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Saturday, February 22, 2014

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This might be a tad personal, but I am not afraid to share how I feel because who knows maybe my words will reach one person and show them they are not alone battling the unknown. If my words can do that then I honestly couldn't ask for more. This is a writing piece I've been working on lately which basically sums up how I've felt for these past few months. 

      There are days where I feel like hopping on the back of a motorcycle and fading into the night. To have my hair blow into the wind and turn into feathers as it flutters in the air writing out my desires as they desperately try to catch up with me. I want the crisp breath of cold air to kiss my face, the very life I live to express its love for me. I want to hold on to dear life as the sheer terror runs through me and floats out of my mouth in a shriek of delight melting into laughter leaving me like a wave of relief rolling off my body, like a fresh breath of air suspending into the atmosphere creating what we call the breath of life, the breath of clinging on the very edge. Leaving me completely breathless. I want to be in the palm of God's hands, in the hands of the honest and the righteous. For him to tell me everything will be okay. . .to tell me I'm making the right choice. To show me which way to go. . .because even though my soul is full of all this passion for so many more things I can even count I honestly don't know how to make it all happen. I'm running in countless directions, finding myself not moving at all and moving all too fast at the very same time. I want to turn all my love into a fearless soul, to chase my dreams without looking back, but the very moment I move forward I always find myself right where I started, staring straight into those big fearful and scared eyes in the mirror. 
   I WILL become fearless. I AM FEARLESS. I have had the ground and the skies crumble beneath my very feet. I have flown off the edge and God has caught me and graced me with these wings. I will fall, and fall, and FALL until I catch her, until I catch me. I will go in all the wrong directions until I find the right one. All I ask is just dear God do not abandon me, show me the way, the path that isn't before my eyes. Cast all my doubt because I will become fearless till bravery runs through my heart and veins. I will chase these dreams no matter how impossible they seem to be because all is possible with you. Just as long as you are here with me walking all these different paths along my side. 

I know by far this is no "diary", but I also know how many people fear their future or have an ocean of doubt living inside the depths of their soul. Please I beg of you DO NOT SETTLE! I know how scary the future may seem that it is much more comfortable where the familiar and well known is. To have your soul settle there, but your spirit is capable of so much more then you can even imagine. You may not know what the future holds or what's behind each door, but you will never know if you do not try. You are capable of ANYTHING! All you have to do is simply begin. Tiptoe if you must, but at all costs begin. The future is always beginning now.

Sending you the best wishes,


  1. Great post darling!
    Do you wanna follow each other?

  2. nothing wrong with making your blog your diary and writing about your feelings.
    i'm following your blog now. hope you do the same xx

  3. This post was so sweet! thanks for getting down to the nitty gritty, I hope you can post more on this topic or related topics, your definitely helping someone out :D Lovely blog


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