I Think I've Got A Problem. . .

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


     So not too long ago my mom and I went to the mall and we stumbled upon Victoria Secret's semi annual sale. . . and I might or might not have went a teensy weensy crazy. How could you blame me though. . .I mean did you not read the above statement?! Let me spell it out for you. *whispers in a slow annoying, but dramatic voice* Victoria Secrets~ Yes, it is possible to say "sale" and VS in the same sentence.
    It is the place where goddesses and overpriced lingerie is born. So when Victoria Secret's has a sale you'll be darned right that I will shove everything off the shelf into my open VS wannabe arms and dream about smelling like an angel that fell out of the sky who quite possibly is enjoying a cupcake while she's at it (Who say's heaven doesn't have food?! That's right?! Nooooone~ *glares out into the crowd*)

If you're wondering what I got. . .don't wait a minute longer! Feast your eyes below and you'll know all my "secrets". Pun intended~

-Victoria Secret Angel Dream Lotion
-Fabulous In Paradise Body Lotion
-Love Is Heavenly Body Lotion 
-BombShell In Paradise Perfume

All of them smell just heavenly and they were all a huge bargain. Each of the scents I purchased have a soft and musky tone to them, which I really love because they can still be worn casually during the daytime or even the night if you'd like. They're all spring and summer scents, but spring is right around the corner so I think they're just perfect. Spring! Hurry up and get your butt over here~ 

If you think I went crazy though, you should have seen my mom. . .

Haha love you mom



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