Back To School Haul

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

So I don't know if I'm the only oddball out there, but I really enjoy school supply shopping. Seeing all the different little notebooks&stationary literally puts a smile on my face. Okay, okay maybe I enjoy school supply shopping a little bit too much. But, hey we're not here to read about what I get a kick out of! So lets get this baby haul started and on the road~

This year around while I shopped around the frenzied parents flinging pencils and bulks of paper in their shopping carts like their very lives depended on it- I slowly backed out the store and ran for my dear sweet life I thought I'd keep to the basics. The first thing I got were these darling pink&blue composition notebooks. Maybe some people find composition notebooks a snore fest, but I  found them absolutely adorable with their fun, bright colors. Additionally these notebooks are mostly made out of recycled bits and bobs! You can't beat ecofriendly~ 

Speaking of fun, bright colors check out these awesome highlighters. I've never seen so many different highlighters in my life. Also if you didn't notice. . .they're miniature! How cute is that?! The best things come in small packages~ 

One of the unfortunate things about school starting up again is. . .flu season. I don't exactly have the strongest immune system so I always tend to catch a cold or two, but hopefully this year around I won't be using these cute little panda tissues. But, you never know when a classmate will be in desperate need of a tissue. Don't worry your little runny noses. . .I've got your back~ 

Now maybe this doesn't exactly fit into the category of "school supplies", but hey I wasn't aware we were keeping track of those type of things. If you take your notes in gummy bears I wouldn't judge you. No discrimination here! But, you might want to make an extra copy, because your notes are definitely not safe anywhere near me. If you haven't noticed yet, the red ones are my favorite~ 

If you've kept up with my blog, you've probably noticed I have an extremely soft spot for cute things. So how could I ever say no to this adorable hedgehog stationary?! It's a hedgehog for Pete's sake! We all have our weaknesses, you know. . .and he was mine. I have not the slightest clue what I would use this insanely endearing stationary for. . .I just knew I had to have it. I mean look into his little eyes! Maybe I'll just start passing notes in class like I did in the good old days~ 

Are you guys looking forward to the school year? More importantly, do you like hedgehogs? 


  1. Hi, nice post! :D mind a follow for a follow? :)

  2. I love school supply shopping too except I don't really like school haha. All the things you got are so cool and I absolutely love the bright colors! :)

    1. Tell me who likes school again?! Haha I like the learning part, but I could do without waking up in the wee hours of the morning

  3. I used to love getting ready for school and purchasing all of my school supplies. Fun times haha X

  4. I love school supply shopping too! :)
    I also followed your blog!

    ♡ ♡

  5. I so love shopping for school and office supplies too! The stuff that you got are all nice. Have an amazing Friday!


  6. Such cute things, great haul.

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  7. This is just so cute, I love it all! x

  8. Love the hedgehogs in this post!! Hahah I think they are just too adorable :) Good luck back at school this year!

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    Instagram: @giants18

    1. Thank you xx I'd give everyone a hedgehog note if I could~


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