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Sunday, August 31, 2014

These past few weeks my skin has been an absolute nightmare. By nightmare I mean all hell has broke loose upon my precious skin. These pesky face demons have seemed to think they have found their new home (Oh, how they've mistaken!). Some people might think I'm over exaggerating for dramatic effect and I will tell you now. . .I wish I was. Maybe you've noticed that my outfit posts have went down hill. . .I would not dare photograph my face in such a state unless I want my self esteem to be sent to the grave to never rise again (Don't you worry though I'm working on getting those up again!). The first week my skin began acting up I was too embarrassed to even leave my own house. I absolutely refused to and this is definitely not behavior I condone, but at the time I was so ashamed of the condition my skin was in that all I wanted to do was curl under a rock and cry. Yes, I do realize how shallow that sounds, but I'd rather be honest with all of you instead of lie through my teeth and say I proudly bared my flaws for the whole world to see. Pass the paper bag, please? ( I kid, I kid!)

Thank God these times are over and my clear skin is beginning to slowly resurface (Hurry up, please!). Acne is something I've struggled with since high school so if you're in the same boat I tip my hat to you and say with great empathy I feel your pain.

I am not just the bearer of bad news, my lovelies. I come with good news as well. Blemished skin is not something you have to live with~

I'm going to share with all of you my daily skin routine and a few tips that I have come along the past few years.

I truly do stick to the basics. Soap+Warm Water. No fancy amazon clay mask over here. It's not any soap though. I share with you one of my holy grail products that I can not fathom how I've lived without all these years. Clinique Acne Solutions Cleansing Bar. I have tried every product under the moon and this is the only product I will stand by and tell the whole world it works! It really does! I wash my face once in the morning and once at night and every morning I wake up I can truly say I have visibly clearer skin.

Now Clinique does have a three step system acne solution which comes with the soap( your choice of a pump or bar), moisturizer, and clarifying liquid to exfoliate your skin. I did try this out and note this was just my personal experience, but I had an allergic reaction to the moisturizer and stopped using it. They both worked lovely and do clear up the face, but every time I used the cream I began to itch until I felt ripping my eyeballs out of their sockets (Too graphic?), but this isn't to say you will have the same experience! Not only does Clinique have different products to treat acne, but they offer a wide array of products for all different skin types. There line is so lovely I really would recommend it to anyone. If you've got skin, they definitely have something for you.

Now this cute little purple bottle you see above you is a sample I received from Clinique when I purchased my soap and I swear to you it is magic in a bottle. This is Clinique's "Take The Day Off" makeup remover and waterproof mascara is no match for this. I personally used to struggle with removing my makeup off my eyebrows. I love drawing a dramatic brow, but it used to be such a pain to wash the waterproof makeup every night. No matter what I did all I was able to do was wake up every morning to my eyebrows imprinted on my pillowcase. Very sexy. But, now I simply dip a Q-tip in this solution and with one swipe my makeup comes off like a breeze. Next time you're at your local Clinique local counter ask for a free sample. I promise you won't regret it!


-HANDS OFF! Keep your hands away from your face I promise you your skin will thank you later. Throughout our day we come in contact with millions of germs. Door knobs, keyboards, your own phone to just name a few has millions of different living bacteria just waiting to be touched. You do not want to transfer that to your face. Trust me. . .

-Wash your face once in the morning and once at night. No more than that. Your face has natural oils and stripping them away of them can cause your skin to become dry.

-Stick to your skin rouitine. Stick. To. It.

-Drink Water! A whole lot of it too! Water is proven to clear up skin and get rid of the toxins in your body.

-Stay confident. This is a tip that I need to take myself and something that I am truly working on everyday. No matter what condition your skin is no one should ever feel ashamed or feel like they are not worthy enough in this society that over idolizes beauty. Getting break outs are normal and doesn't make you any less beautiful. These are things that come and go and that should never stand in your way of becoming the best person you can possibly be. You got dis' girl/boy~

Oh, Lord this post is a lot longer than I thought it would be. Thank you so much for reading, darlings and I hope I was able to help you even if it was just a little bit~

Sending all of you lots of love&hoping you are having an amazing weekend!


  1. Woow, great post!

    Want to keep in touch? Follow each ofther on GFC/ facebook?

    Laura Macij

  2. While reading the first paragraph, it was like I was speaking! hahaha
    Thank you so much for this post and your tips! I can't wait for my skin to clear out again! :D

    Diana P. | Cups & Roses

    1. Heh heh really? Thank you so much for reading, love <3

  3. I love your tips! Staying confident is sometimes hard but of course it's so important! :)

    Every Day In Grace

  4. I've used Cliniques basic 3 step before in the past and I felt like at times it was a tad too harsh for my skin personally. I love your tips at the end, keeping hands off the face is easier said than done! Oh and drinking the amount of water I should be is another one I struggle with! x

    Beauty with charm

    1. Aww I'm sorry to hear that it was too harsh for your skin! Have you ever just tried to use the soap?

  5. Nice tips! I definitely need to try to drink more water!

    xo T.

  6. thanks for the reminder Sylvia! I def need to drink a lot of water, which I've been forgetting lately,.teehee! ;)

    The Flea Marcat

    1. Drinking enough water is a challenge I also encounter so don't feel too bad haha. Thank you for reading, doll xxx

  7. Can you look my blog? :) I love yours.

  8. I have suffered with terrible skin and have written about being on roaccutane on my blog and some of my favourite products- lush cosmetic warrior is amazing! I have never heard of this though and I'm glad it works for you!

    1. I feel your pain, Harriet! Cosmetic warrior seems like such an intriguing name xx

  9. I also feel your pain when it comes to acne! I suffered from terrible acne 2 years ago but after a trip to the dermatologist my skin has cleared up so much! Thank you for the amazing tips. :)

  10. love this post!!! listed some products that i will definitley be looking into buying!


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