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Sunday, January 18, 2015

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Can you imagine waving a magic wand and POOF your makeup miraculously and flawlessly appears on your face. No more stabbing your lovely eyeballs with those blasted mascara wands or blending your eye shadow for 542784402 hours until it's perfectly right. I am sorry to say I have not discovered such magic, but when I do I surely will tell you and have one delivered right to your doorstep. Sadly, I am not Harry Potter, but maybe even the magic world will be impressed with this little gem of a product. 

Magic she says? What is this bumbling buffoon talking about? Well I'll tell you what! While this makeup wand may not contain any real magic it does contain six mini beauty products. Two lipsticks, two eye shadows, a blush, and a highlighter. You throw this wizardry of a product in your bag and you can do your makeup anywhere and anytime~ 

This product was released by a beauty brand called sugar and I'll be quite frank before this I had never heard of it and quite hesitant on buying this as I was afraid it would be absolute rubbish. But, my dear sweet mother saw me eyeing up this little baby and bought it for me (Mom you're going to spoil me rotten!) and as I've been really into experimenting with my makeup lately I was really excited to try this out for you guys. 

To my surprise I was blatantly wrong and each of the products are beautifully pigmented. The lipsticks either come in a deep berry punch or a brown nude lip. The eye shadows come in a neutral golden champagne and a dark chocolaty brown. The only way I can think to describe the blush is that it is very. . .pink. It adds a school girl flush to your cheeks, but I personally like that look as I'm always applying too much blush for my own good. The last little bit is a highlighter that comes in a iridescent white. When applied to the face it is quite sheer and has a subtle shimmer. Come on, who doesn't love a little shimmer?

What I really love about this product is how it is packaged in such an interesting way. It really was an experience to use, because it truly feels like you are drawing on your face with a giant crayon. A giant crayon wand that grants you your make up wishes~  

The only sole thing I found frustrating was how difficult it was to blend the eye shadows. All the products have a creamy consistency and I've always had problems blending cream based shadows as I find them impossible to blend! But, after a few Q tips and my handy dandy eye shadow brush I got the situation under control so I personally didn't find that as a deal breaker for me, because the colors are gorgeous and really brighten up the eyes.

Eeep! I think I've yapped your ears off enough for one day, but before I go I wanted to share with you the day time I look created using this product. I think anyone can rock this natural, but dewy look. Overall I was pleasantly surprised by this little magic makeup wand and I think its a pretty rad to have in your bag. You never know when you need to touch up or need to do your make up on the go~

I hope you all are having a lovely Sunday!


  1. Sounds like a great product! :)

    1. It really is! It's lovely to have in your bag especially when travelling~

  2. Oh very great product, sweetie you should your eyebrows less ticks and with another shade because are very darks. By the way now I´m following you in GFC #29 and Bloglovin´#25
    I hope your follow me back in both

    1. Thank you! I like my eyebrows the way they are :)

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    1. I know the product seems odd at first, but I traveled out of town for a few days and this was just a dream to have instead of having to lug around your makeup everywhere~

  4. Replies
    1. Plus they are super creamy and both shades will compliment any skin tone! Thank you for stopping by, love <3

  5. This looks really nice, I love the colors! ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

    1. Yes! The colors are gorgeous~ Thank you for stopping by, doll xxx

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  7. these look so cool! x

    1. You should try it out if you have a chance! Thank you for stopping by, doll <3

  8. those colors are pretty!


  9. ooh this product sounds awesome! the colors are so beautiful :D

  10. I love shimmer and these are typically the colours I love to wear! Thanks for sharing Sylvia!

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    Nice post, love cosmetic posts ;)
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  13. cute and unique packaging! u look pretty :D



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