The Sister Pact

Monday, March 30, 2015

Hello, my darlings~ I'm pretty sure you're wondering why the dramatic title? Well I assure you it is nothing to worry about. I haven't ran off and joined a gang or any of that sort of thing. Unfortunately, my life hasn't reached that peak of excitement just yet. Not that I'm planning to join a gang or anything! Well unless if it involves cuddling kittens and nibbling on free pastries then I might just have to reconsider~ Instead this little post here in fact is indeed about my two darling sweet (and occassionally evil) little sisters! 

I am the oldest of the three of us and am finding myself growing more sentimental with each day that passes. You see I'm moving away from home quite soon as you might all know as I've probably mentioned it a zillion times already. Well if you haven't now you know~ I'm moving around August which is a lot sooner then I'd like, but I suppose you're never really ready for this kind of thing. I already get all misty eyed thinking about not being under the same roof as the little punks. No more lounging around with them munching on sugary cereal and watching Saturday morning cartoons, or Miss Little Scaredy Cat  waking me up in the wee hours of the night to tell me she swears she's heard a ghost, no more jam jam parties (I'll explain later!). . .no more little ducklings to follow me around. I more than ever now want to be here to see them grow up into the beautiful women they will become one day. But, living a few hours away from home instead of the same bedroom is going to make that a little difficult. Hence the sister pact was born~

I suppose you're wondering what these pretty little journals are for. Well they're not just pretty little journals in fact they are a very special kind of notebook--- adventure books. Each of us is a chapter---a never ending chapter in eachother's lives (what can I say I'm a sap, okay?!). We can write whatever we'd like in the journals, but most importantly we will write our adventures and whatever else is inside of our hearts. Adventure is around every corner---even in the most ordinary of days. Each of these very special chapters represent something. That we are always here for one another no matter where we may be through courage, love, and kindness. 

One day we will trade journals and read about eachother's adventures and hopefully one day we will all embark on an adventure together~ 

Have you ever made a pact with anyone? 


  1. This is so adorable! I love this idea, such a great way to keep in touch and learn about each other's adventures :)



  2. Such a beautiful post! <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  3. This is such a lovely idea! I've always wondered what it would be like to have siblings ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  4. Heeey sweetheart!
    I love your blog and am following.
    I am Brazilian and I invite you to meet my space!
    XOXO :*

    Instagram: tamiya343 and Twitter: @ cat_343

  5. That's such an adorable idea - always dreamt to have little sisters, i'm jealous!

    jennifer's journal x

  6. Wow, I love this idea! This was a great post. Have a nice day!

    this was hannie from chapter's like this

  7. Great idea, so cute!

  8. Hey, what's up, you alright..?
    Great post hun, thanks for sharing.

    Visit me whenever you have time;

    Kisses, i hope you have an amazing easter. xXx

  9. love this idea, lovely post hun <3 x
    stop by if you like! <3

  10. I have nominated you to do the Liebster Award tag! You're mentioned on my post here: It's a great way to get your blog noticed! Once you've answered the questions, let me know as I'd love to read your answers! x

  11. One of the more original ideas I've seen before. Such a unique way to sharing your connection with your sisters and something to look forward to when you're older! Those books look so good together as well, sentimental ideas like these are always my favourites.

    Growing Positive

  12. This is adorable! I love these type of things! And I had a good laugh on your ramble about gangs! Your writing style is perfect!



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