Adventures Around The World?!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

     Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to Flight 909~  Let me take you on a journey~ All around the woooooorld! So welcome to lame adventure numero uno! You remember that "exciting" post I was talking about not too long ago. . .well my plans didn't go as well as I thought they would. All the 100 something photos (168 to be exact) I took of this so called event turned out to be a lot of hooey.           
      They are such poor koala-tea (I'm cute, I'm cute~ I know no need to tell me) that I'm just too simply embarrassed to post them up and neither will my perfectionist personality sink to those standards so let's take a moment and throw that idea out the window (Warning: I will not be paying any damage you cause to your precious windows~ Please consider this before resorting to violence towards your home décor). But fear not because there is a backup plan!
     You didn't think mwah would leave you hanging did you? Of course not! Remember that cute intro back there? No, I didn't leave the country, unfortunately but I've got the next best thing. . .the grocery store!
    Wait, wait before you dart your mouse cursor's tootie patootie to that red X over there let me enlighten you on a fact. It wasn't just any grocery store. . .it was a hidden shop tucked beneath trees and creepy abandoned warehouses (now that's a warm welcome if I don't say so myself! I'm being serious people nothing beats a little investigation work >:D I do not condone snooping around abandoned warehouses. . .not really. . .maybe a little?) that offered you different tastes and trinkets that you would find if you were at that particular country. A quick 80 days around the world anyone? Still not sold on staying yet? Well, my friend. . .no one ever said it was a good backup plan! But you know what you are going to join me on this grocery store aisle expedition if you like it or not .__. *grabs your hand and frolics away* Grocery store adventuuuures~
Meet Ben the Baker (very original, huh? *slowly claps*)! He will be our guide for the day. So as any good tourist you are probably wondering what brought me here in the first place. *clears throat* As a full time unicorn  student who is taking pre-med courses and being part of a family of six I rarely ever have the chance to wander out of my home so to you this may be a boring outing, but for me on the other hand it really was a treat. Even if it was a simple place that could have been easily overlooked I really wanted to take it all in. Maybe this might be completely irrelevant, but one of my New Year Resolutions is to learn how to completely embrace everything with open arms. To make everything into an adventure no matter how small or tiny it is. It's easy to forget that this is our life. . .to live day by day without really grasping onto anything. But this is it! This is our life! We're the one's who mold it into what it really is. I really want to learn how to treat everyday like it's my last and learn how to appreciate the little things in life. This isn't exactly what I wanted to say and I did end up rambling (oops!) but if you're sitting around fiddling with your thumbs and are looking for something to do. Just go out and explore! Go on a walk around your neighborhood, go to a bookstore, or maybe sit out by a lake, or maybe go to some random grocery store you found hanging around in town like yours truly. You never know what you may find or learn or who you might bump into. I know I'm starting to sound cheesy to some of you, but go out on an adventure! You might even find yourself out there. It's easy to merely exist, but to truly live is what many of us forget to do. Heh heh, well that lovely speech was brought to you by Benny boy here. Who'd know you had all of that in you, Ben? Well enough of that! Benny my boy stop standing there and let's get on with this tour~  
If you don't know me then here's a little fact for you. . .I have a MAJOR sweet tooth
So naturally I was attracted to the small bakery they had set up in the center of the store. They had an assortment of mini middle eastern sweet consisting of baklava (a sweet that is made with layers of  a sweetened filo paper/dough filled with pistachios or walnuts. If you haven't ever tried this before you should go try some nowwww >;)), borma (a thick crunchy dough that is filled with chopped nuts), lady fingers, and a few others that I really wasn't familiar with (sadly they didn't have all of them labeled :( )
     While strolling around the store I stumbled upon these strange little knick knacks. If you aren't familiar with these little talisman its called an "evil eye". It's found in the middle eastern culture to all types of different Mediterranean regions. It's believed to cause injury or misfortune to someone who directs any envy or dislike towards you. Many people wear it as a charm, necklace, or bracelet to ward off any evil presences or aurora around them. Not one of the friendliest talisman out there. . .but I found it quite interesting! I personally think learning about these small stories about different cultures is what gives a culture real character.

Maybe you remember your mother, father, or pet telling you not to take things without permission. Well I forgot to follow that piece of advice thinking this open cookie tray was displayed as a sample. I was disappointed to find out that these were stale and  poor excuses for cookies as I bit into these odd tasting circles. Which now that I think about it most likely wasn't a sample. . .Bad cookie. . .Bad!

Running around with my hyperactive sisters they couldn't help but notice the buffet that they set up in the back of the store. The first thing that caught my eye was this scrumptious Greek salad~ No salad dressing needed ;)
Soo you thought I could walk away with making a complete healthy lunch choice? Wrong :( I couldn't resist the gyros (flat bread served with lamb with a yogurt based sauce)! But the salad makes up for it, right? Right?! They were gyros people! Gyros!

 Well this is our last stop, my little grocery store adventurers. *sniffles* They grow up so fast! Above obviously as you can see is candy. But not any ordinary candy. . .but candy with a little twist. Not only did they have the originals, but they had coconut, hazelnut, mango, and even orange?! I've never heard of these flavors before so it was really cool to see all the different kinds. If you don't live in America do you have some of these candies in your country? Well I think I'll stop before this blog here turns into a food blog. I hope you enjoyed this post because if you were wondering. . .yes I got plenty of weird stares while I snapped away in this little grocery store. . .haha but it was worth it :)
Oh, oh before we left town we saw these street performers playing drums on these empty buckets! It was pretty amazing~ Well I'll let you go now, lovely. Now off you go on your own little adventure! Byeeeee~




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