Valentine Cupcakes

Thursday, February 13, 2014

I am sad to report that these are not homemade. Cue depressing violin music~ These beautiful babies came in a prepackaged box with detailed instructions on what to mix and pour in. . .but who says the inexperienced and unskilled with a blender and other kitchen related items can't make cute little goodies and sweets for their loved ones too. Yeah, that's right Betty Crocker hand over your apron . .I'm in the kitchen now!

So needless to say these were made at home and I miraculously found a way to splatter egg and cake batter all over the walls and into my hair so to address any further questions. . .Yes these are homemade. Shhh it will be our little secret. They were made with love, alright?! Isn't that what matters?! 

Anyways I totally made up for it with the toppings. Shaved coconut, chocolate, marshmallows, and extra frosting~ You want one now don't you? Well too bad you judged my ways and now you've got to pay the price. Mwahaha. . .just kidding! Here you go~ 

Are you guys being sweet this year? What are you doing this Valentines day? Don't be shy comment below. I'm all ears :) Or should I say I'm all yours? Spread the love people!
Spread the love~ 


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