ideas to make your home feel a little more festive. 

♡Make Homemade Ornaments 
Speaking of decorating---is your Christmas tree missing a little something? Why not have a go at making some special homemade ornaments. These cookie cutter ornaments are adorable and super easy to make! 

♡Eat Rudolph Pancakes
These pancakes are just too adorable to resist! I'll have 20 please~ 

♡Write A Letter To Santa
No one is too old to write a letter to Santa. Maybe leave it out to give some loved ones a few hints. . .no list ever hurt no one! Well maybe the hit list. . .

♡Look At Christmas Lights 
Take a drive around your neighborhood with family and friends to ooo and ahhh at the pretty Christmas lights. If your neighborhood hasn't embraced the Christmas spirit take a stroll around downtown to gaze at the lights and decorations. Don't forget to snap a photo or two to keep for memory lane! 

♡Watch The Polar Express 
I don't care if you've watched this movie a million times you're going to watch it again and again and again

♡Go To The Nutcracker 
Seeing a live performance of the Nutcracker is supposed to be magical or at least I hear! Take your Christmas sweetheart or even whisk your best friend away to create a magical memory. 

♡Write Christmas Letters
One of my favorite parts of Christmas is making Christmas cards---writing sweet heart warming messages for your loved ones will most definitely give you the warm fuzzies. Accompanied with the perfect and thoughtful gift you'll definitely be giving yourself a pat on the back this season.
Write away I say~

♡Read A Christmas Story By The Fire Place
Have any kiddos around? Siblings? Nieces or nephews? Or maybe kids of your own? Reading them a little Christmas story by the fire place or cuddled up on the couch might be one of the most magical things you do this whole year. Seeing their eyes light up in wonderment is priceless. I recommend the good ol' classic Twas The Night Before Christmas

♡Give Those In Need
One of the best ways to spread Christmas cheer is donating to those in need. There are so many food and toy drives going around this time of year. You could be the reason someone smiles this holiday season. 

♡Listen To Christmas Music 
Fill your house with Christmas cheers with some good ol' Christmas carols. Rock out to jingle bells and Rudolph the red nosed reindeer and before you know it you'll be as excited as a kid on Christmas Eve. Here's a list of some good ol' classics to get your Christmas groove on~

♡Bake Christmas Cookies For Santa
Don't forget about jolly Saint Nick and bake him your best cookies. Don't worry---no one will judge you if you steal one or two for yourself~ 

♡Have A Mery Jolly Christmas
Must I explain? 

I hope you snow babes enjoyed this post and I was able to inspire you to get some last minute Christmas things checked off your list~ And, don't worry I checked you're on the good list. Santa said he'll let that one thing go so you don't have to sweat it no more, okay. Sending you babes so much love and peppermint bark your way this Christmas~ 


  1. These are all great ideas! Have a wonderful Christmas ♥
    Amy xx

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    Merry Christmas to you and your family!
    ~ Sanjana

  3. This is just the sweetest list. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

    Angela | thesundaychapter.com

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