Tuesday, December 24, 2013

     Hey, you! Yeah, you. . .come over here. I got something to tell you. Can you be any slower? Oh, watch out! Don't trip over the cyber cookies or the adorable fluffy kittens that wander this virtual land. There you are! Don't be shy, now! Have a seat, have a seat. My name is Esmerelda. I come from a land that your people have never heard of, a land that you can not even begin to fathom. But enough about me. We've got more important matters to attend to. Oh, will you stop fidgeting already! I'm not that intimidating am I? Ah, that's better. Now look at me, dead right in the eyes. . .stranger to stranger. . .what I have to tell you might change your life forever. For better or worst. . .who knows? But it is a choice you have to make. I have a mission for you. . .if you choose to take it you may stay and read your further instructions, but if you choose to decline this mission or have any hesitance clouding your mind. . .leave now. To the right you will locate a red X. . .that will be your departure. I would love to be able to say "Until we meet again, old stranger", but this is where our paths part. Read no further, because once your eyes lay on this fine print your mission has begun unfortunately and I grieve for what is before you now, for what your future holds, because by any means this is no easy task, but I pray for your great success, brave one. Your instructions are below. . .

. . .TOP SECRET. . .
     I kid, I kid! I pinky promise I'm nice and I won't be sending you toward your inevitable death anytime soon. But I thank you for sticking around this long. You're quite the dare devil aren't you? Doing a stranger's bidding without a moment's thought. Hasn't your mother ever told you to never talk to strangers! Sheesh, people these days ignoring their poor mother's sweet ol' advice (Just playing! ;)) My name is Sylvia :)  (Should I have just revealed my name to people I've never met before *shifty eyes* You better not hunt me down! I have a level 52 Snorlax   that knows rock smash. You hear me and it won't be too pretty! haha)
     Welcome to my blog~I've always wanted to start one and our fall semester just ended not too long ago so here I am! I really haven't decided what the theme of this blog will be, because there is so much I want to share with all of you. Oh, silly me before I go any further on my rambling rampage let me tell you a little about myself~ 
This is me. . .
Yeah, I'm a cat. . .Have a problem?
I'll scratch you

Just pulling your chain! This is actually me haha


Or maybe more accurately portrayed here. . .
I am currently 1500  19 years old(Do I look it??? Psst the right answer is no) pursuing a masters degree as a physician assistant, an aspiring model/actress, a wannabe writer (horror genre at that. What genre is better, baby? ;)), and a unicorn who dreams to rule travel the world one day and hopefully touch the heart of others as she ventures. I suppose you can call me a dream chaser
But, as you can clearly see I'm all over the place like an overly ambitious five year old who can't decide if she wants to become a pokemon trainer or a mermaid (Who could???). So God knows what theme this blog will follow, but I hope you stick along with me and join the adventure~
I say you, but I really don't know who "you" are. Do I? So enough about me(God knows we've heard enough of my loopyness for one night)! Comment below and tell me about yourself :) How else am I going to learn about your lovely self?! Come on, come on don't be shy! Well until then I hope you are enjoying your holiday and having a Merry little Christmas
Heeey how'd that get there?! Hey, behave yourself kitty that's no way to treat our new guests (Psst did I mention I have a major bit of a cat obsession?)
Fixed it! Merry Christmas~

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