Kidnapped By My Immune System?!

Friday, January 10, 2014



       For the past ten days  I've been rolling around in my bed (occasionally the floor) feeling like absolute rubbish. Being sick is nothing new for me and my weak and indecisive immune system and I by far are no strangers. We are quite well acquainted actually. We share a cup of tea from time to time. Maybe a few chick flicks here and there. You know the  usual (or should I say the youzhe (yoo-u-g)? That's what you young folk say, right?). As my body came in contact with the unfamiliar organisms that mistook me as their cozy and loving home I was left with no choice! I plunged right into the horrifying battle field (I'll have you know that my immune system is quite the lazy one) and wielded my sword (oh, the array of painkillers). I slaughtered my enemies, the most feared creatures today, people don't even dare whisper their name, the bravest men and women tremble at the mere thought of them. . .*murmurs dramatically* GERMS! My perpetrators lifeless bodies litter our great land (the crumbled up Kleenex tissues that decorate my bedroom ground this very moment) as I stumble my way across this exhausting journey to deliver YOU the most important of messages. . .

Heh heh well maybeee not the most important of messages. . .but you've got to appreciate the dramatic build up, eh? No? Fine, fine suit yourself. As you read these silly scribbles written here and as I dragged myself around the house this past week and a half I found myself thinking about this blog in one way or another. I found myself googling for countless hours of themes and backgrounds to make it more aesthetically pleasing (which as you can see I failed )
 to scribbling down ideas of what I could possibly write about next. Even though maybe no one on the face of the planet reads this except myself (Well I'd like to think that at least one poor sap  martians reads my blog) I honestly enjoy "creating" something that I can call my own. Even if one person in the whole world was reading this I would be so very happy so it upsets me if I can't post as much as I'd like. So what I think I'm trying to say is that I'm going to try my best to keep up with this shin dig and if you are reading this you've made a kitty explode with happiness. . .well that came out a lot more violent than intended. . .

Anyways! I didn't come completely empty handed~ I think quite soon (hopefully) I'll have something exciting to post about. So please do stick around if you can (well not literally because I don't think I have enough PAM spray in my fridge to get you out of that particular situation). Until then I bid you a good night full of sweet dreams~

Note: Tissues were harmed during this production :(


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