Big Hair?! Review: L'Oreal Boost It High Lift Creation Spray

Friday, July 11, 2014

Big hair~ Must I say more? I must have it. I simply must. I need it. No matter the cost. . .even if I have to drag myself up the highest mountains and beg the hair spirits themselves to bestow me with my obsession with volumized hair. Or stating it less dramatically. . .tease the very life out of my hair or what life is left until I reach a result I begrudgingly can accept (result pictured above~) 

But if there is a hair product that can force me to put my beloved teasing comb down I will welcome it into my life with open arms. Come on ladies(guys?) our hair deserves a break!

So as I am pretty sure all of us have chased down our local drug or beauty store aisles hunting down for this little hair miracle. I am even more positive we have squinted and scrutinized the array of hairsprays, shampoos, serums, and mermaid tears that promise to give us fuller, volumized, more luxurious locks. And I myself have bought one of these products to the table: L'Oreal's Boost It High Lift Creation Spray.

So I decided to put this product to the test. And what better way to test it on a full busy day of classes and Florida's oh so very humid weather.

The Cons:
-The durability 
I unfortunately realized too quickly for my liking that my hair might have looked great leaving out the door, but a few hours later my hair fell flat and needed some touch ups. So be aware that this doesn't have long wearability or "maximum hold" like the product states. 

-You can spray only a small amount
This can be a pro and a con. If you spray too much product your hair can get "crunchy" (I'm not too sure how to describe the texture) and you will not get the volume you desire. It is a hair spray so keep that in mind! But on the plus side you need very little of the product to get that "big" hair effect you desire. You get a lot of product for your buck. Can't complain there!

-The smell
It does NOT smell bad and this can solely be because of my preference, but I personally found it too of an overpowering sweet scent. But once again that is my opinion and you could think otherwise! 

The Pros:

-Instant boost
Immediately after spraying this product into my hair there was an evident lift of my roots as if I teased my hair. I was pleasantly surprised that my hair looked thicker and fuller just like the product promised. 

-Quick Fix
If you're anything like me and sometimes you just don't have thirty minutes to spare on the beast bed head this could be your solution. A little spritz of this stuff and you're ready to head out of the door. No more bad hair days~ 

-Heat Protection
Not only is this a hair spray and a hair boost to lifeless flat hair, but provides heat protection as well. All wrapped up into one lovely little bottle. 

Now finally the grand finale. Drum roll please~ 
Here are the results! No teasing. No backcombing. No magical rituals. Just this hairspray and a regular ol' hairbrush. I simply "styled" (by styled I mean parted my hair while I run out the door late to chemistry lecture once again. . .oops) my hair and sprayed a little of this baby and wa-lah~. An instant boost~

Well I think I've babbled on enough. I really hope you enjoyed this review as it was my first time writing one. What are some of your favorite hair products? I always need suggestions. Together let's fight off those wretched bad hair days. . .Hoo-rah?


  1. I LOVE big hair! I never can quite get that much volume myself without feeling like I'm destroying my hair so I may need to check this out
    Allison from

    1. I'm all about sharing the big hair love haha~ Yes, I definitely recommend it :)

  2. Might have to give this a go. I need more volume in my roots as to balance the naturally huge volume of my curly hair and prevent having a "triangle" haircut!!

    //timid lioness


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