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Thursday, February 12, 2015

This perfume. All I can say is. . .OH. MY. GOD. I received this luxurious gift set for Christmas from my dear sweet daddy~ Now, why it took me this long to mention is a whole other story. Let's just say my beloved camera and I did not get along when it came to snapping a few simple photos. *sigh* These photos will have to do for now though. I hope you guys don't mind too much! Enough rambling and on to this amazing perfume~ 

Candy is Prada's newest fragrance release to their ever growing line. There are three new fragrances in the line which don't exactly have the most distinct names. Candy Florale is the one I currently own and let me tell you out of the three it is the best~ It has a soft elegant feminine scent with sweet floral notes. I know many girls try to veer away from floral scents, because it reminds them of their little ol' grandmother, but I promise you your cute granny will be the last thing on your mind when this heavenly scent fills your nostrils (was that too much?). It's fresh. It's young. It's sophisticated 

If I close my eyes the scent transports me to a romantic stroll in the beautiful streets of Italy adorned with gelato stands and cute hidden cafes~ Yes, I am very aware I have quite an imagination, but no one ever said that was a bad thing! This is perfect to spritz on the oncoming Valentine Day as it is quite a flirty scent. Me on the other hand am alright with spending the evening munching chocolate and smelling divine while I'm at it. No resentment here. My cat and this pretty bottle of perfume is all I need~ 

The gift set comes with an assortment of cute bits and bobs along with the perfume. The first one obviously being the gorgeous pink gift box. I'm all about this packaging it feels extravagant and it's perfect for reusing to store some make up or jewelry afterwards. The set additionally includes a shampoo and candle which replicates the same scent and theme of the box which are super nice to use on spa days. My favorite is the complementary bag that Prada so generously included for the holiday season. I know you can't tell from my rubbish bottom photo, but it is so cute and perfect for storing staple bath items or even using for traveling (hopefully the latter. . .eeep!). The people at the counter were so nice to include perfume samples! When I was out with my dad Christmas shopping I was so fickle at what perfume I wanted. I must have turned down at the least 30 perfumes before my heart finally settled on this one. Bless their patient hearts~ 

Hey, it's not everyday a girl is gifted with a Prada perfume set~
Thank you again, daddy! 

Have you guys ever tried Prada's new Candy line? What do you guys think? 


  1. Wow, I'm definitely going to put this perfume on my wish list as it sounds so perfect! I loved this post and I love the way you write. x

    Beyond The Velvet | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

    1. It is definitely wish list worthy <3 Thank you xxx

  2. This sounds amazing! I also really like your photos ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  3. Oh yes, I'm obsessed with this perfume! It smells like HEAVEN.

  4. The bottle is super pretty, I can only imagine how it smells! Lovely post.

  5. Such a beautiful bottle, will have to check this out x

  6. I want this perfume so bad! I have the darker version but this one smells so nice! It's on my wish list! lovely pictures by the way x

    han // emandhan xo

  7. It sounds amazing, I'll need to smell it for myself :)

    Bella Pummarola

  8. I've smelled samples, it's amazing!

  9. love this perfume x smell so nice

    PS: I would like to invite to you to join my giveaway, would be great if you would participate:)

  10. I haven't tried this scent yet but oh my god I am obsessed with the packaging. It looks so cute. The bottle is beautiful and I love everything else pictured above.

    xo naomi

  11. I absolutely love the scent of this perfume and I will get it very soon. Love your blog. xx

  12. My friend has it and oh my, the scent is so lovely, like you said, it feels sophisticated but young. x



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