Get Ready With Me: Valentines Day

Friday, February 14, 2014

Chocolate~ Chocolate~ Chocolaaaaaaaate~ Oops, sorry wrong post. So I thought it would be good fun to drag you about while I got ready for Valentines day. Get ready for what you say? Oh you know to go out on a hot date with this hunky guy I know. No big deal. We're just going to hit up the fanciest joint in town. . .it's pretty chill. He got me a huge bouquet of roses. . .the one's that are kind of pink and fade to white at the end. . .yeah those one's.  Jealous?  Oh, you know only the best night ever? Stuffing my mouth with chocolates while I stay up dreading about midterms. PARTAAAAY GIRL IN THE HOUSE~  But that's no excuse to not join all the fun. Come, come now my dear. . .my bathroom awaits~ I promised that sounded much more charming in my head. . .

For this make-up look I mostly used my Benefit: Easiest Nudes Ever palate (comment below if you'd like me to do a review. I'd be more than happy to). I went through so many different color combinations using my whole make-up collection until I settled down for doing something much more natural with a more of a romantic and soft feeling instead of something dramatic. 

Listed from right to left: 
RSVP Benefit cream shadow
Thanks a latte Benefit eye shadow
Seafoam eyeshadow
Bronze Clinique Lip Stain 

Wa-lah~ This is the finished look. I'm so sorry for the rubbish photo quality :( The camera totally bleached out everything (-sob- All my hard work down the drain). Next time I do this type of thing I'll keep the sun in mind so I'm not running all over the place trying to catch precious sunlight in a bottle. 

Sally Hansen Nail Polish Shade In "Plume"

Fragrances used:
Calvin Klein's Secret Obsession
Victoria Secret's Body Lotion Rapture
I hope all of you had a Valentine's day as sweet as this little monkey~ 


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