Kiss&Tell: impress nails reveiw

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I know- I know what you're thinking. The band wagon, the train itself, and all the kings men&horses have taken off for this one. These nails were all the rage last summer, but I've never been the type to keep up with nail art. An admirer from afar, yes (I even have a pintrest board to prove it!).  . .but I am not capable of such things. Give me a bottle of nail polish and you will have nail polish where it should not be. So the nails that I currently have on my hands have just been absolute heaven~

If you have no idea what impress nails are I'll fill you in. They are basically artificial nails that come in a bottle that hold about 24 nails in a variety of sizes to best fit your natural nails. Now, wait before you walk away and groan that fake nails are just not worth the hassle I think you'll change your mind once you hear this. There's no glue! Yes, you heard me right. No glue! Not even the bittiest drop. Each nail simply has a sticky adhesive to fit snugly on each of your nail beds. You can have a perfect manicure in a few mere minutes in the comforts of your own home. Quite "impressive", huh? (Did you catch what I did, right there? Heh heh~)

They truly are easy to apply as long as you're not a bumbling ninny like I was and threw out the instructions in an eager attempt to be one more step closer to having flawless nails as long as you follow the instructions. Which are easy as 1,2,3 (I promise! If I can do it, anybody can). The product states that you can wear the nails for up to a week. I've had them on for three days without a single problem or threat of them falling off. They've survived through my everyday activities, washing, and screaming children (a.k.a. my sisters). That's got to say something, right? They come in an assortment of designs and cute patterns to choose from. The one pictured above is in the shade of "Kiss&Tell" which I completely adore. The shade of pastel pink and ombre effect are just so pretty. I'm in love~

What kind of nail fashion are you rocking?

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